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ê Read ê Green Arrow: The Deluxe Edition by Jeff Lemire ê This is a beautifully produced hardback book that collects a number of issues storylines from the recent New 52 incarnation of Green Arrow The gritty, cinematic artwork didn t win me over a bit too dark for me I was mostly curious to see how the comics compare to the Arrow tv series The comics are very different, but I think fans of the show will still enjoy this collection I loved seeing Diggle But sadly, no Canaries are in this book.
In my opinion, the New 52 has generally been a creative failure It s been filled with mediocre writers and grimdark, angry, and arrogant superheroes all beholden to poorly conceived, overly intrusive editorial mandates and a house style that s often dull.
Jeff Lemire s Green Arrow shows what the New 52 could have been He reinvents Green Arrow in a meaningful and interesting way and just drenches his stories with characterization Hand in hand with that we ve got a brave reinvention of the Arrow Mythos with the Outsiders Finally, we ve got strong art and interesting coloring that together make the book stand out on all fronts Even better, this book stands as a cohesive whole.
Kill Machine 17 21 Lemire rather bravely starts off the volume by dismantling the Green Arrow comic of the first year and a half It allows him to be dramatic, but this sort of thing can be overdone Beyond that, there The New 52 reboot of Green Arrow is a good place to dive into the storyline of this character It s intense and action packed, and shows Green arrow as the tough, incredibly skilled archer and martial artist he is This volume assumes that the reader has never read Green Arrow before, and I liked that about it It s also designed to draw in viewers from the Arrow show as one of the important characters created for the show makes a crucial appearance in the storylines here The villains in this book are very formidable and they are no paper tigers easily defeated by the Arrow They are all seriously messed up, evil, or zealots There are so really clever twists and turns as well The story introduces a young character who is scary as hell She was raised by Arrow I m beginning to notice that Lemire doesn t really have much of a style or voice in his superhero work, it s something that seems to come through in his creator owned graphic novels, but that doesn t mean he can t write some good super hero comics Lemire and Sorrentino came onto the book around the same time the Arrow TV show was growing in popularity I ve still not watched it , so there are obvious parallels between the visual style and some of the story beats here Most notably how his outfit looks a little bit like the TV show than the classic comic outfit and the inclusion of Diggle in the third act of the book.
But the only other Green Arrow comic I ve read up to now is Year One by Diggle and Jock, and this works as a kind of sequel in that New 52 soft rebooty way were they pick and chose bits of canon they want to k The same writer and artist is featured in this run I love the fact the art is all the same and it s usually pretty good There are a few times it get muddy coloring issue There was at least once I was trying to figure out what happened to injure Oliver s hand but it was just funky coloring drawing I love Lemire s Desender and his Sweet Tooth is pretty good so I had high hopes for this one If you write define an established character yourself and want shake up the status quo you bring some trauma into the character s life Then if your characterization is a bit different you can always point to all they have suffered and blame it on that I have not read hardly anything with Green Arrow so I can t comment on his usual self here b

A few years ago DC launched what was a very risky move, the thing that all of us know and most of us hate , the New 52 It s purpose, attract new readers by rebooting all their comics until that moment, and get a close to a fresh start on all the heroes along side with new artist and writters It did not reached it s goal, out of the 52 titles launched most of them were cancelled by the eight issue and the rest rebooted with new writers and new artist again Green Arrow wasn t part of those series that you could consider good or passable.
However, for a brief time Jeff Lemire was in charge of this series and oh my, oh my it was an excellent run You see, DC made with Green Arrow what they couldn t do with their big guns, they took Oliver Queen to the very beggining of his career and character as a young masked vigilante It wasn t well received by the fans, the idea of DC Robin Hood as Big fun, Green Arrow, the New 52 generation, done with high craft I am nuts for this artist, and Lemire always interests me Look at the layouts, rendering, and color in this storytelling I think you ll like it.
I can t believe I put this off for so long What was I thinking I greatly enjoyed this deluxe edition and I would even say it s some of the best comics I ve ever read This is certainly going to be remembered many years from now as one of the great character runs in comics and it was brilliant of DC to collect it in a deluxe edition Sorrentino s art is unique and absolutely wonderful I would say it s also innovative as I ve never seen comic art where sometimes part of the image is black and white It really helps to accentuate the surrounding color and draw one s eye to the appropriate places The covers are amazing and have a theme throughout the book, and the splash pages and double page spreads are fantastic This is definitely required reading if you re a Green Arrow fan This book deserves attention than Hawkeye by Fraction and Aja Writer Jeff Lemire s acclaimed run on the New 52 Green Arrow series with artist Andrea Sorrentino and colourist Marcelo Maiolo is collected here in it s entirety and it s a quality Deluxe Edition.
Sorrentino s unique art style stands out from the offset and Maiolo s palette only makes the visuals memorable comic colourists really deserve credit There are plenty of memorable touches, such as inset panels that highlight points of impact A small panel of an arrow landing in Green Arrow s shoulder for example, Maiolo often emphasising it with a vivid red that contrasts against the bleak backdrop of the surrounding environmentand that s only in the first few issues Moments like these are nothing compared to their innovative splash pages and spreads that demand attention and rea The Entire Green Arrow Run Of New York Times Best Selling Author Jeff Lemire Is Now Collected In Its Entirety In This All New Essential Edition Trade Paperback Graphic Novel Oliver Queen Thought He Had It All Figured Out As The Heroic Archer Green Arrow, He D Finally Found A Sense Of Purpose, Friends To Aid Him, Even A Place On The Justice League Of America But Now He S Not Even Sure Where He Came From Or Whom He Came FromAs Green Arrow Discovers That His Stranding On A Desert Island Was Than Just An Accident, There Seem To Be Sinister Forces At Work Behind All These Sudden Revelations The Queen Family Is Embroiled In A War Generations Old A War Of Clans A War Of OutsidersAcclaimed Creative Team Jeff Lemire Animal Man And Andrea Sorrentino I, Vampire Take Green Arrow On His Most Challenging Adventure Yet Collects Green Arrow , Green Arrow Futures End And Green Arrow Secret OriginsThe DC Essential Edition Series Of Graphic Novels Highlights The Best Standalone Stories The Medium Has To Offer Featuring Comics Greatest Characters These Trade Paperback Editions Focus On The Easiest Entry Points DC Has In Its Vast Library, With Seminal, Groundbreaking Tales That Transcend The Printed Page Start With The Essentials

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