á Khan Ü Download by Ð Marie J.S. Phillips

á Khan Ü Download by Ð Marie J.S. Phillips Absolutely beautifully written story The author paints a lovely picture of the magic and innocence that is a cat s life I loved that it was from Khan s point of view It was very detailed and creative Just a wonderful story over all I have to say it is easily one of the best books I ve ever read I m a dog person for the most part though I love all animals but reading about Khan and his family really hit me right in my heart A beautiful book.
Full disclosure, I received a copy of this book as part of a Goodreads Giveaway thank you Goodreads and Generous Author I am a cat person, so I enjoyed this book it is told from the point of view of Khan, the cat It is basically his memoir, and deals with his growing up, making cat friends, and his health battles I thought the author did a really good job of capturing cat thought the way she has Khan expressing himself is pretty much how I imagine cats talking, if they could talk There is some exposition of cat metaphysics about death and cat afterlife, which may not be everyone s cup I can see the possibility for some people to find the narration of the memoir irritating if they don t think cats would sound like that if they could talk Overall you can tell Khan was a much beloved and very special cat.
What an amazing cat, great book.

Overall Feedback I am not a cat person as I prefer dogs However, the reader can not help but become attached to Khan and want to have this cat all for themselves You want to jump into the story, stop it and save the cat from any further adventure I absolutely love Khan and would enjoy seeing him run around the house garnering my attention when and if he chooses The reader can tell that Khan in real life was a well loved pet.
Point of View The ability of this author to get inside of Khan s head and tell the stroy from Khan perspective is unbelievable Makes me have chills and think of the Pet Whisperer.
Voice The author compels the reader throughout the story with her absolute love and devotion to a dearly missed pet.
Character Development Each and every A beautiful story given to me by a dear friend about Khan, a Maine Coon kitten taken to a shelter and then rescued to comfort a lady in the loss of another MC What a sweet story of a home filled with cats and love I cried quite a bit, though, since the disease that took Khan, lymphoma, also took my beautiful MC Hester from me, so it was quite an emotional read for me Anyone who loves animals will enjoy this book, especially those of us who believe their love never dies Must read with a box of tissue This book made me want to hug my cats who barley tolerated it.
This is a heart warming story of Khan, a Maine Coon and his life told from his point of view We share in Khans struggle from when he was a kitten at a shelter to his forever home He introduces us to his fellow cats, and takes us though his struggle with cancer There is a strong belief in the book that if a cat loves his human mommy enough then after he dies he ll be born right away as a new kitten that will find that same mommy As this is from Khan s point of view the writing feels of a middle grade level I was lucky enough to have won this book with the goodreads giveaways, and it has a permeant place on my shelf.
A wonderful book I enjoyed every single word in it It s a tear jerker so beware.
Semi Fictional Biography Of Khan, A Real Maine Coon Abandoned And Left At A Local Shelter, A Maine Coon Kitten Awaits An Uncertain Fate During His Stay, Khan Befriends A Wise Old Tomcat Four Days Later, To Khan S Horror, The Shelter Workers Take His Friend Away To The Big Sleep, Leaving Khan Scared And Alone Just Before Khan S Time Is Up, A Man Enters The Shelter And Adopts Khan Though He Feels Loved, He Is Also Alone, And Misses His Mother, His Litter Mates, And His Tomcat Friend Weeks Later, When Another Young Kitten Joins The Household, Khan Befriends Him, And They Form A Tight Bond Khan Deals With Life S Challenges And Surprises, Always Finding Strength In Feline Friendships, Old And New, And In Love From His Humans Until A Monster From Within Suddenly Strikes Him Down In The Prime Of Life Down, But Not Out, Khan Struggles Against His Internal Foe, Wanting Only To Stay Beside The Humans And Cats He Adores

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