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[ Pdf Origami Yoda Files ½ banks PDF ] by Tom Angleberger ✓ All Four books In The Bestselling Origami Yoda Series Are Now Available Together For The First Time In A Collectible Boxed Set Included Are The Strange Case Of Origami Yoda, Darth Paper Strikes Back, The Secret Of The Fortune Wookiee, And The Surprise Attack Of Jabba The Puppett This series was a blast The story was great and the creative references to StarWars The pacing of each book is really good and each character has a unique feel to it like they have different personality and the story telling is so easy to understand You don t need to read the previous books to understand the next.
ConsTo shortNot challenging the readerNot using enough characterProsFunKid friendlyhas a little origami lesson at the end of each books Except the one with R2D2, thats a drawing book Brief overviewThere is this kid named Dwight and he was a very strange boy, he liked to make origami version of star wars character, to the point where he ignore everything in school Except his friend , and he likes to make an impression of Yoda The main question is Is origami Yoda magic find out by reading these books.
Enjoyed the first book.
This an interesting book about a weird kid named Dwight He folds a Origami finger puppet that is Yoda the finger puppet gives advise to sixth graders I personally found this book boring I did not like it and it was a hard long read for me But I could see how this would target middle school to older elementary children It almost has a comic book feel to it.
I honestly think these books are amazing they teach valueable life lessons and really are for all ages i have read all of them and whish there was I read the first one three times and has been fun each time I ussally dont particually like reading but these books were accually fun I would recomend these to people who are looking for a series or just a few to really experience a mix between a realistic setting and a starwars aspect I would really recomend cheacking these books out.
It good And amazing how much Tommy and his friends rely so much on Dwight s origami Yoda and how much they do what he said.
also do they beat Fun time and why have a cliff hanger when the author can just say to us.
I recommend this book to whoever likes to read funny books.
Daniel and I LOVED these.
they are really good books and I like them The reason why i gave this book 3 stars, is because there weren t any parts that really excited me When I was reading there were some funny parts and then some parts that made me want to stop reading The reason why, was because there were parts that were boring and not so interesting in the story Over all, the book was alright but had some boring parts I would not recommend this book to people that like funny and exciting parts.

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