☆ Fighting For You (Bragan University, #2) Õ Download by ☆ Gianna Gabriela

☆ Fighting For You (Bragan University, #2) Õ Download by ☆ Gianna Gabriela This is the second book in the Bragan University series It is another great read by this author I love her work This is Jesse and Zoe s story I couldn t put this book down, I was hooked from the start.
Jesse and Zoe had instant chemistry, they met in the hospital where Jesse was interning and Zoe was a patient What Zoe didn t know, was that Jesse had been through this hospital nightmare before They forge a friendship Will it go further There is definite chemistry between Zoe and Jesse, and you can t help but root for them throughout this entire story But do they end up together I m hoping there is a book about Chase in the future I can t wait to read about these characters.
In the face of tragedy, Gianna brings together two unlikely souls who realize the only way to get through life s ups and downs is with each other.
Jesse and Zoe meet when Jesse does an internship at the hospital where Zoe has been going for treatment due to a cancer diagnosis When Jesse and Zoe meet, sparks instantly fly, and a beautiful relationship begins between these two characters who come together in the most unfortunate of circumstances to beat a disease with the love they have for each other.
This was my third book from Gianna, and it certainly won t be my last Jesse Falcon Has Dedicated His Life To One Cause To Fight Against That Which Has Taken So Much From Him He S Learned The Hard Way That If You Want Something To Be Done, You Have To Do It Yourself No Waiting For Others To Make A Difference With Football, A Pre Med Program And A Coveted Internship, He Has No Time For Anything Or Anyone Else The Truth Is, He Doesn T Think His Barely Healed Heart Can Take It Despite His Determination To Remain Distant, He Soon Finds A Girl Who Will Not Only Fracture That Resolve But Shatter It CompletelyZoe Evans Is An Average College StudentShe Has A Group Of Friends, And Enough Gossip Lingers In The Halls To Make Her Days Interesting Her Whole World Changes In A Heartbeat Though One Blackout, And A Week Long Fever Forces Her Into A Battle She Isn T Prepared To Fight The Odds Are Stacked Against Her Will She Have The Strength To Prevail I ve said this before, but Gianna knows how to write characters that make you feel I was hooked since the start, which was my favorite part I could feel the characters pain and struggles I was rooting for this couple to get together, it took them some time, but I get why and it was the perfect timing, otherwise, it wouldn t have felt real A great story about overcoming all kinds of obstacles.
This was the sweetest story ever Laughed and cried at the same time Gianna has a true gift for making the reader feel all the feels of the characters.
Loved reading Jesse and Zoe s story Their story gave me all the feels Can t wait to see what Gianna has in store for us next She has quickly become one of my favorite authors.
Holy Heart Strings From the beginning this book captured and pulled on my heart in such a gripping way Zoe and her fight against cancer felt so real to me with all the ups and downs that I would perceive a patient would be going through Jesse is fighting his own demons he doesn t even realize he is possessed by.
I found myself cheering so hard for this couple and hoping they can make it through.
I was hooked on Jesse and Zoe s story from the very beginning They meet at a time where they both need each other Their journey is a heartfelt one that is full of loss, love, and healing I found myself drawn to the characters and their story I did not put it down You will need tissues This is a great read and I cannot wait to read in the series This is the second book in the Bragan University series and it is just as good as the first This book centers on Jesse and Zoe Jesse is the kicker for the football team and is pre med at Bragan Zoe is fighting cancer and had to drop out of her Sopho year to get treatment Over the summer, Jesse is interning on Zoe s ward and the two have a connection After Zoe is given the all clear she is anxious to return to Bragan and resume a normal life Although there is a definite connection between Jesse and Zoe, there seems to be something holding him back from taking that next step and committing completely Once again, Gianna Gabriela has surpassed herself With the depth of the characters, the beautiful flow of the story and the feeling that you want these people to succeed, this story is an absolute must.

Fighting For You is the kind of book that will keep you hooked from the very beginning The story of Zoe and Jesse will fully and completely pull at your heartstrings They meet at a time of sadness and hardship for Zoe, and Jesse is exactly what she needs As you read, these two forge a friendship like no other, but does it go further Can Jesse open his heart to another What I truly enjoyed about this book is how it shows friendship between so many characters and how they are all there to support each other in times of sadness and happiness There is definite chemistry between Zoe and Jesse, and you can t help but root for them throughout this entire story But do they end up together Does Zoe s past threaten the possibility of this relationship going further I must warn you, that you ma This book is the second book in a series This book packed a powerful punch It was really interesting reading about Zoe s struggle I also really liked Jesse But, I really liked Zoe s roommate, Emma, and am looking forward to reading her story Overall, this was a good book.
Reviewed by Clare M.

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