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[ Read Online HSTQ ↠´ battle-of-gettysburg PDF ] by Arthur Graham È Arthur Graham does an excellent job of fooling you You might think you re getting horror, sleaze, and trash, but he throws in some damn fine, goddamned good shit in there, too No, it won t make your MFA brother in law quiver with lambent illumination in his decorous dulled chinos, but for those of us seeking the real world in our art, rather than forcing a fake one into it, it nudges you right where it counts I ll let you decide where that is for yourself.
If you have read any of the other HST Quarterlies you have an idea of what to expect, a mix of cynical, dirty and heartfelt poetry This may be the dirtiest so far, but is not without it s deeper pieces My favorites of the bunch Art by Ben John SmithDumb, Poor and Benign by Michael MarrottiStepdad by Scott EmersonTalking to Myself in Public by James D Casey IVWhat a Day by Johnny ScarlottiA Close Escape by Harry WhitewolfWhen the Dick Died Inside by Rebecca GrandsenA Burned Past by Craig Moffatt Horror, Adj Inspiring Or Creating Loathing, Aversion, Etceaze, Adj Contemptibly Low, Mean, Or Disreputabletrash, N Literary Or Artistic Material Of Poor Or Inferior QualityWelcome To HST Quarterly, The Curated Collection From Horror, Sleaze And Trash Putting to one side that my own humble offering has been included in this edition, and that there needs to be horror, I felt that this was the best issue of HST Quarterly I ve read.
Absolute favourites of this collection were one of those shits by Michael D Goscinski it d been a while since i had to shit like that it was one of those cheek squeezers where you try to hold it together running for the bathroom hoping you don t let loose and Imagining Something In Her Mouth by David Mac I ve had all shapes and sizes, she said Of dicks I asked No Of pasta, she replied Oh, I thought you meant dicks , with close runner up poems by J A Carter Winward, Rebecca Gransden, Casey Renee Kiser, Arthur Graham I felt that real tough guy was the best of Graham s poems that I ve read , A Lynn Blumer, Johnny Scarlotti, James D Casey IV and Ben John Smith.
The others were pretty damn good too.
T Wow it s been a year of these publications already I ve enjoyed this one, only problem is either I m getting desensitized to the violence or things are getting sensible Great to see the regulars posting Arthur Graham, Ben John Smith, A Blumer and Johnny The Great Scarlotti Was also good to see some newcomers that I ve heard off JA QMC Carter Winward, Rebecca Gransden and Harry Whitewolf.
In stockings it seems If I had to pick a favourite it would have to be a poet, unknown to me, Scott Emerson His Stepdad was brilliant, had me laughing and grossed out at the same time I recommend drinking milk whilst reading that one just to have something interesting come out your nose as you snort with laughter.
Rating for the poets that are far talented than I am I like to read poetry a couple of times before I feel like I m done and I read this over and over and enjoyed it every time.
I think I laughed throughout this quarterly than any of the others Maybe HST isn t particularly meant for invoking humor but I think it also matters how sick and twisted you are I felt like the work in here followed the HST theme rather well, actually If we go by the definition of things which create aversion, like having a dead body for a boyfriend or filleting a human carcass to fuck and die inside I would say horror was represented along with Sleaze and Trash Two poems that stuck me, by their style and context, was Juxtaposition Among Redwoods by Flower Conroy, and A Burned Past by Craig Moffatt Very beautiful Very strong.
And to the rest of the raunchy fuckers, thank you for providing me that grit I need and desire so.
Here s the list of the other poems, no particular order at all, that I enjoyed Talking To Myself in Public James D Casey IVMoving Sale Changming YuanMy Great issue featuring some incredible talent Proud to be a part of it among so many other awesome writers.

They say this summer s gonna be a HOT one, and it ain t just cos of climate changeTHE FUCKING GLACIERS ARE MELTING Y ALL, so get your free ebook before it s too late Horror and sleaze are definitely prevalent in this collection, and anal sex seems to be a popular theme I was tickled pink by James D Casey IV s Talking to Myself in Public been there, done that , and unexpectedly touched by John D Robinson s Listen to Me Son.
Why not indulge your prurient and poetic interests by contacting this guy Arthur Graham for your own free copy of these ditties You ll be glad you did.

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