[James L. Swanson] ☆ KJV401 [medieval-history PDF] Ebook Epub Download á chorvatsko.pro

[James L. Swanson] ☆ KJV401 [medieval-history PDF] Ebook Epub Download á NEWTESTAMENTONLY The KJV NT Is A Faithful And Verifiable Reconstitution Of The King James Version KJV Into The English Of Our Day, Years After Its First Edition In Some New Or Revised Versions Claim Fidelity And Accuracy To The Greek Text And Meaning Of The KJV The Documents ItIn The Traditional Verse By Verse Format, This Unique Red Letter Plus Edition Has Color Coding Which Adds To The Traditional Red Letters For Jesus Words The Words Of God The Father And His Heavenly Creatures Are In Blue And Purple For Direct Quotations Of The Holy Spirit The Wily Words Of Satan And His Devils Are In GreenEasily Switch Between Reading The And The KJV read The With Confidence, Knowing That The original KJV Wording Is There For You By Merely Touching The Verse Number On The Screen Or read In KJV Mode And Toggle To The As An Informed Comment On The originalThe KJV Is The First Translation Designed For Ebooks It Is Not Owned Or Influenced By Any Corporation Nor Authorized By Any Council Of Churches

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