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☆ Read Î Jaded by Hildie McQueen ¿ 3.
5 Luke Hamilton is haunted by his military experience PTSD has ruled his life since he s been back Uncomfortable rage and unexpected episodes of anxiety that consumes him and if he s not careful he will end up in jail possibly for murder Hoping for some peace and sanctuary he heads home to Laurel Montana Leah Morgan is about to crash and burn in to corporate world everyone sees it but Leah Her father puts her on leave for six months, she s to go home to Laurel and get the ranch and house up to pare Two people with so many problems personal and physiological fight for their way in the world and just might find love along the way Good storyline The heartbreak of PTSD and how to live life with out guilt Can t wait for Taylor and Allison s book.
I loved this book, I hate to admit that it is the first book I have read by Hildie McQueen but it will not be the last I also have to admit that the thing that drew me to this particular book was the cover but what was in between the first and last page was what held my interest Luke Hamilton, I could not help but fall in love with him, he is so broken, suffering from PTSD and he feels so unworthy of love yet at the same time he is so lovable He goes home to Montana to hopefully keep himself out of trouble Leah Morgan is a little high strung, totally driven and scary to some people Her father sends her on a hiatus to their ranch in Montana, letting her know that the way she is living her life is way out of control When a little problem o Every once in a while you come across one of those books that just blows you away Well this book by Hildie McQueen is just such a book Hildie McQueen was amazing in how She dealt with PTSD in this book she takes on this very real issue and actually does gives hope to anyone dealing with it I loved this book it held my attention from start to finish with it I could find praises forever But one must read for to get the the full effect themselves I am so thankful I read this book I definitely will be reading of this author Hildie McQueen

Luke, a war veteran with PTSD goes home to his family s ranch in Laurel Creek, Montana after one too many violent incidents Leah, an intense, very successful executive in her father s company in Billings is told to take a six month sabbatical to chill and tend to the affairs involving her family s ranch in Laurel Creek, Montana Luke s and Leah s ranches border each other and their families go way back, but Luke and Leah do not have a very friendly childhood history When issues involving their ranches bring them in contact with each other, neither is interested in any type of relationship Even with their stubborn and private personalities, they somehow find a spark that neither one is able to deny but that neither wants Can they help each other and at the same time find happiness along the way You ll have to read Luke Hamilton is a battle scarred hero, suffering with PTSD after his latest deployment, he returns home to the small town of Laurel Creek, Montana It s here that he s set out to help his twin brother with some struggles of his own It seems that a neighbor, Leah Morgan, is ready to sell her father s property but there s an issue with the fence The Hamilton s fence is a quarter of a mile off of what it should be Leah Morgan is a hot headed, fiesty woman Newly divorced, much like Luke, she s trying to make her way in her father s business when she s exiled to Laurel Creek to take care of the farm Leah is not amused, she d much rather be in a coorporate setting than trudging ankle deep in a cow pasture When she learns that Luke Hamilton is back in town, she s intrigued as well she should be A soldier with classic bad boy charm who s looking for a woman 3.
5 starsLet me start by saying that I absolutely loved main character, Luke He s such an endearing character and his struggle with PTSD is so heartbreaking The secondary characters in this story are also quite interesting, especially Luke s twin and his cousin Much of the dialogue is witty and often humorous, adding some levity to a serious situation I m still unsure about Luke s love interest, Leah She s so angry and driven I gather from her actions that she is a perfectionist, but we re never really told why she reacts the way she does I would ve liked to have seen a bit development for Leah s character so as to understand her quick turnaround where Luke is concerned That, in my opinion, could ve easily made this one a five star read.
Overall, the story is good and kept me turning pages to see how t Jaded Luke, book 1 of the Laurel Creek Series by Hildie McQueen is part of a new series, however it can stand alone That being said there are characters introduced in this book that leave you wanting to read the next in the series Prepare to be hooked.
Luke is not your typical alpha character and doesn t really fit into any mold Actually he probably broke any mold in the making Leah is a complex woman used to weilding power and this is both a blessing and a curse for the pair.
I refuse to give spoilers but I will say Hildie McQueen thoroughly covers the emotional roller coaster known as PTSD and Jaded Luke would be an excellent read for anyone who has had a loved one serve active duty in the military.
Going Home Isn T An Easy Fix, But It Beats Ending Up In Prison Or Dead Haunted By PTSD And A Failed Marriage, Luke Hamilton Returns Home To Laurel, Montana Leah Morgan Knows Everyone Expects Her To Fail, But Nothing Will Stop Her From Turning The Ranch Around And Selling It To The Highest Bidder Especially Not A Rancher When Luke And Leah Cross Paths, They Both Discover That Starting Over Can Be A Complicated Business NOTE This Book Contains Adult Language And Situations This book in the Laurel Creek Series was simply amazing I really enjoyed and I couldn t put it down Luke Hamilton is war hero, he is suffering with PTSD after his latest deployment and when he comes back to the small town of Laurel Creek, Montana, he decides to stay and help hos twin brother who is dealing with his own problems.
His neighbor is Leah Morgan She is strong, independent and full of sass She has just divorced and she also goes back to Laurel Creek of take care of the farm.
The plot is interesting, the characters are very well done and the chemistry between them is intense Very nice read Captivating This story is full of hope and redemption while also being heartwrenching Luke is a former military man suffering from PTSD What really captivated me was the way author was able to describe Luke s PTSD episodes and make you feel like you were right there watching and wanting to reach out and help That really touched my heart Leah, is a women in her 40 s who is strong, independent and not sure where her life is heading or if she really likes what she sees ahead for herself She was very relatable to me because I ve been there These two were perfect for each other Can t wait to read the next book in the series

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