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Trailer è Au revoir là-haut PDF by Ô Pierre Lemaitre Jaysus where to start without tipping yer hat brutal for sure at times humourous too in it s own caustic sarcastic way, fluffy Nope this isn t for yous, no kitties here unless there strangled, castrated with a blunt razor, slung in a sack drowned in boiling salt water I think you get the picture An example The autopsy report scene which I mentioned in an update is delivered in a cold direct manner leaves nothing out with one or two lines which made me sit up with a wtf moment, who THINKS this sort of stuff, where does that come from, it made me guffaw out loud a few times in that very shocked manner, when you know you shouldn t be laughing and its jus a nervous reaction And for sure I know I kinda like my tales Grim n dark when the mood suits but this at times is another level.
The story though is in sta , For Commandant Verh Ven Life Is Beautiful He Is Happily Married, Expecting His First Child With The Lovely Ir NeBut His Blissful Existence Is Punctured By A Murder Of Unprecedented Savagery Worse Still, The Press Seem To Have It In For Him His Every Move Is Headline News When He Discovers That The Killer Has Killed Before That Each Murder Is A Homage To A Classic Crime Novel The Fourth Estate Are Quick To Coin A Nickname The Novelist With Both Men In The Public Eye, The Case Develops Into A Personal Duel, Each Hell Bent On Outsmarting The Other There Can Only Be One Winner Whoever Has The Least To Lose I believe this is the first book I ve ever read that was written by a French author I had no trouble with understanding the French justice system, place and character names, and other terms As advised by Goodread friends, I ve read this as the first in the trilogy, although it was not translated into English first.
This book has a truly unique set up, but I m not going to tell you what it is Suffice it to say, I m still thinking about it The main protagonist is diminutive in stature, but he has a giant personality and is very likable His fellow investigators are well crafted and have idiosyncrasies that are endearing I had a strong sense of dread when I began to realize where this book was headed, but that was only part of the big picture The who, the how, and the why surprised me, but the what was shocking.
This was a very, very good book The only reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 i Terminei agora 2 horas da madrugada, mas era imposs vel n o o fazer Preciso dar lhe j as estrelas para come ar a tentar esquec lo e minimizar o receio de violentos pesadelos.
O in cio, o meio e, principalmente, o final s o um pavor Enfimtudo tormentos que um apreciador de policiais exige de um livro do g nero.
Um assassino que recria cinco cenas de cl ssicos da literatura policial n o devo dizer quais porque poder ser um teste mem ria do leitor que os tenha lido eu li dois, mas n o os reconheci, felizmente o enredo principal deste extraordin rio romance, completado por personagens carism ticas e cativantes como eu gosto do comiss rio min sculo e uma narrativa que nos arrasa com os nervos a descri o dos crimes, embora n o seja exaustiva, de fugiraos gritos.
Pierre Lemaitre mesmo muito bom , Pierre Lemaitre .
No in cio de Ir ne o escritor franc s Pierre Lemaitre n 1951 cita Roland BarthesO escritor algu m que combina cita es eliminando as aspas , e no final menciona Este livro presta homenagem literatura sem a qual ele n o existiria referindo ainda que Ao longo das p ginas, talvez o leitor tenha reconhecido algumas cita es por vezes ligeiramente alteradas revelando o nome dos vinte escritores que foi citando Ir ne o primeiro livro de uma tetralogia que em Portugal apenas foi editado em 2015 depois do segundo volume intitulado Alex 5 um dos melhores policiais publicado em 2012 e que se revela como um inigual vel policial, violento e original, com um detective improv vel, o comandante Camille Verhoeven, inteligente, meticuloso e perseverante, um homem que detesta gracejos, e que mede apenas 1,45 m de altura acabando por explicar o porqu dessa atrofia f sica, segundo

After the phenomenal success of Pierre Lemaitre s Alex on its release last year, it was with some relish that I embarked on Irene I think it s probably a fairly moot point that I am adding my still, small voice to the general acclaim that Irene has garnered since its release but here are my thoughts.
Quite simply this book is terrific, in the first instance with the superb characterisation of the central detective protagonist, Commandant Camille Verhoeven, the diminutive but dogged police officer on the trail of an insidious serial killer, dubbed The Novelist Verhoeven is a man composed of a plethora of insecurities, not only by his small stature, but also with the imminent arrival of his first child, and the no s Au revoir l haut The Great Swindle, Pierre LemaitreThe Great Swindle original title Au revoir l haut is a 2013 novel by Pierre Lemaitre, set in France in the aftermath of the First World War It was published in French in 2013 by Albin Michel under its original title, and subsequently released in an English translation by Frank Wynne in 2015 by MacLehose Press It won several notable awards, such as the Prix Goncourt, and was adapted into a 2017 film of the same name It is the first of three planned novels of Lematire spanning the interwar period The second novel in the series, Couleurs de l incendie, was published in January 2018 2016 1394 495 9789644163456 21 BRUTAL SENCILLAMENTE BRUTAL tanto en violento como en magistral.

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