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Download Epub Format ò HSTQ PDF by Ð Arthur Graham Twas my distinct privilege to compile this for Another fantastic collection of rude and disgusting poetry that is ideally read out loud in an old folks home The usual culprits have added 1 or 2 poems to the collection Mr A Graham, bless him, starts off trying to knock some sense into those who do not love Trump There is something about Johnny Scarlotti s poetry that brings the child out in me, he is no ruder than anybody else but for some reason I snigger with his than any of the others.
New in this collection is something from Leo X Robertson who gives the best lines, I m not gonna post them here so go check them out for yourselves.
Favourite new to me poet here was Audrey El Osta, her poem Gaze was my favourite.
This only gets 4 stars from me as I felt the Horror part of HST was missing Still, I lo Plenty of entertaining sleaze and trash, but I couldn t find the horror Maybe it was in Arthur s laundry.

I interviewed Arthur about this book and , and you can listen here I got off to every poem In fact, I now identify as a poem You may refer to me with poem poems poemself pronouns Poems poem by which I mean, poems poem, like, the poem poemself wrote, was one of my favourites You tell me I m using my own pronouns improperly I swear ta f I ll Poem popoempoemp poem pome poem pome it s such a stupid word, right Exactly.
I really enjoyed this collection Entertaining until the last piece I m really glad that I was lucky enough to read this I honestly can t wait for the next set to come out I hope others enjoy it as much as I did.
Sleazier and trashier than the last one I look forward to reading this every quarter My favorites this time around Thoughts for Today by Arthur Graham yeah, I know, this is technically the intro, not a poem YesAllPoems by Leo X Robertson Keen by Christopher P.
P White Saying Goodbye to Your Lover by Kerney Bee I like reading lots of different forms of poetry, and am always open to trying new poets, so I m enjoying these HST Quartlerlys, even though horror, sleaze and trash aren t typically the sorts of subjects I d read For an anthology, these poems work very well together to make a rather satisfying whole, which most definitely delivers what you would expect from HST horrors such as Bren Newell s you could be ted bundy , and sleaze and trash like Karina Bush s Unchristian Many of these poems really stood out, even if I wasn t always too taken with the subject matters Johnny Scarlotti s poems for instance even when I m not mad about his themes, he s still most definitely doing his own thing and I admire his writ Horror, Adj Inspiring Or Creating Loathing, Aversion, Etceaze, Adj Contemptibly Low, Mean, Or Disreputabletrash, N Literary Or Artistic Material Of Poor Or Inferior QualityWelcome To HST Quarterly, The Curated Collection From Horror, Sleaze And Trash Scandalous headline It s 2016 and People Still Write Poetry But this is obviously fake news, like any article that makes Hillary Clinton appear to be anything less than a blessed angel sent to Earth to save the common man from their own paychecks.
But here s the real headline It s 2016 and WE STILL NEED POETRY Let that sink in for a minute Poets have been trying to cure society for a long, long ass time But you won t take the time to pick up even a small chapbook and give it a chance Jet fuel can t melt ignorance, but ART can, my friend Just goddamn read this already I promise it s not all about flowers and crying to Smiths albums.
I was just scrolling through emails and one informed me that I have spent 336 hours playing Fallout 4 What I m saying is time is a trickster and although this is no great revelation when it looks straight at you you better meet its gaze I ve just spent some time with this and my only complaint is that it needs Oscar the Grouch Apart from that the leakage of various kinds shakes up a frothy cocktail of wrong Another collection stripping the world of its airs and hammering home its absurdity Funny, cheap, and scarred.

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