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[Rose Hartley] ë Maggies Going Nowhere [weird-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download è What a fantastically fun read Maggie is refreshingly flawed, tactless and self absorbed, and I loved every hilarious second of her.
Maggie s Going Nowhere is a charming and hilarious debut from Rose Hartley.
Devoted to avoiding hard work and responsibility, twenty nine year old Maggie Cotton may finally have to grow up when she is dumped by her boyfriend, loses her place at University, disinherited by her mother, and slapped with an outrageous debt by Centerlink Forced to take her first steps towards independence, Maggie moves into a shabby 1960 s caravan with no running water, electricity, or toilet facilities, that she parks out the front of her best friend s house, and grudgingly takes a volunteer position at a charity in order to keep her Newstart payments.
Maggie s Going Nowhere feels like a coming of age tale for the millennial generation, some of whom seem determined to extend adolescence by a decade.
In truth, Maggie is the sort of character that I Maggie s Going Nowhere Hartley has taken a character that would normally be unlikeable and given her endearing qualities.
Maggie doesn t like to conform to societal standards She has been living off her mother, her boyfriend and Centrelink for the past ten years whilst she idles her way through what should be a three year Uni course.
When she gets kicked out by her boyfriend and kicked off her Uni course she is disinherited by her mother until she can prove that she is capable of supporting herself.
Maggie is a brazen no hoper but it is hard not to love her She knows how to laugh at herself and doesn t take life too seriously She is assertive and always speaks her mind assuming her friends would prefer the truth no matter how objectionable She says she doesn t care what people think of her but deep down we can see that she does.
I thoroughly enjoyed Maggies Going Nowhere There are plent Maggie s Going NowhereA hilarious, laugh out loud and engaging story that touches on the struggles of someone trying to find work when they have no skills, are almost homeless and the frustrations of dealing with Centrelink.
Maggie is a little rough around the edges, she s a freeloader and has the morals of an alley cat Most of Maggie s energy is spent avoiding hard work, her life is an utter and shameful mess and she s a no hoper She s been doing the same three year commerce degree for a decade and is no closer to graduating Her boyfriend Sean has just dumped her and she finds herself homeless and broke Not long after she receives a letter from Centrelink claiming she owes them 70,000.
With the last of her moth This book is fucking delightful Maggie is a wonderful protagonist, the quintessential jackass with a heart of gold, outrageously charming while also being outrageously terrible Absolutely couldn t put it down.

Just the right amount wry, funny, human, and heartwarming Maggie s the friend we all have, and the caravan as good as a character too a character with lessons about home and self sufficiency and how hard it is to be happy outside of a system that whirlpools you in and down, but how important it is to try I found myself hanging on Maggie s love interest, the popcorn in hand A true romantic comedy for millennials A chewy, fast paced, and feel good debut.
I m not usually one to like a character who typifies the very definition of a no hoper, much less one who is an over entitled bludger with zero tact and no ambition whatsoever to improve their lot in life, preferring instead to blame others for her problems whilst holding out a hand for a spare fifty Nevertheless, every now and again, I am utterly surprised and delighted by a book and enjoy every single sentence of it, as was the case with Maggie s Going Nowhere In essence, this novel is about Maggie s coming of age very late coming of age but it also touches on some Australian contemporary themes of importance homelessness, the struggle to find work if you have no skills or a prison record, and the utter ridiculous Raw and uncensored, Maggie Cotton burps, farts, swears and spits all the hard truths about genitals and breasts every buttoned up private school girl has thought but never voiced In this way, Maggie was a breath of fresh air With each page turn, I cackled, I cried, I facepalmed and eventually wanted to stand up and shout huzzah while hitching up my skirt and throwing off the literal and metaphorical bra I ve been wearing all my life.
So, if you re into a female protagonist that s bushy in all the right places and shaved in all the wrong, or a book that contains a purrfectly timed cat joke every now and then, and a road trip that doesn t actually go anywhere, then Maggie s Going Nowhere will rock your socksOh, but don t forget If the caravan s a rockin, don t come a knockin.
5 sMaggie s Going Nowhere is the first novel by Australian author, Rose Hartley The worst thing in Maggie Cotton s life is that her best friend, Jen is planning to wed a take her for granted FIFO mine rigger named Jono she knows Jen deserves better But then, in the space of a few days, it all turns upside down for Maggie kicked out of her commerce degree course, dropped by her boyfriend, disinherited by her mum, and homeless Looks like shock, horror she ll have to get a job because, on top of all that, Centrelink has decided she owes them money.
The interim plan is a volunteer position, twenty hours a week at a local charity, so her Centrelink payments will continue She can put up with a bit of religion, surely, if it means she can e A Compulsive And Hilarious read In Maggie, Hartley Has Created One Of Those Indelible Characters Of Whom We Must Thoroughly Disapprove And Yet Cannot Help But Love Karen Joy FowlerMaggie Cotton S Life Is A Hot Mess In One Day, She S Dumped By Her Boyfriend, Disinherited By Her Mum, And Kicked Off The Three Year Degree She D Stretched To A Decade And That Was Before She Received The Letter Saying She Owed The Government , But That S No Reason To Grow Up, Is It With A Decrepit S Caravan To Call Home, Maggie Has To Prove To Her Mother She Can Survive Without A Safety Net, Stop Her Loyal Best Friend Jen From Marrying A Scumbag, And Convince Her Sexy Workmate Rueben That She S Not A Walking Disaster For Someone Who S Spent Her Life Avoiding Hard Work, She Sure Can Move Mountains When She S Got A Little Motivation Just Don T Ask Her To Move The CaravanMaggie S Going Nowhere Is A Whip Smart And Heartwarming Novel Miranda Tapsell

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