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Download Epub Format ✓ Laura PDF by é Amy Cross A solid little ghost story I keep getting Amy Cross recommended to me on Kindle, and she hasn t yet disappointed me I spent a lot of time thinking there was no ghost, just a crazy friend in the group But noa lot of really crappy people, but not a crazy person Not really Theneven when I accepted the reality of a ghosta second ghost Then multiple ghosts Nice This was a neat story.
Laura by Amy Cross came out in 2017 The novel s Kindle page lists it at 501 pages Free through Kindle Unlimited the purchase price is USD 0.
99 I am an Amy Cross addict although I cannot read two of her books consecutively She might be considered by most readers to be a writer of horror fiction but there is also a mixture of crime, thriller, mystery, and psychological genre I find the content too intense to read than one of her books per month Then I read other things and return to her novels for a burst of motivation After reading a few pages in Prologue, I could tell I was going to have a problem keeping all the characters and their relationships in mind Going back to the table of contents helped me with the way the novel is organized There are 13 parts if the prologue and epilogue are included Then there are ten parts, each one with a You Don T Think This Could Be About Laura, Do You Ten Years Ago, They Were All Friends Ten Years Ago, Something Terrible Happened Ten Years Ago, They Agreed To Take The Truth About Laura To Their Graves All They Had To Do Was Forget, And Keep Their Mouths Shut But When A Hidden Force Starts Cutting Them Down One By One, In A Series Of Increasingly Horrific Incidents, The Remaining Friends Are Forced To Face The Truth Somehow, Laura Has Come Back Laura Is A Horror Story About Six People Who Thought They Could Hide The Truth, And About The Girl Who Returns From The Grave To Make Them All Pay Little Monsters I chose this book because of its interesting synopsis It kind of reminded me of the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer, only quite different Though the book was a good read and kept me captivated, it also distracted me for one, the author swears far too much, so you probably don t want your twelve year old reading this I wouldn t recommend it anyway , secondly, there seemed to a lot of spelling and grammatical errors, as well as the improper use of words, missing words, etc I think I may still read other books by this author though it will depend on the book story, its synopsis and how well the plot flows.
This is a slightly twisted ghost story slight spoilers The events all happen amidst a circle of friends They jump through time between today, 10 years ago and, at times, 20 years ago The narration also jumps between the seven different characters friends and sometimes you don t know who is the speaker while other times their name is written in the header Sometimes the header is wrong as to who the speaker is so I began to ignore the sometimes there sometimes not there but sometimes when it s there it s correct header and just tried to figure it out for myself This worked on occasion but usually not very quickly For a long time you wonder who Laura is and what happened to her I know I thought they had conspired to murder her or something It is an or something I think I would have enjoyed this if some of the things would have been clearly conveyed in the story Al While I really LOVED this book, because it was scary as hell and very psychological, this review is just the platform to count all the ways the characters in this book are the worst Now, keep in mind I believe that the fact that these individuals are horrible human beings makes the book that much fantastic Victoria she is frigid and cold and closed off The fact that she dies 6 months before the beginning of the book, unbeknownst to the reader, of course, is the only real redeeming quality she posses The fact that she may not exactly be cold and distant because she is literally a soul who hasn t even really learned that she is dead makes up for her lack of humanity just a touch Lynn she admits it herself that she is not a nice person And isn t THAT the truth She is a bitch when they are a A ghost of a story Whilst this was a very good story and I do love a good ghost story It was somewhat over shadowed by the constant use of the word hiss It was a little frustrating to see the word used so many times I wouldn t normally be this critical but it was a slight overkill Also proof reading it would be good.
, which is why I have given it a 4 star However despite all that, it was a very cleverly written novel about 6 friends and the death of one them and the subsequent consequences Definitely a good horror with a few twists and turns I don t doubt you will enjoy it Entertaining read from Amy Cross She quickly develops a solid mystery to the story and provides great coverage, moving from character to character and on top of that, moving back and forth between the past and the present It s a lot to keep organized but Cross does a good job at it The ending felt a bit safe to me, going down a landing spot that was unsettling at least, if maybe a little bit on the easy side for the characters There was an awkward amount of exposition crammed suddenly into a short length of text, making it difficult to really feel the weight of what should have been a powerful ending Still, brilliant journey.

Another creepy tale, where friendships take on a whole new meaning.
I do enjoy this author s writing style fast paced and back and forth in time so that it builds the story, characters and tension The first person is narrative is a brilliant way of getting into the minds of each character.
However, it is a shame there are so many typos and, despite the author being English and the setting in England, that she uses American spelling and words though that is mixed with some English e.
g metric measurements instead of feet and inches that Americans use I can only hope that she will stick to English.
Nevertheless, this is a great story, with twists, turns and the unexpected Loved it.
Cleverly done and a recommended read.
5 cup of tea read i could not put this book down from page one and I am now a huge Amy Cross fan.
What would you do if you were being stalked What would you do if horrible letters and items kept arriving at your home What if pictures of you appeared on the internet Stalked and afraid Victoria decides that one of her close friends must be stalking her as the inf0rmation is so personal and suddenly she thinks she knows who it is and things start to spiral.
This fast paced and gripping book had me at the edge of my seat It switches between characters and timelines but not in a confusing way I highly recommend this book and will be read form Amy Cross.
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