Download Epub Format Á Grave Girl (Grave Girl, #1) PDF by ñ Amy Cross

Download Epub Format Á Grave Girl (Grave Girl, #1) PDF by ñ Amy Cross Another great read from this talented storyteller.
This fast paced story is about a journey, one where a young girl woman called Sam is on her way to a job, one which she hopes will give her a fresh start away fromwe gradually find out what.
However, the job is not at all what she expected.
Overall, a bizarre and original tale that is both creepy and funny, psychological and deep, while dealing with very real issues that can plague the human soul It certainly kept my interest throughout.
I love the writing style of this author despite the typos and look forward to.
I think I m in love with Sparky What s not to love about him He listened, never argue and definitely swoon worthy.
Anyway, how should I review this without spoiling anything I just can t So, I m sharing what I dislike instead.
First, the cover It s horrible Second, the snail pace flashback of Sam s past Okay, I get it She wasn t an angel not like my darling Sparky that is and she had her moment but, the flashback build up was annoying.
And I m off to read the second book BEWARE of SPOILER view spoiler Basically, Sam answered an ad for a gardener only to find out she s the new gravetaker Everything was going smoothly even though some spooky things happened like the stone angel moving and such She found out later that below the graveyard was another grave and the occupant was the Devil himself And it s her job to not let anything woke the Devil from his slumber hide spoi

I found this book to be a fun read The pace was quick and the supernatural events creative in parts and derivative in others I had a blast throughout I probably would have given it five stars if it had a decent editor It s riddled with forgotten events, typos and eye rolling dialogue For most books, that would be enough for me to toss it, but the author has an amazing sense of pace and can spin a really good yarn This book deserves a better score but the reader also deserves a better editor.
Decent ghost supernatural readThis book long It seemed like a bunch of books of short stories that just kept picking up where one left off the way the chapters kept starting over.
The story itself was on, different and kind of interesting Although I noticed a lot of repeated sentencing Sam s a Leeds girl who wants to get away from her old life, turn it around and go somewhere no one knows her as Sam the Slag, or slut She s really screwed up drinking all the time amount another big secret she is holding in She runs to a small odd town to work as a gardener that she has no idea means she s going to be taking care of a cemetery She s a caretaker She doesn t really mind the work since its keeping her from being stupid and doing stupid things Her past us behind he I ll find the right man for you I ll find the toughest son of a bitch who ever walked the land Mayor Guffington Winters is determined to find the right man to tend to the cemetery in his home town, Rippon Sam Marker answers the ad for a gardener and, via email, is offered the job on a trial basis Mayor Winters is shocked to discover that Sam is short for Samantha, not Samuel Well, sometimes the best man for the job is a woman Sam is equally shocked to find out that the garden is actually a cemetery In desperate need of employment and a fresh start, she resolves to show Mayor Winters that she can handle the job no matter what it entails But soon Sam realizes that Rippon is no ordinary town and the cemetary is everything but peaceful.
I ve been reading plenty of books by Amy Cross and I have to say, this one is way up there I ended up liking this book way than I thought I would The first in a trilogy, Sam takes a job as a Gardner of the town cemetery a job that entails than it would seem Monsters, zombies, angels, and the devil Some standard tropes that actually work along with interesting characters some deeper than others a pretty fast paced book with the standard Cross horror stylings.
It s like the editor gave up 2 3 the way through the bookOverall it was an entertaining read It was not scary by any means but, again, entertaining and for this it earned two stars I m not sure what happened but I think the editor stop reading and editing the book a little over half way through and it got progressively worse as the chapters went by The grammatical errors became distracting along with Sam being referred to as Mr , he , and his As pointed out in the book Sam is short for Samantha Also, in some of the intense intense used loosely here scenes, it was rather frustrating to read how Sam is arguing with Anna and turns and looks at herself Sam If you can overlook stupid editing errors such as these, it is a decent, entertaining, quick, thoughtless read.
A completely different kind of storyineI have read many books but grave girl was in a way quite refreshing I have never read something like thus and really enjoyed reading something different Amy cross really does have a talent for writing some different storylines and as ever I lived reading it Look forward to the next one.
When Sam Marker Ran Away From Her Old Life, All She Needed Was A Job And Somewhere To Live Anything Would Do And Then, One Fateful Day, She Saw That The Town Of Rippon Was Looking For A New GardenerUnfortunately For Sam, The Garden Is Actually A Cemetery, And It Just So Happens To Contain The Deadliest Grave In The World As She Tries To Adjust To Her New Life In The Sleepy Little Town, Sam Finds Herself Increasingly Drawn Into A Strange Double Life Dark Forces Are Gathering In Rippon, Seeking Access To The Devil S Grave, And Soon She Finds Herself Trapped In The Middle Of A Struggle That Could Decide The Fate Of The World Loved itI couldn t put it down It s a one of a kind horror story Amy Cross is becoming my new favorite author I can t wait for the next book.

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