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[ Pdf Free Falling (Best Friend, #2) ✓ harlequin-romantic-suspense PDF ] by Kirsty Moseley º When Luke gave her the neckalce and everything in the world was soo fine , 9 10 With Just One Night And One Stupid Party, The Trajectory Of My Future Altered Forever Until My Senior Year, I Had Everything Going For Me Excellent Grades, A Supportive And Loving Family, Not To Mention The Hottest Boyfriend In School Everything Was Perfect Until The Arrival Of Zach Anderson, A Parkour Loving, School Skipping, Bad Boy Delinquent That Seemed To Bring With Him A Lot Of Bad Karma It Can T Be A Coincidence That His Arrival Marks A Significant Change In My Life, Can It Now, Everything Has Changed I No Longer Know Who I Can Trust And The Threatening Notes I M Receiving, Well It Appears Those Are Just The Start Of My Problems Note Free Falling Is Book Two In The Best Friend Series However, It Is A Standalone Novel With Different Characters So There Is No Requirement To read Always You First THIS HAS SEMI SPOILERSSeriously What the ever loving fuck I was really disappointed in this book I enjoy Kristy s books but this one made me want to scream By chapter 19 the morning after her dog was poisoned and the police were called I already knew who was stalking her It was obvious It pissed me off that Maisie acted like an ignorant love sick puppy throughout the whole book I mean she covered a MURDER for the same person that was trying to KILL her It was stupid I mean the family needed to know the truth but Maisie being her idiot self decided she didn t want to tarnish the killers reputation memory because they killed themselves AND what the hell is the point of Zachs character they re barely around each other unless they re studying I was hoping for a love tria Alright, so to start off I m going to point out I m a fan of Kirsty Moseley, but I have to say I was very disappointed with this book SPOILERS AHEAD The story starts off ok, with some explanation of what is going on and the scene being set, but after that it just starts going and downhill The character of Zach, who is supposed to play an important part in this book, barely bares any significence, his relationship with Maisie goes nowhere, and he basically just stands around and does nothing for the entire book He is set out to be this badass who cares about nothing, but he doesn t act at all like it, he doesn t date because he s afraid to hurt someone and he plays sports To set someone out as a bad boy then turn them into the complete opp I never leave reviews if I don t have anything nice to say, I just don t like criticizing anyone who has the guts to put themselves out there and write a book So with that said, I m gonna leave a review against the voice of my mom in my head saying, If you haven t got anything nice to say don t say it.
sorry mama gotta say thisI read the book till the end, as I am usually a fan of Kirsty Mosley so I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt The Boy Who Sneaks Through My Bedroom Window, is one of my fave books EVERI have infact read it several times I wont be reading this one again view spoiler The fact that she ended up keeping Luke s secret was wrong, very wrongI understand why she wanted to do it but what about the closure the poor parents of the murdered girl deserved.
that did not sit right with me.
plus I understand she Ok so I REALLY REALLY wanted to like this book But it was just meh Let me first start my saying that I ADORE Kristy Ellen Moseley I started to read this on Wattpad when she was uploading as kirsty1000 I felt the removal of Mitch a main character in the original story in Wattpad was a bad choice As always there is a secondary plot to this story and usually I love that about Kristys books, however I picked this one after the first phone call It was just to obvious There was not enough Zach or Alex I hope there is to this story with realistic plot lines Every other one of this authors books has received 5 stars with some on my favourite list This is a 1 star for me The second star is because I loved what I read on Wattpad and I love Kristy Moseley Please DON T read ANYMORE IF YOU HAVEN T read THE BOOK SPOILER ALERT I m sorry but WHAT THE FRIGGEN HELL So you find out y Okay, let s start with this one.
As I was reading the spoilers, that Luke died which was a shame as I was always guessing how this guy was going to die, but boy was I wrong This author has a great skill to spin your around and making you guess what was really going on, but you have it all wrong.
I did feel like a Teacher, going through it, and correcting the spelling mistakes and grammar, very annoying But let s get to the characters Maise, the twin daughter was incredibly emotional, I felt like throwing the book at her Zach, the troubled guy, I really thought he was the bad one, but at the end he was the good one.
Luke who I thought was such a good person, turned out to be evil.
I balled my eyes out on this book.
I must sa

5 stars Spoiler Alert Sigh I feel bad leaving a bad review but I feel the need to express how disappointed I was with this book Until about the 90% mark on my Kindle it was an okay read I never really understood Zach s role and wondered why he was even introduced at all since his appearance never really created the love triangle I expected I m a fan of Kirstey Moseley s though so even though I felt a little disconnected it was still okay because I like the way the writes.
The negative turning point for me was actually the extremely selfish and immature decision of Maisey s to keep the details of several crimes and a murder to HERSELF What an awful decision And to have it written as if this was a kind and thoughtful action What about the parents of the victim who will never get closer What about the police detectives who will conti A new Kirsty Moseley book Oh thank god, I ve been waiting Counting down the days until book release.

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