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✓ Kim Ú Download by È Rudyard Kipling We d go down to the river And into the river we d dive Oh down to the river we d ride That s Bruce Springsteen, not Rudyard Kipling All the mentions of The River just reminds me of this song.
So Kim is all about the adventures of a young Irish boy, Kimball O Hara, in British colonial India Kim starts off as a Tom Sawyer ish, or Bart Simpson esq, little scamp One day he encounters an elderly Tibetan Lama and volunteers to become his disciple in order to go adventuring on the monk s pilgrimage in his quest for the mystical River of the Arrow En route he encounters British, Russian and French spies, and decides to become one himself for the Brits of course to participate in the Great Game of espionage.
Ooh, I dunno about this I like the colorful characters of Kim, the Lama, and the various spies I am particularly intrigued by the Lama, is he a true mystic or just an Kim served as inspiration for my novelThe Game ,the seventh entry in the Mary Russell series Feel free to come and join in the discussion, even if you come across this after December has passed the discussion will remain open indefinitely for new thoughts and comments Click for information about the Virtual Book ClubOh, this is such a wonderful book Coming of age tale and historical treatise spy thriller and travel narrative rousing adventure coupled with a sleek and subtle tale of the meeting of ancient traditions and all of it told in a rotund and glorious English that would make Shakespeare feel right at home read it aloud He sat, in defiance of municipal orders, astride the gun Zam Zammah The short patter of a t One Of The Great Adventure books Of All Time, Kim, First Published In , Is Kipling S Last Major Work About India, A Farewell Look Brimming With All The Color And Sound, Squalor And Splendor Of That Exotic Land Kim, The Orphaned Son Of An Irish Soldier, Is A Mischievous Worldly Imp Growing Up In The Walled City Of Lahore A Secret Mission For The British And A Heartfelt Bond With A Tibetan Lama In Search Of A Sacred River Soon Lead Kim Into A Life Of Spies And Secrets, Danger And High Excitement But Kim Is Than A Boy S Adventure Written By The Laureate Of The British Empire, It Is Also A Profound Look At The Differences Between East And West For The First Time, A British Writer Understood India In All Its Complexity, Mystery, And Spirituality Here We Enter The Harems Mingle With Thieves, Jugglers, And Beggars And Experience All That Is India In One Of Literature S Most Magical And Moving Masterpieces The best work of Rudyard Kipling In it, he explored many of his childhood memories of India, and it is generally considered to be his most successful full length novel.
While it is one of the most beautiful tales of friendship I have ever read, Kim is much Rudyard Kipling created in Kim a novel in the mold of the classic heroic journey that has a pedigree reaching back to Gilgamesh and the Odyssey With Kim, a young white boy, sahib, at it s center and his friend and mentor the Lama, we see the world of India in the nineteenth century as it is ruled by Great Britain The story unfolds against the backdrop of The Great Game, the political conflict between Russia and Britain in Central Asia It is set after the Second Afghan War which ended in 1881, but before the Third The novel is notable for its detailed portrait of the people, culture, and varied religions of India While Kim is often categorized as a children s novel it has much to offer adult readers not unlike other children s books like Huckleberry This coming of age tale had a lot of charm in many spots, but too often was a bit slow for my tastes Kim O Hara is a 12 year old orphan in Lahore in the 1850 s, child of an Irish soldier and Indian mother Despite the loss of both parents he thrives well as a street urchin, always finding a way to make himself useful to community members or to engage sympathy from strangers and thus able to earn or beg his daily keep His life opens up when he assists a Tibetan lama on a pilgrimage and joins him on the road, pretending to be a disciple He carries a coded message for an itinerant Afghan Pashtun horse trader, which turns out to serve the British secret service in their campaign against insurgents against their colonial rule He already knows several languages and is a master of disguise and escape, skills which the British develop through You know those books that you know from the very first page, you re going to love it this wasn t that You know those other books that start out slow and it takes you awhile, but soon you find yourself hooked Nope, this was not one of those either In fact, I made it through the entire book without every really feeling invested in any way, shape or form I persevered only because I started it a few months ago and gave it up, then restarted it, convinced I d get through it It s one of Kipling s most lauded books and it s on a million must read lists and there s got to be something else there But in the end it just didn t work for me A young Irish boy, Kim, is orphaned in India during the 19th century He becomes a disciple of a Tibetan Lama, Teshoo Lama, and travels with him on his quest Eventually a Brit

Single Quote Review It was all there in Kipling, barring the epilogue of the Indian inheritance A journey to India was not really necessary No writer was honest or accurate no writer was revealing of himself and his society He has left us Anglo India to people these relics of the Raj we have only to read him We find a people conscious of their roles, conscious of their power and separateness, yet at the same time fearful of expressing their delight at their situation they are all burdened by responsibilities The responsibilities are real but the total effect is that of a people at play They are all actors they know what is expected of them no one will give the game away V.
S Naipaul, An Area of Darkness Although somewhat drowned in Orientalist ideals and British colonialism, Kim is an exciting tale of espionage and adventure for kids of all ages 9 to 99 It is an exciting read I just with that Kipling had been a little less bigoted towards the Empire Nonetheless, probably the peak of his writing for children at least in terms of character and plot development and complexity.
There is no sin so great as ignorance Remember thisRudyard Kipling, Kim This is one of those novels that I read and instantly regreted not reading earlier when I was a boy I was able, however, to experience reading this with my two kids one boy 12 one girl 11 It was perfect I wandered into it expecting a well written, or less Empire centric, Colonial novel It was way than that I get the whole Postcolonial Lit thing, but I m not ready to abandon Kim to this debate or even the Colonial designation It is so much It is a bildungsroman, an adventure story, a wild vibration of the whole of India North and South, mountains and plains, rich and poor, rivers and roads, believer and unbeliever I was a tad worried at first that the specificity of the place and time would throw off my kids , but it was like driving through a country bazaar in a

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