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[Alyssa Zaczek] Ú Martin McLean, Middle School Queen [young-adult-science-fiction PDF] Ebook Epub Download ô read to see if I could recommend to other students, especially GSA students Great book for all students, especially GSA Deals with drag cross dressing issues and transgender issues Great explanations, very informative, and humor to keep it light, informative, and interesting for all students I am going to recommend to the school librarian and buy copies for my own room Thank you, Ms Zaczek for a book that belongs on all middle school shelves E ARC provided by Edelweiss PlusMartin Lives with his artist mom who is Afro Cuban in Bloomingtom, Indiana, but his father, who is of Irish descent, lives with his new family When Martin has an anxiety attack at school and his concerned teacher calls home, his mother invites his T o Billy to stay with them and be a male influence for a while, while he and his husband are moving to Chicago Billy takes Martin to a club near campus that puts on drag shows Martin is surprised that Billy is a performer aka Cassie Blanca , but also enthralled by the idea He explores creating an alter identity with his uncle and comes up with Lottie Leon, whom he bases a bit on the performer Celia Cruz While he and his uncle bond over heels and wigs, Martin also has to lead his school Mathletes team to competition He hangs out with his friends Pickle who I really enjoyed this book Martin is like most of us unsure and anxouse Alyssa Zaczek does an excelent job portraying how hard it is to communicate if you are not even sure how you feel or what the right words are By the end Martin has learned alot about himself and some about the wider world, life is looking up.
This book could be a way for some young people to open conversations Things that are explained to Martin or he works out can give anyone extra insight.
My only quibble with the book is that Martin seems to only face two bullies and only one of those is at school This seems a little easy, but I get that the book is trying to find a line between reality and asperation Overall still a very good story.
Clearly the next step up from the currently popular Drag Queen Story Hours, here were have a seventh grader who decides that drag is one facet of his personal expression mathelete is another How these two sides can integrate, and how his friends will react, is something that Martin will struggle with throughout the book The description of drag culture and norms is well done, and Martin s friends are enjoyably normal.
ARC provided by publisher.

read an ARC Great representation Super cute.
Holy Normalizing Queerness for Kids, Batman when I don t have to leave for work, but uh Don t sleep on this one, kids The casual diversity and representation of ALL kinds is fantastic, the focus on friendship and family is amazing, the conversations about exploring and discovering yourself and who you are and how you want to present that to the world are beyond wonderful and really hit home for those of us who didn t know what the heck we were back in middle school This book is fabulous, and everyone should read it Especially kids Especially kids I just hearteyes repeating infinitely.
In This Bighearted Middle Grade Debut, Martin McLean Struggles To Find His Voice And His Inner Diva As He Navigates Friendship, Family, First Crushes, And A Whole Lot Of Glitter Seventh Grader Martin McLean Has Always Been Surrounded By People Who Can Express Themselves His Mother Is An Artist, His Colorful T O Billy Works In Theater, And His Best Friends Carmen And Pickle Are Outgoing And Don T Care What Other People Think But Martin Can Only Find The Right Words When He S Answering A Problem At A Mathletes Competition Until His T O Introduces Him To The World Of Drag In A Swirl Of Sequins And Stilettos, Martin Creates His Fabulous Drag Queen Alter Ego, Lottie Le N As Lottie, He Is Braver Than He S Ever Been But As Martin, He Doesn T Have The Guts To Tell Anyone Outside Of His Family About Her Not Carmen And Pickle, Not His Mathletes Teammates, And Definitely Not Chris, An Eighth Grader Who Gives Martin Butterflies When Martin Discovers That His First Ever Drag Show Is The Same Night As The Most Important Mathletes Tournament, He Realizes That He Can Only Pull Off Both Appearances By Revealing His True Self To His Friends And Channeling His Inner Drag Superstar

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