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[Hildie McQueen] ï Judith (American Mail-Order Bride #44) [gods PDF] Ebook Epub Download ï Vikki s MusingsI ve been a fan of Hildie McQueen for several years I enjoy her writing style and her versatility Whether she is writing a western historical, a highlander historical, or a contemporary romance, she spins engaging stories Judith Bride of Wyoming is an excellent new western historical, and I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
Judith Hamilton arrives in Casper, Wyoming, only to learn the man she was supposed to marry has died Fortunately, she finds a position as nanny to Sean Montgomery s infant daughter.
Is this a chance for love, or will she end up giving her heart to Sean and his adorable daughter only to have it broken when the child s mother arrives insisting he marry her or give her Bethany I fell in love with Judith s character from the first page She s the perfect heroine for a western romance She s mild of manner and a true nurturer, yet has Book 44 of the American Mail Order Bride Series A factory fire forces Judith to review her future She answers an ad to be a mail order bride Wyoming is where this takes her Upon her arrival, she learns her intended, husband to be, died Now what Sean is a man who has a little baby to care for Judith agrees to become a caregiver for the baby A turn of events cause great heartache and the baby missing Can they come together, as one happy family A very good book with a most different set of circumstances.
AdorableMore love than you could ever imagine and still a little steamy Whoo whee this is a good read I totally enjoyed reading Hildie s contribution to this awesome collection of M.
B s Great job so far to all the wonderful authors who have brought them to us.

Full of twists Loved this story of a woman who can unconditionally love a man and his child While selflessly, putting herself second for the child s dying mother.
Great Story This is an American Mail Order Brides series book and it was wonderful The snags in the plot were realistic and the characters were believable I do wish the author would write stories about the secondary characters, she created a wonderful town and it seems a waste to just write one story.
This is the first in the state series that I ve read I know the reader must often suspend belief when reading many stories, but this was just too much Things that happened were beyond suspending belief and bordered on ridiculous, such as Sean s relationship with the baby s mother It was also way too convenient how Judith met him The way in which the characters acted wasn t true to the time period.
Wonder storyThis was a beautiful story There were some sex scenes It keeps your attention as you always wait for the other shoe to drop Recommended reading.
Mail Order Bride, Heartwarming Story With Unexpected Twist Judith Hamilton Arrives In Casper, Wyoming To Find The Man She Is To Marry Has Died When Offered A Position As A Caregiver To The Town Blacksmith S Child, She Quickly Accepts, Only To Find The Offer Includes Marrying The Father Sean Montgomery Can T Believe The Answer To His Prayers Arrives So Unexpectedly That He Has To Marry The Beautiful Woman Is Not Much Of A Sacrifice A Wonderful Story That Will Delight You Judith Bride of Wyoming American Mail Order Bride 44 By Hildie McQueen4 5 starsJudith, like many of her coworkers had no recourse after losing her job in the factory fire There was no work to be found, so she joined the ranks becoming a mail order bride She arrives in Wyoming, to find that her fianc e has died She is out of money, doesn t know anyone in town and is worried about what she will do.
Sean is the town blacksmith and a single father to a young baby He didn t know that he had a child, until the baby was dropped off by the grandmother, saying her daughter had died Sean s sister watches the baby, but with children of her own, it is an undue burden, not that she resents it, but she needs help as well The first option was that Judith become the nanny for Sean s young baby But the better solution was that she become his wife So plans were made, a relationship was formed and ties The 44th book in this amazing 50 book series, Judith is one of the many women displaced after the factory she works in burns down She answers an ad to be a mail order bride to a man in Wyoming, however when she arrives she discovers that the man she was to marry has died Stuck in a strange place with no funds and knowing no one, she takes a job as a caretaker for the town blacksmith s baby.

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