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Trailer · Fated PDF by ✓ Carolyn McCray This has got to be the most ridiculous book I have ever read Mostly for the plethora of basic historical mistakes that could have been checked with a 5 minutes google search.
Ms McCray has the citizens of Republican Rome BCE eating tomatoes and potatoes and knowing about chocolate these items didn t arrive in Europe until the late 16th century and pasta it didn t arrive in Italy until Marco Polo returned from China in the late 13th century.
Also, Ms McCray obviously has no idea about the naming protocol in Rome Julius wasn t Caesar s first name it was his last name and his daughter was Julia, not his wife.
And why did she feel the need to rename Brutus s wife and mother They were hardly unknown His wife was Porcia Catonis and his mother the famous Servillia.
I would not recommend this book to anyone and would give it 5 stars if I could.
I have no idea how this ended up on my book list Perhaps someone thought it was a historical novel I would like, but so far it s a cheap romance novel that insults the intelligence of its historical figures I can only hope it gets better On top of an unbelievable story line and characters, the book is poorly edited Thankfully in the later pages, the author has gotten away from the horrible metaphors Again, a good editor would have gotten rid of them in the first draft I ll finish it because it s my first free book from Prime, but I would not recommend this book to anyone.
It s Rome in the year 42 CE Marcus Brutus is a Roman senator Yes, he s that Marcus Brutus Syrah is a tribeswoman from the area now known as Scotland, taken as a prisoner of war and sold as a slave The two of them meet, sparks fly, and they are soon drawn into the political intrigue surrounding Julius Caesar s assassination and the realization that they are Fated lovers destined to be reincarnated again and again at critical moments throughout history It s quick and engaging, with a nice aura of mystery surrounding the reincarnation angle McCray states in her author s notes that she set out with the intent of redeeming or at last layering one of history s major villains, but I honestly would have liked to see a little bite to Brutus, even if he was being influenced by past life We went to Italy last year and although I m only a few chapters into the book, the author s descriptions are beautiful I love seeing through the readers eye the historical descriptions of Palentine hill and the Forum overlaid with my memories of the modern day ruins This story, which takes place in 44 BC, is a drama about two people Fated for each other Syra, a warrior from the north who was captured during the revolts of Spain and brought to Rome to be sold in the slave auctions and Brutus, a high ranking senator and confidant of Julius Caesar This book had my attention through the whole story It was really well written, had beautiful descriptions and the drama, intrigue and multiple plots kept it a page turner.
Loved this book It was a sweet story with a different perspective of events in Rome during the time of Julius Caesar.
A reincarnation story set against the backdrop of Ancient Rome and the story of Julius Caesar, Mar Antony, Cleopatra, and Brutus How could I resist Fated caught my attention right away with the the historical backdrop, characters, and situation It is a dual narration between Scottish warrioress and now Roman slave, Syra and Brutus, Roman Senator whose loyalty to Rome and to his friend are tugging him in two different directions by treacherous forces.
I loved the idea of taking a reviled betrayer in history and giving him an alternative story and gives the facts a new spin The growing love between the Roman Senator and the Scottish slave while they tried to bridge their differences and hatred, and betrayal was captivating for me I also enjoyed all the intrigue in the larger group of people in Rome This might have been a higher rating despite several references that were out of p Amazing books, Fated By Carolyn McCray This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Fated , Essay By Carolyn McCray Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You review by SusanAshlea Warning possible spoilers ahead Torn apart by History, Bound for EternityFated combines three of my favorite things history, romance and paranormal, and it does so quite well.
This is the story of Syra, a woman taken captive and sold as a slave in the Roman Empire She is bought by Marcus Brutus, a wealthy Senator in Rome We all know the story of Brutus or at least we thought we did Fated gives us a very different version of events that will have you rooting for Brutus and Syra all the way through to the end.
I ve always considered myself a history buff, and Ancient Rome has always fascinated me, so I jumped at the chance to read and review this book for the Blog Tour de Troops The research is impeccable and the character development is second to none.
From the very beginning of the book, the reader is immers Carolyn McCray s Fated is a historical paranormal romance with the detailed muchness that has earned her the moniker of The Next Dan Brown Fated has engaging characters and pulls you through its pages with a secret that spans centuries.
Synopsis Fated takes place in Julius Caesar s Roman Empire, when warrior Syra is transported to Rome to be sold as a slave, By chance, she is bought for the house of Brutus, whom she loathes as a Roman, but is drawn to against her better judgement She brings the household together, discovers a spy in the house and saves Brutus life while turning a few Roman head When she goes to the marketplace, she finds an old crone with artifacts from Syra s homeland, Scotland, which triggers a series of mysterious flashbacks It also pulls the string in the tapestry that pushes Syra and Brutus closer and closer as the Ides of March appr I don t quite know what to say about this book I mean it was good and the plot was interesting and the ending was rather unique I m trying very hard to think of a way to talk about this without providing spoilers so I shall keep it basic and not go into detail Okay I liked the beginning of the book, hearing all about Rome and the slave trade back then and all of that was super interesting and I loved it I found though that the book did drag quite a bit I also didn t really feel the chemistry amongst the love interests nor did I really understand the last few chapters In a way this book frustrated me and confused me at parts and left me feeling a little disappointed I also wish it had talked a little about the other characters in the book even if they were just background characters, I would have liked to know what

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