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[ Pdf Initiation Ö spy-thriller PDF ] by Maris Black Ä DNF Disgusting starsI DNF this book it was disgusting I have an open mind to a lot of things but this was degrading and utterly disgusting Being whipped and licked by 9 other boys and running with crackers between your but and if it falls out you must eat it and watching gay porn and jacking of otherwise being pissed on, no thank you not my cup of anything 3.
5 rounded up One cheeky Latino character who is feeling sorry for himself, one virginal All American boy who wants said hot Latino to be the one and a bunch of homophobic players who insist on stupid frat type Initiations I could ve done without them.
Latino Linebacker Emilio Madero Has A Huge Crush On The New Backup Quarterback He S Perfection In Motion With His Lean, Muscled Body And Rich Boy Good Looks But There S No Way In Hell Emilio Is Going To Do Anything About It He Ll Just Have To Be Content With Fantasizing About The Guy Of His Dreams And Watching Him From Afar, Because Hitting On Another Player Is Out Of The QuestionThat Is, Until Andrew Turns The Tables And Makes The First Move Then All Bets Are Off As The Two Of Them Drift Into Uncharted Territory Well, I sure hope that the other 3 books that I already bought aren t incomplete like this one is Wish I would have known that this ends at 57% And takes place over two days That s not a book, it s a couple of freakin chapters 4.
5 star review by DanI really enjoyed this short novella set in the author s SSU Boys series In this installment we are introduced to Emilio, the narrator of the story Emilio is a sopho at SSU and is a linebacker on the school s football team.
The story starts at the Initiation of the freshmen football players Initiation being a nice name for hazing While the hazing is occurring, Emilio make eye contact with a freshman who isn t getting hazed That freshman, Andrew is checking out Emilio s crotch One thing leads to another, we have a quick interrupted attempt at sex, then Andrew takes Emilio home to meet his mother, who it seems already knows all about him.
The rest of the story is set the next day when the team goes off to another town for their first overnight football away game For such a short story, I felt I really got to know the characters and I really want to know wha This was certainly a hot one More smutty than telling a story but still it was a fun sexy read Only thing I didn t particularly like is how Emilio always kept putting himself down because of his race his past It bugged me But in the end I think he wised up.
Incredibly racist I am not Hispanic, but I was incredibly offended The whole thing is based on negative stereotypes of hispanic people, awful.
Edit So this story was basically about the MC feeling down about himself because he s hispanic, and apparently that is inherently bad It was a little white boy hero for me, like the MC was stepping up the social ladder, or better in some way because a white boy was interested in him, but of course the MC doesn t feel like he deserves the white boy, because white people are apparently inherently better than non white people I was not feeling this at all, as a woman of colour I was down right offended I almost crossed this author completely off my list, but the Kage series was decent, and non racist.

Maris Black is a detailed writer She holds you and you do not want to put the Kindle down, no matter if it is a short read thought wrestling OMG and now FootballI She has a way with her writing that makes you believe you are part of the story, sitting there watching it unfold I have read Maris other 2 books Pinned and Owning Corey These SSU BOYS you will put your butt in a chair and not want to move Matter of fact I am proudly wearing a SSU BOYS shirt, that shows I do support her books I am fairly new to the MM reading world, but OMG this is a great way to start So if I were you start with Pinned and work your way towards Initiation Those SSU BOYS will make you WANT MORE Okay that was super cute and hot as hell great characterssmirksI did the audio version, which was narrated by Chris Patton, so the MC sounded just like Adrien and he had such a dirty mouth.
So this is a bit sized love story that is pretty angst ridden.
Emilio has a crush on Andrew but fears he s out classed by the all American freshman Not to mention that he can t just be gay with a guy on the team.
The night the two get together is a truly awful event of hazing and then furtive sex between a jaded player and a golden hearted virgin Andrew has a lot to teach Emilio about love the kind you do with your heart.
The smexy times are super hot between these two and in a short number of pages you get the idea that they just might have a chance at something it s definitely something that keeps you interested in the series.
But be warned it is hard to read at times, there is a lot of pain in this story, but a lot of feels too And a HFN, no HEA not yet.
AudioChris Patton is amazing I really have become quite a fan of h

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