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[ Read Online Olivia ê russian-literature PDF ] by R. Lee Smith ☆ Couldn t do it DNF at 75%.
Have you ever been so tired while reading that you manage to read the same paragraph 8 times in quick succession, and still have no idea what it s saying That s what happened with me and this book Just before giving up, I paused mid chapter when I realized, with each passing word, that I had no idea why Person A was sleeping with Person F because last I remembered, Person A had been sleeping with Persons C and D And, yes, by the 75% marker, it is ALL about sex The beginning as most have said is interesting It s the plot described in the description paragraph s But then, the story continues past that, straight into WTF Land, home of many strange and vaguely stupid things that occur randomly with no legit explanation.
Yes, I m annoyed I liked the first 60% I tolerated the 14% after that, and that last 1% where my DNF 60%I tried I swear I tried I really did not want to abandon this book I loved The Last Hour of Gann I did With all its good and bad points I simply loved it I loved the idea here too The world, however hateful But Olivia, oh God Olivia I can suffer everything for a heroine I root for, Amber, for example She went through horrific things, and I went through them with her But Olivia, Olivia I wished her dead almost from the beginning Well, no, at first I simply waited for a reaction, than I despised her, than I hated her I can t stand stupid heroines, but at the end they are just that stupid Who cares I simply move on But saints Saints I despise Strongly.
Olivia is a saint and later a Saint too, through the Great Spirit Few girls I hate than stupid saints Olivia Blake Has Been Taken Out Of The Bed Where She Slept Out Of The Nice, Safe Apartment Filled With All Her Ordinary Things Out Of The Quiet, Northwestern Town Where No Monsters Could Possibly Exist Out Of Her Whole Human WorldBut The Worst Thing About Monsters Is, They Don T Always Want To Kill You Sometimes, They Want To Keep YouOlivia Is The Uncut, Uncensored Edition Of R Lee Smith S First Full Length Erotic Horror Novel The Tale Of One Young Woman S Descent Into A Dark, Savage New World She Must Not Only Embrace, But Ultimately Fight To Save I loved this story I HAAAAATED the ending I was thinking 5 stars easy until that damn vague ending.
This book was both beautiful horrible Dark hopeful.
It felt very much like this should have been at least three separate books.
I think I need to read from this authorand re read this book to give a worthy review.
If your sociology professor decided to write erotica they would have written this book There was soo much sex think Anita Blake I don t know what I ll read next to cleanse my pallet, maybe Franklin or something I rarely go for heroines that switch up partners so much Everything, literally everything, was solved by sex So why did I read 1000 pages of bat sex, spirit sex and divine impregnation Well, what actually kept me going through this was the commentary on society and gender roles that was all mixed up in the mysticism of the bat people and their gods The story and struggles of these people was actually pretty compelling I got very attached to certain characters I will probably never re read it as much as I re read th I liked the other R Lee Smith books despite some seriously disturbing sexual dynamics I didn t buy the central premises that the work seemed to hang on The role of the religious side of things was pretty WTF Most of the characters were only sketched in, and back stories for anyone were minimal I liked the Bodrual and Doru friendship a lot, but good grief, the justification for the sexual pairings was a bit all over the place and damned thin Aside from Olivia, slut shaming was fairly revoltingly apparent Olivia appears to have a magic hoohoo of Merry Gentry and Anita Blakesque proportions, that excuses any hint of sluttery in herself the author presents polyamory for titillation, but wants to give Olivia an o Olivia was the second R Lee Smith book that I have read The first being Heat, which I also highly recommend Olivia is not a quick or easy read The imagination of this author, the intricate world that she created from language to customs is impressive and addictive Yes, there is sex and yes, it s graphic For the most part, it makes sense to weave it into this new world It makes sense that sex is a primal and a life giving act, especially for a race that is dying I enjoyed this book tremendously and R Lee Smith has not disappointed me yet in any of her books I m currently on the 4th book of her Lords of Arcadia series After that, I will wait patiently NOT with other R Lee Smith fans for her next novel.

Dnf 72%This book drained me emotionally I was so excited to read it It was my fourth book by this author It seems that with R Lee Smith, it s always one of two extremes for me either she gets it wonderfully right like with The Last Hour of Gann and Cottonwood which are two of the most thoughtful and amazing books to me, or she gets it disastrously wrong like with Heat and this travesty of a book I m scared to read her other books, and after reading the Last Hour of Gann, I went ahead and bought them all The beginning of the book was brilliant, different, engrossing and all the things I have come to associate with R Lee Smith She has such an amazingly dark imagination Then it became clear that a lot of this book like Heat was about sex and it was not the good kind It was sex that was bruising and violent with no emotional connection between the participants The kind of f SPOILERSI knew that this book was probably not going to be the one for me from the moment I read the blurb I don t know why I decided to read it I suppose I wanted to be taken out of my comfort zone just a bit I hear that this author pushes the envelope and crosses lines It has been categorized as horror erotica I don t generally like erotica because the stories are so stupid usually nothing than a way to move the reader from sex scene to sex scene but I was curious to find out what exactly is horror erotica Sounds somewhat controversial At some point I am determined that I am going to read something controversial and like it The blurb raised some red flags human women being kidnapped to help save a dying race of humanoid furry people with bat wings Yep So yes I knew I was probably going to hate it, but it was supposed to be horror so maybe 12 03 2013 Overall Rating 3.
5 StarsBook Cover Book Blurb Book Title 3 5 3 3.
5 StarsWriter s Voice 3 StarsCharacter Development 4 StarsStory Appreciation 3 StarsWorth the Chili 5 Stars 6.
50 on This review will be a bit tough for me If you ve read other reviews on this one, you ll notice many DNF d at the 70% mark or so There is a reason for this The author took off in a direction that is a bit annoying and bordered on boredom for me Up to this point, this book was really good VERY good.
I also need to say, loud and very clear, I love this writer s imagination LOVE it Some may feel I m being generous in the rating for this book I don t think so POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED What stands out for me 1 This writers incredible imagination This is her take on batman This is a story about bat men Lite

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