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[Paul A. Offit] Ë Killing Us Softly [asmara PDF] Read Online à As someone who has always been against pseudoscience and the quacks that do harm than good, this book comes as a clear headed, well researched directive While the bulk of the content is dedicated to exposing quacks and their snake oils and explaining thoroughly why these snake oils do not work , the last few chapters are dedicated to exploring the placebo effect, alternative treatments that may be effective and in the end calls for a balance between conventional medicine and the viable alternatives.
Forty pages of references at the end also points anyone wanting to continue their own research on the topics in the right direction to start with.
Killing Us Softly is a scientist taking on the world of alternative medicine, written as a scalding critique using all the might of the scientific method Paul Offit questions the frauds and the hucksters and drags up the Snake oil salesmen by their collars, and shows the readers facts necessary to make informed decisions And at some point you might wonder why such a book was even necessary, because what he says seems patently obvious, but if you just let your mind wander and think of the people you know, you ll most certainly find someone who believes in these alternative therapies without a shred of logic or meaningful evidence That is exactly why this book is important, because no reader is completely immune to the lure of an easy cure, and faulty logic and very few people can resist the belief that medical science today allows us to lead better lives than the good old days Tha More People Than Ever Are Using Alternative Medicine But, As Expert Dr Paul Offit Explains, These Untested Therapies Are Ineffective, Expensive And Even DeadlyNow That Homeopathic Remedies Are Offered On The NHS, It S Clear That Various Therapies Once Considered Alternative Or Complementary, Have Become Mainstream Prescribed To Burn Fat, Shrink Prostates, Alleviate Colds, Reduce Stress, Eliminate Pain And Prevent Cancer At The Same Time, Uptake Of Effective Vaccines Such As MMR Has Fallen A Disturbing Trend Which, In The Case Of The MMR, Has Lead To A Sharp Rise In The Number Of Measles CasesIn Killing Us Softly Paul Offit Reveals, Alternative Medicine An Unregulated Industry Under No Obligation To Prove Its Claims Or Admit Its Risks Can Actually Be Very Harmful In Killing Us Softly He Exposes How Homeopathic Asthma Preparations And Bogus Cancer Cures Have Replaced Life Saving Medicines Acupuncture Needles Have Pierced Hearts, Lungs, And Livers And Transmitted Viruses, Including Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C And HIV Chiropractic Manipulations Have Torn Arteries Megavitamins Increase The Risk Of Cancer And Heart Disease A Fact Well Known To Scientists But Virtually Unknown To The PublicUsing Real Life Case Histories To Back His Argument, Dr Offit Shows Us Why Any Medical Treatment Alternative Or Conventional Must Be Properly Evaluated There S No Such Thing As Alternative Medicine There S Only Medicine That Works And Medicine That Doesn T I d love to carry around a pile of paperback copies, and just hand them to people I inevitably hear any time I leave my house enthusiastically sharing nonsense with anyone who will listen.
I feel like this garbage has gained even momentum since this book was written I can t fully wrap my head around confidently proclaiming that doctors actively don t want to heal you and want you to stay sick it s even worse when you talk about veterinarians It s incomprehensible to me when I see facebook threads about WASHING YOUR EYES WITH AGED URINE in which people are speculating about why a man s eyes are starting to ooze pus Maybe it s a detox It s probably the inflammation from your brain makings its way out The author very astutely begins with a history of the miracle cures and snake oils of the 19th century, and poetically en There is no such thing as alternative medicine or contemporary medicine , there is simply medicine that works and medicine which does not work These are the sobering words Dr Paul Offit co inventor of the rota virus vaccine states in Killing Us Softly Like a slap of awakening, tearing you from a hypnotic dream, his book pulls you back into the reality of evidence based medicine Offit, with logical flow and backed up facts, accounts how alternative medicine has escaped regulation by authorities, exploited the gullible, and worst of all, endangered the lives of patients for the financial gain of a few If you are an advocate for child rights and the do no harm principle this book will likely be a traumatic experience for you If you believe in evidence A beautifully written survey of the harms done by the seemingly benign alternative therapy industry In chapter after chapter Offit challenges the claims for the efficacy and safety of alternative therapies including acupuncture, vitamins and chelation Along the way he tells the story of how while pharmaceutical products came to be tested and regulated, alternative therapies slipped the net He explains how the alternative therapy positioned itself as the underdog against the might of Big Pharma, despite pulling in enormous profits Offit understands the reasons that drive people to seek alternative therapies, including a heartfelt distrust of modern medicine The belief that natural products are safer than conventional therapies The fluidity of modern medicine can also be unsettling when compared with ancient and unchanging traditions such as acupunc This is excellent The research is through, the style just right for popular science and the arguments convincing Overall the main worry is that the popularity of unscientific theories of illness and cure will cause a regression in our health God gave us the development of the modern scientific method as a blessing, maybe it is not so strange to see the apostate West shying away from it in favour of quackery.
The secondary worry is the dangers posed by much that is sold as natural stuff untested or already proven to be harmful And the third is the way in which the big business that is alternative medicine is milking the gullible and the desperate.
Loved it.

It s an eye opening account of how easily people are misled into thinking drugs are chemicals therefore bad and alternative medicines are good because they are natural It s too simplistic to assume that Because of this assumption supplements have become a multi million dollar business Lives that could have been saved by the conventional methods were lost for example Steve Jobs interesting fact that I didn t know The author Dr Paul Offit cites cases where it s been proven time and again that alternative medicine although it has its limited good points, is definitely not a cure for everything.
When religion was strong and science was weak, men mistook magic for medicine Now, when science is strong and religion weak, men mistake medicine for magic Thomas SzaszThis is another one of these refreshingly insightful and eloquently written books that smash all the BS out there with hard, scientific fact It brings to mind many of the recent classics in the genre, such as, Bad Science , Trick Or Treatment and even last year s The Angry Chef , which are just some of the books that have also done great work in helping to combat some seriously dangerous lies, myths and chicanery Where this slightly differs from those other works is with the strong emphasis placed on the vitamin dietary supplement industry Offit goes into the origins and explains the mechanics of how we ve gotten to such an absurd situation today where a multi billion dollar industry continues to Mankind is at present going through the most prosperous era of its existence on the planet Even while sustaining the largest population ever, many of them are well fed and taken care of Hunger is, of course, still a curse to reckon with, but it is a legacy of the past and persists where unsettled conditions generated by civil war and turmoil prevail An average person lives many years, if not decades, than his forefathers did three or four generations ago This revolution in life expectancy was achieved with spectacular progress in agriculture, medicine and technology Needless to say, this explosion in productivity was made possible by shrewd application of scientific principles in these fields However, people in modern societies are developing an aversion to science and its methods They crave for organic farming and natural fertilizers,

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