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[Maris Black]  Pinned [field-guides PDF] Ebook Epub Download  This book is so sexy and hot So, it looks like, once again, I m in the minority I hated this.
Let me tell you why THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS read them only if you want to save yourself the hours of lost time view spoiler 1 Jeremy is told straight up from his first sexual encounter with Beck that Beck is staying in the closet because he doesn t want to jeopardize his athletic scholarship But Jeremy chooses to pursue him anyway Even going so far as to do several things that could possibly or even likely out Beck.
2 Beck keeps coming around Jeremy and giving mixed signals Pursuing Jeremy then cooling off, pursuing, then cooling off.
3 Jeremy s father is an alcoholic, his mother a meth head, and he wants nothing than to distance himself as far from that behavior as possible, but the first time Jeremy s roommate Seth takes him to a gay c On His First Day Of College, All Jeremy Miller Can Think About Is Getting Away From His Hellish Home Life, Making The Wrestling Team, And Finally Getting A Real Boyfriend He S Sick To Death Of Being Used By Closeted Football Players Who Are Too Afraid To Admit They Like Guys What He Doesn T Count On Is Losing His Mind Over The Gorgeous, Golden Eyed Wrestling Captain Who Needs To Keep Their Attraction A Secret At All Costs After Earning A Full Ride Wrestling Scholarship And Getting Accepted Into An Elite Sports Medicine Program, Beck Thinks He S Got It Made Now He S A Favorite For The National Championship In His Weight Class Life Has Never Been Sweeter Or Predictable Never Mind That He S Gay And Wishing He Didn T Have To Hide It There Will Be Plenty Of Time For A Social Life After Graduation Until Then, He Doesn T Need Anything To Get In The Way Of His Big Plans, And That Includes The Adorable Little Wrestler Who S Got Him All Tied Up In Knots 3.
5 starsI loved the first 3 4 of this book The last part was a little too much drama and it all worked out just a little too perfectly for my taste Don t get me wrong, I like an HEA HFN ending, I d just prefer it to be realistic and less CSI MacGyver.
The writing overall was very good and the sexy times were smokin HOT I d read from this author and I d recommend this book to friends.
3,5 stars.
review to come 3.
25 starsI have no idea how to review this On the one hand I quite liked it, but there were so many things wrong in this book that I m hesitant to ever read something else from this author I liked Jeremy He was cute, fun and fierce The push and pull between Jeremy and Beck wasn t too bad Beck got his head out of his ass in time for me to still have some respect for him Everything felt so intense in this book I liked that I was really into it I could not stop reading.
But I really had trouble with what the best friend, Gretchen, said about Jeremy That Jeremy was beneath Beck That he could do better She didn t even know Jeremy Some best friend that is Even though it was horrifying what Jeremy went through, the fact that he decided to not tell anyone, had me raging I am never okay with characters keeping something this important and tr Score I ve been watching for this one 80% price drop to 0.
99 and the rest of the books in the series are 0.
99 too 6 27 15 This is Beck Gosh, this is how I see him Beck was persona perfection in this book And, he stole my heart He was so sweet, so kind And absolutely ADORBS And, Jeramy I think that is him on the cover.
parts of his story was pure cut throat angst Nonetheless, Jeramy I liked , and he said this quote that was soooooo heartfelt The quoteCall me crazy, but I d like to feel special to someone for a change I need to know there s someone out there who even gives a shit if I wake up in the morning, or if I even live and breathe at allThe book as a wholeThe sex was on page good.
The writing style.
dual POVmy fav My issues.
The back story of Jeramy is solid But, Beck s back story is missing sad face The ending IMO was a strong HFN, not my fav I prefer HEA The storyline was a bit all over the place, focus was needed.
The book overall has a child like feel See spoiler if you must know The view spoiler rape

Fuck this utterly pooptastic book I just wasted an hour and a half of my life I ll never get back I DNF d late in the game and since I had to endure this crap I decided to rate it Reasons 1 One of the MCs, Beck is so far in the closet he fucks all the fuckboys on campus and apparently everybody knows Plus his reason for being in the closet is implausible You can t lose a scholarship due to sexual identity.
u can however be afraid of the fall out from teammates and use that fear to hide Understandable but inaccurate 2 The other MC Jeremy, is escaping from small town USA where his Dad is a crazy alcoholic and his Mother is a meth addict He is turned off by guys who drink but the minute he s in a club and offered a drug he doesn t knowhe takes the word of someone he barely knows that it doesn t show up on drug This was a solid MM read for me The drama and storyline were a tad on the immature side afterall the MCs were a freshman and a junior in college but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.
Jeremy is just starting college, trying out for the wrestling team He s from a small town, deadbeat parents He wasn t a closet gay but his lifestyle wasn t exactly accepted in high school and in town Most of the time he was just a dirty secret Going to college meant a chance for Jeremy to find a real relationship To not have to hide To be free to be whomever he wants.
Beck is the school s star wrestler He s a junior and meets Jeremy one of the first days of school There s an instant attraction But Beck is not openly gay He s afraid if his coaches and teamates find out he is gay, he ll lose h

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