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[ Read Online Haunted Å fantasy-of-manners PDF ] by Amy Cross ☆ Good readI wasn t that excited to read this book but after I started, I couldn t put it down The story was good and I liked how each chapter went back and forth in time so we could get a feel for what really happened I recommend this book to all horror mystery readers.
A very heartbreaking story in parts.
I don t usually have such a emotional responds to a book of these sorts as the book is fiction, but I actually found that I felt anger and sadness reading some parts of this book It was brilliantly written as I find most of Amy Cross s books are As a mother I found some parts were very distressing to even think about, and I felt actually angry reading parts of this book which as I said is not my usual responds Any body with a sensitive disposition should take care reading this as it can be quite upsetting in my opinion But all in all an excellently written book in how it covered a very sensitive subject Twenty Years Ago, The Ghost Of A Dead Little Girl Drove Sheriff Michael Blaine To His Death Now, That Same Ghost Is Coming For His Daughter FROM THE AUTHOR OF ASYLUM, AMERICAN COVEN AND THE FARM Returning To The Small Town Where She Grew Up, Alex Roberts Is Determined To Live A Normal, Quiet Life For The Residents Of Railham, However, She S An Unwelcome Reminder Of The Town S Darkest Hour Twenty Years Ago, Nine Year Old Mo Garvey Was Found Brutally Murdered In A Nearby Forest Everyone Thinks That Alex S Father Was Responsible, But If The Killer Was Brought To Justice, Why Is The Ghost Of Mo Garvey Still After Revenge And How Far Will The Real Killer Go To Protect His Secret, When Alex Starts Getting Closer To The Truth Haunted Is A Horror Novel About A Woman Who Has To Face Her Past, About A Town That Would Rather Forget, And About A Little Girl Who Refuses To Let Death Stand In Her Way Recently I made the decision to earnestly read a lot of horror fiction, at least until I tire of it Rather than start this regimen with something that I knew for sure I would enjoy e.
, rereading Dracula , I started at what I assumed would be near the bottom of the barrel Haunted is one of those free books that can be found somewhat easily on the Kindle store I had never heard of Amy Cross, although she seems somewhat prolific in this genre I give her major bonus points for the fact that she mostly writes standalone novels, so that readers don t fall into the trap of buying for free the first book in a series that has ballooned to five or six novels and then feeling obligated to actually pay real currency for following installments that are invariably not free Goodreads lists this book as 262 pages, which is reasonably long for a book of its kind As fo Awesome I absolutely love Amy crosses books There are a few typos in this book but other than that its really good and doesn t take long to get into the meat of the story which is the same for every other books I ve read of hers which is a lot I ve never in my life read a ghost story book which so captivating Like I do with hers every book is different and never ends the way you think it will be I read this book in less than 5 hours just awesome I really wanted to like this book because the bare bones of the story were excellent and the first third of the plot was involving, however the two main characters are so mind numbingly stupid and one dimensional that I actually started getting frustrated at the fact that it took them both so long to figure out what was going on I think the main female character was meant to be tough and resilient but I just found her to be standoffish and annoying A wasted opportunity Great Book I would have NEVER guessed the ending Amy Cross has a way of writing that makes you feel like you are right there with her characters Straight from the beginning I really felt for the family in this story There was action that kept my attention straight from the beginning read this one You won t be sorry

Another Great StoryThis is another awesome story by this brilliant author who I just can t get enough of What a gift of capturing such a vivid imagination she has been blessed with I don t know what I will do once I ve read all her stories I guess I ll have to go back and read them all again Yes they are that good Another story for the big screen, I must add Good story butA good ghost story but was distracted by all the editing errors Computers are not able to edit a story the way people can edit Irritates me to pay for a book no person bothered to read before it was published.
Amazing Amy Cross really put did herself with this book It s a real page turner, non stop throughout the entire book I thought it was a very good book, and with my imagination it scared me a few times.

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