Download Epub Format ☆ Loser (Hillcrest University #1) PDF by ¶ Candace Wondrak

Download Epub Format ☆ Loser (Hillcrest University #1) PDF by ¶ Candace Wondrak Holy shit I did not see that ending coming Woah, this book sucked me right it, I can t wait to see where the story goes from here.
5 Wow that ending I really need to know what is going to happen next This book is lighter on the romance and concentrated on well, everything else which worked for me I like the slow build up to them all being in a relationship I also I m dying to know what happened to Sabrina, what happened in Ash s past, and who is leaving the notes No time to wait, I m onto the next book The Legacy Of Hillcrest University Starts Out Just Like Any Other A Girl, Some Boys, A Bit Of Mystery A Noose Actually, It All Begins With The Noose A Noose, A Note, And A Corpse And A Pretty One At That I Thought Coming To HU Would Help Me Move On From My Past, Help Me Get A Good Start On My Future A School For Rich Boys Please I Ve Dealt With Worse Than Them Before If They Want To Use Me For Whatever Games They Re Playing, They Ll Have To Try A Lot Harder Than They Re Used To They Think I Ll Willingly Walk Into Their Feud, Choose Sides Declan Is The Tortured Soul, The Cute, Depressed Roommate Who I M Supposed To Watch Over Sawyer Is The King Of The School Everyone Follows His Command And His Money Travis Is My Kind Of Trouble Sexy, Tattooed, A Bit Mysterious Sawyer Blames Declan For His Sister S Death, But Me I Know Sometimes The Ones Pointing Their Fingers Are The Worst Of All Did Someone Kill His Sister I Know Better Than To Assume Their Innocence In A Place Like Hillcrest, You Can T Trust Anyone Declan, Sawyer, And Travis They All Wear Masks The Better Question Is If Someone Killed Her, Are They Going To Come After Me Next These Rich, Entitled Brats Have No Idea Who They Re Messing With Loser Is A Darker Romance, Meaning There Are Topics That Might Offend You Self Harm, Suicide, Stalking, And To Come In Future books Be Warned WTF Holy crap what kind of psycho stuff did I just step into I m at a loss for words right now and I definitely didn t see that one coming Wow what an ending I want to scram and cry at the same time as I want I need to know what happens next asap.
5 StarsI m not sure if this was a reverse harem bully book, it felt like a murder mystery maybe, who knows The story had a little bit of everything and ended in a cliffhanger Did it work I m not sure but it held my attention I curious to know what will happen next, so I ll probably pick up the next book.
CANDACE WONDRAK IS A LITERARY GENIUS Candace did it again She hooked me and had me on the edge of my seat from page one This book is Spite meets Cruel Black Hearts I LOVED this book Our FMC is such a strong and kickass lead for this book She had my wheels turning constantly ready to find out all of her secrets And don t get me started on how hot and mysterious all of her men are Every single character in this book is hiding behind a mask, secrets buried as deep as they can go BRING ON BOOK TWO I have tons of theories waiting to come out This was my first introduction to this authors writing and I am impressed The story moved along quick, Ash the female lead is awesome I love girls who can give it back But for me this book at something that made it different from all the other academy bully books, the female main character was not the intended target right of the bat Then I should also add that sure there is some bullying happening, but I wont really classify this as a bully romance.
For me it was of a mystery novel And what a mystery it is.
I will have to read book 2.
Oh wait I didn t mention the guyswhy not because my head and heart is still battling it out on them.
I liked this book, and the cliffhanger took my breath away, I totally didn t see that end coming It reminds me of one of the fucked up endings in Amnesia, a reverse harem game I was planning to continue this series to satisfy my curiosity, but honestly, some of the spoilers for what s coming made rethink my decision Some of the love interests are way too dark for my taste The h is okay, but seeing that she d end up with them, knowing what they did and who they really are sadly ruined her for me In short, not my cuppa.
But I d give this 4 stars just for the lol moment I had when I read that over the top WTFuckery of an ending.

Definitely dark and messed up but not that much bullying happened Loser made me think like the MC was going to be bullied throughout the book or something Yet, I didn t really see that happen Yes, this was dark and it did mention suicide throughout the book It also kind of reminded me of The House on Haunted Hill or whatever it s called Mostly because of a certain death for a sibling but yeah The ending was a damn cliffhanger though and it s all kinds of messed up.
So without naming names, everyone wore a mask throughout this book Some guys were psychotic and obsessive others were just plain assholes Little did they all know, that one lone girl would be their downfall Mostly because she has a way stronger backbone and probably bigger balls than them They are all equally intrigued in one another so I was hoping to get some sort of romantic harem already but nope I got a kiss but that At the end the book got me For the first 60% I found distractions to interrupt the reading But then it I got the feeling that things picked up view spoiler Basically from the point where Swayer blackmailed Ash into a date, things kept happening and I felt like I should not put it down So I finished it I liked that Ash is a pawn in a game Sawyer and Trevor play, but they are not bullying her, but Declan Ash is a strong FMC But I really hate it, that authors always say, that the FMC body is betraying her mind Actually withstanding would be another strong character plus point hide spoiler

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