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[Keith Richards] Ô Life [middle-english-literature PDF] Read Online Î I want this book to stay on my book shelf even though I am not going to waste my time finishing it I didn t want to delete it so I knew no other way to give my review but to give it some kind of star and to say that I had read it without getting You started Life so many days ago from my GoodReads newsletter I DO NOT recommend this book to anybody Not even a die hard Rolling Stones fan Everything I wanted to find out about the Stones in this book, just wasn t there Poorly written, poorly edited I am the type of reader who just has to finish any book that I start But recently at a book retreat when we were priveledged to have the author of our book, I am not a Serial Killer , Dan Wells came to speak to all of us women He made the comment, and this is not word for I have a fascination with music and the undead, so reading Keith Richards autobiography was a no brainer, and I m glad I did Life is absolutely brimming with all the Rolling Stones stories a fan could hope for It starts with a humorous and tense drug story, then it reverts to a innocent time when Richards was a sort of part time hooligan, a kid of the East end streets This was easily my favorite part of the book, this and the Stones formation Basically everything before the money and fame enters the picture.
Richards is not shy about dishing dirt This is not a man bred to polite society Life s rough, shit happens and he s not about to sweep it all under the rug and pretend it didn t happen That s refreshing in its way, but the real draw of this book is the music Richards loves music and really comes alive when he s talking about it The many passages reminiscing about his musical roots, h With The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards Created The Riffs, The Lyrics And The Songs That Roused The World, And Over Four Decades He Lived The original Rock And Roll Life Now, At Last, The Man Himself Tells Us The Story Of Life In The Crossfire Hurricane It was 1975, a time of brutality and confrontation Open season had been declared since our last tour, the tour of 72, known as the STP The State Department had noted riots true , civil disobedience also true , illicit sex whatever that is , and violence across the United States All the fault of us, mere minstrels We had been inciting the youth to rebellion, we were corrupting America, and they had ruled never to let us travel in the United States again It had become, in the time of Nixon, a serious political matter He had personally deployed his dogs and dirty tricks against John Lennon, who he thought might cost him an election We, in turn, they told our lawyer officially, were the most dangerous rock and roll band in the world I am definitely not the intended audience for this book I like the Rolling Stones, certainly, and I knew their music befor Bob Dylan s memoir is a classic Patti Smith s memoir Just Kids a classic Life by Keith Richards not a classic but a really really OK book But me writing that I really wanted it to be a great rock n roll classic book and Life maybe grand, but great it isn t.
It s obvious that Richards is writing or co writing this for the fans out there Every question and thought regarding the Rolling Stones long history is answered or dealt with yet for that reason it strikes me as a book done in numbers and not passion or through the enjoyment of putting a book together.
Also to be honest there is some major flaws in Keith Richards character For one he has this gang mentality in keeping the band together and having people loyal around him yet if it doesn t serve his purpose or in his eyes the band then it is tossed off the train that is his Life His drug taking for sure caused m Growing up in Dartford for Keith was somewhere to get out of After WWII it was pungent with horse manure desperation and he never forgot the story that he was born in an air raid shelter It wasn t London It wasn t hip or cool it was the backside of the wrong side of the tracks But when his father Gus gave him an old wooden guitar and showed him a few chords and licks, London loomed closer Especially after he could play Malaguena and managed to escape National Service that great cloud hanging over a whole generation of English teenagers and Dartford Technical College.
This autobiography is really massive, too many decades to cover in a review many have already so I will only mention a few things that stood out for me I ve not re It was fascinating If you have always loved The Rolling Stones and rock and roll and have a lot of nostalgia about the 60 s then I think you d find Keith Richards memoir fascinating, too It is long, but most of the time, well, I was just blown away hearing about all the stuff Keith Richards did He has a great conversational style listening was fun kind of like sitting in the living room hearing him tell about his Life with help from Johnny Depp and one other reader What really shines through is his absolute love of music as well as his totally undisciplined and wild, wild Life style I liked it toward the end when he tells about how Tony Blair wrote him a get well letter after an accident and said, Dear Keith, You ve always been one of my heroes Then Keith says, England s in the hands of someone I m the hero of That s frightening I also So we will start with first things first If you were to ask me what my recommendation would be for best rock musician biography or autobiography of all time, it would be Keith Richards s Life, hands down You ll see why as you read the rest of this review, but in short I ll just say that it s by far the most authentic and genuine take on the subject of what Life is like being in the spotlight for 48 years, at the time of printing in 2010, anyway Written with the assistance of journalist James Fox, Life gives voice to one of the true legends of rock music Keith states early on that he remembers everything And you know what I believe him.
THE OBLIGATORY AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL NONSENSE BY THE REVIEWER Feel free to skip if you wish I truly became a Rolling Stones fan at the age of 14, in 1978 The band had just released Some Girls and my older brother took me to the record store to obtain a

I started listening to the Rolling Stones back in the early 1970s Hot Rocks an early greatest hits collection and still one of the best by any band , Sticky Fingers, Exile on Main Street, It s Only Rock and Roll, etc In terms of the group and its history, I caught them in their second wave, the one where they had morphed into the World s Greatest Rock and Roll Band I saw the band once, during their Tour of the Americas tour the one where Ron Wood joined the band I hung with them up through Emotional Rescue and I might of even had a cassette copy of Dirty Work the agreed upon low point for the band lying around on the floor of my car Only recently have I been listening to a number of their late period albums which are be Keith Richards autobiography starts really well and holds that momentum for a long time although when it reaches the period covering the Eighties it does fall somewhat into score settling, and after that becomes somewhat bland and without spark As such you have to hand it to this book, it really does mirror The Rolling Stones career.
Ghost writer James Fox does a fantastic job of catching his master s voice No doubt Keef was sat down in front of a microphone and told to talk about his Life into tape after tape after tape, but from there Fox has managed to create a seamless narrative whilst rendering the subject s personality It really does seem as if Keith Richards is talking to you, sharing all his best anecdotes in his avuncular growl all the time throwing around such terms as cat , babe , bitch and so on I imagi

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