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Ç G-Man ✓ Download by Ç Stephen Hunter From Bestselling Author And Pulitzer Prize Winner Stephen Hunter, The Latest Episode In His Swagger Familiy Saga Replete With Hunter S Wicked Suspense, Vivid Gun Fights, And Historical Truths Was A Pivotal Year In The Ongoing Battle Between The FBI And America S Most Famous Outlaws It Was A Year Of Giant Personalities And Huge Shoot Outs, And It Marked The Deaths Of John Dillinger, Bonnie And Clyde, And Pretty Boy Floyd, Among Others But That Year, FBI Agent Sam Cowley S Priority Was To Nab The Most Dangerous Gangster This Country Has Ever Produced, A Man So Violent He Scared Al Capone And Was Booted From The Chicago Mob Baby Face Nelson To Stop Him, Cowley Recruited The Most Talented Gunman Of The Time Charles SwaggerWhen Bob Lee Swagger, Now In Idaho, Finally Sells The Land He Owned In Arkansas, The Developers Begin To Tear Down The Old Homestead And Uncover A Steel Case Hidden In The Foundation The Case Contains A Batch Of Memorabilia A Much Corroded FBI Badge, A Automatic Preserved In Cosmoline, A Gun Clip, And A Cryptic Diagram, All Belonging To Charles Swagger Bob Never Knew His Grandfather Charles, Who Died Before He Was He Born, And His Father Earl Refuses To Mention Him Fascinated By This New Information, Bob Is Driven To Find Out What Happened To His Grandfather, And Why His Own Father, Whom He Worshipped, Never Spoke Of Charles But As He Investigates Further, Bob Learns That Someone Is Following Him, Someone With His Own Obsession Of Finding Out What Charles Swagger Left Behind G MAN by Stephen HunterI loved this story and Bobby Swagger s enthusiasm for learning all about his Grandfather s past This was a very interesting part of history My own father lived through the Great Depression We have all heard of Bonnie and Clyde and John Dillinger and Pretty Boy Floyd The investigative arm of the law was The United States Division of Investigation The new name of this law enforcement is the FBI The FBI considered Pretty Boy Floyd to be dangerous and they thought Charles Swagger to be a top notch gunman.
Baby Face Nelson was thought to be extremely dangerous Considering that Charles Swagger was thought to be very talented using a gun he was recruited When Charles Swagger s family home w Clearly, Hunter has run out of creative ideas He now writes from historical events with uninspired modifications Previously, it was Jack the Ripper, this time it s Baby Face Nelson Just read some history and don t waste your time on this drivel 0 of 10 stars I liked it, but I would like it better as a condensed book I don t even know where to start unpacking this oneI won this in a Goodreads giveaway Thank you so much to everyone who makes these giveaways available This is the first Stephen Hunter book I ve read and despite being 10 in a series, it s the first one I ve really wanted to read.
Dual timeline, many different perspectives In 1934, Charles Swagger is kicking ass and not leaving his name Along with battling Public Enemies 1 as a G Man, he s also struggling with some demons of his own In the approximate present, Bob Lee Swagger is 71 years old, retired, and trying to understand the history of his grandfather, Charles This is considerably harder due to his grandfather not wanting any glory Glory is one Hunter s Jumped The Shark Years ago, I was a huge fan of the author s Bob Lee Swagger series of books I can remember my father in law and I devouring them, and having spirited discussions about them Then, along about the time Hunter began the Earl Swagger series, the author s plot lines devolved, and his verbiage became unbearable So many obscure descriptions and dialogue that, rather than adding to the story, instead overwhelmed them So I took a break from the author Enter his latest novel, G Man I wanted to like it I really tried I made it halfway through the book, before becoming so exasperated that I had to quit It had the thinnest of plot, based around crazy, imaginary encounters of an entire whos who of 1930 s era gangsters, and the shoehorning in of the main character And, wh Somewhere within this concrete block of a novel, under the preposterously macho dialogue, away from the run on sentences filled with description upon description upon description, not to mention chapter s worth of the intricacies involved with breaking down firearms, there lays a cool, fast story of historical fiction playing out a hard as balls Agent and his hunt of a wilily, rascal of a bank robber To find that story, brother, break out the chisels and jackhammers, as it s a deep dig G Man places the fictional character of Charles Swagger right into the state of play between the burgeoning FBI and a series of public enemies on the prowl in the early 1930s, such as the likes of John Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson Author Stephen Hunter adds to this narr I now know what gun porn a term I read in Dana Stabenow s review is And it ain t pretty Entire paragraphs nay, entire pages are given over to descriptions of every part of every gun in the story Take this description, please Before him, in fifty two separate parts, sat his Colt Government Model, 1928 Commercial Variation, 157345C Each of the fifty two had been inspected for wear, oiled lightly, and dried off Now he worked with a fine grain needle file,doing the little things that could be done to turn the pistol into smooth an operator as possible He took just a few grains of steel off the ninety degree angle at the cusp of the frame, where the cartridge rode from magazine to chamber under the propulsion of the slide s forward motion He wanted to break the sharpness of degree a tiny bit so that no burr from a cartridge they had already been inspected, of course, twe A very interesting story whereby the author has invented a character that was secretly used by the Justice Department FBI who actually was the one that killed all the infamous bank robbers of the day Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger, etc The old homestead of this man is being demolished and during that process a tin box is found Inside the box is a government issue weapon, an FBI badge and another item no one is exactly sure what it is The grandson of this man has never heard of his grandfather being in the FBI and he wonders what these items are all about This is the premise of the book.
I thought it was a very interesting take and enjoyed reading the book very much I would like to thank Penguin Group, Blue Rider Press and Net Galley for allowing me the privilege to read and review this interesting and entertaining story.
This one s premise sounded intriguing than it actually turned out for me A man in current times explores his grandfather s likely involvement with the early FBI s efforts to fight organized crime The plot device used involves his investigation alternated with vignettes from the mindset of his ancestor and that of famous gangsters, notably Baby Face Nelson, John Dillinger, and Pretty Boy Floyd The fictional details Hunter puts in to tell the story of these gangsters and the FBI leaders Melvin Purvis and Sam Cowley comprise a form of theory for the whys and wherefores of their actions in the fateful year of 1934 It was a crazy time, when the populace struggling with the economic despair of the depression frequently read in the paper about bank robberies and wild shootouts with the police i 2.

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