Genie ¿ Download by ☆ Richard Powers

 Genie ¿ Download by ☆ Richard Powers A short story that manages to pack the secret of relation within its pages The author certainly knows his science, but Powers true gift is the ability to create complex characters capable of carrying such weighty topics while seeming relatable.
I miss Richard Powers I ve gradually liked each book a little less than the last, but I still cherish every one of them This was a good short read that reminded me of the Prometheus movie without the gore I do love how he always comes back to music and the connection with math They are both a universal language He doesn t lose sight of the finesse that are behind algorithms and playing with data It s not just science, it s art.
Interesting novella by a talented author Good writing makes easy reading.
I haven t read any of Richard Powers s short fiction, though I did just take a crack at Galatea 2.
2 and I read Gain a while ago Like a lot of his work, Genie occupies an uneasy territory between science fiction and literary fiction, here following a microbiologist and her off and on statistician lover as they unlock a message hidden in genetic code the Genie trapped in the title I thought the ending was a little sudden the story feels like it ends at the climax, with no gentle slope back into reality, no inkling that anything happens after the pair s momentous discovery I guess you could argue that this is a story about the people than the plot, but that s cheating Still, Powers raises an interesting idea here through very interesting characters, all in his usual jealousy inducing prose I enjoyed the read.
This Genie is to Richard Powers novels The Goldbug Variations and Orfeo what Thomas Pynchon s short story Entropy is to The Crying of Lot 49 and Gravity s Rainbow Weaving together biology, music, lab culture and central characters grappling with a complicated relationship, it s a delightful introduction o the themes and sensibility that have defined Powers career If you haven t read Powers previously, Genie, published in Kindle s Byline series of short pieces, is a good place to start.

A short story which could have been much longer and still satisfying It made me think of Contact because of the need to use math to decipher a mystery I wanted to know where this discovery took both the characters and society.
Four stars because I thought Powers did an excellent job portraying both a complicated relationship between the two main characters and a scientific mystery Or perhaps that should be Mystery with a capital M.
I don t see enough Richard Powers writing, so I was thrilled to see this Byliner single I loved it Beautiful descriptions of geological formations, mathematical equations classic Powers It comes to kind of an abrupt ending, but still, it was beautifully written and a good story, kind of Prometheus like.
Richard Powers excellent Orfeo turned me to this similarly intriguing short story, which explores both human relationships and genetics Although that sounds like an unlikely pairing, Powers has the skill and imagination to make it work, and I look forward to exploring of his work.
This story has all the elements of a Michael Crichton bio thriller but in Powers hands the material doesn t feel recycled Spielberg said Crichton reserved his flamboyant side for his novels I don t think I ve seen a flamboyant side in Powers work yet Yet, Genie is The Hollow Men s not with a bang but with a whimper turned on its head Flamboyant Maybe not, but here life will out On A Tour Of The Bubbling Fumaroles Of Yellowstone Park, Anca, A Rising Star Biologist, Sneaks Off To Steal Samples Of An Ancient Bacterium Her Off And On Boyfriend, Warren The Statistician, Frowns On The Behavior, Until Their Analysis Of The Cells Ancient DNA Chains Reveals A Pattern Too Regular To Be Anything But Deliberate Is It The Signature Of The Creator Himself Or A Message Left Billions Of Years Ago By An Alien Life Form In Genie, Master Fiction Writer Richard Powers Goes Sci Fi, To Delightful And Deranging Effect

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