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¿ Place Value ✓ Download by Ò David A. Adler You Had Better Not Monkey Around When It Comes To Place Value The Monkeys In This Book Can Tell You Why As They Bake The Biggest Banana Cupcake Ever, They Need To Get The Amounts In The Recipe Correct There S A Big Difference Between Eggs And Eggs Place Value Is The Key To Keeping The Numbers Straight Using Humorous Art, Easy To Follow Charts And Clear Explanations, This Book Presents The Basic Facts About Place Value While Inserting Some Amusing Monkey Business This is a fun book and I like how it compares the concept of letters in a word to digits in a number I also appreciate pages 12 and 13 which respresent the number 216 and 621 in egg form However, in my opinion this book is not appropriate for it s targeted age group of K 3 If I were to use this book in the classroom, I might take one page and use that as a lesson in and of itself But I would never expect Kindergarteners to grasp all of these ideas about Place Value in the format in which it s presented.
This book covers a LOT of ideas very quickly There are some good things going on here the comparison of the alphabet to the number system could be a powerful tool, and he goes a bit into the history of numbers but because he s trying to cover so many complex ideas, these register as long and distracting extras than key elements of the book Same goes for the illustrations I like the idea of the baking monkeys, and it s a good way to make this concept a little fun and understandable for the kids, but it ends up competing with instead of working with the text Plus they don t even match up For example, the final page says 329,465,180,708,643 Three hundred twenty nine trillion That s a lot The monkey on the page says, that s a lot of sprinkles , leading the reader to think that s how many sprinkles are on the page yet there s probably not ev this book is a adorable story that teaches Place Value and the base ten system using monkey and banana I would use this book to teach a blended program of both math and English I would use this book in kindergarten This book has a almost lyrical sentence structure the pictures are cartoonish in design the author of this book is one of my favorite children authors he wrote the picture book of different historical people series and the can Jenson series he was a math teacher before becoming an author he also wrote How Tall, How Short, How Faraway , which is another math book I love.
Adler is a wizard at picture book math concepts And this does not disappoint My first grader enjoys reading it AND having it read to him over and over again The book starts by demonstrating that digits and numbers are different in the same way that letters and words are different It then points out that P O T is different than T O P, which paves the way for showing how 621 and 216 are also different And moves on from there Extremely well done.
Some baker monkeys help explain place value.
This is a whirlwind explanation of Place Value for kids It would be a great way to review after covering the topic slowly, and check if students really understand Probably not the best resource for just introducing the topic though I did like how it distinguished between numbers and digits, so for that concept this would be good for teaching the first time All the Place Value stuff is presented quickly with just one or two examples and kids are likely to not catch on with just this exposure.
It s a pretty good book and could be used by a teacher in a classroom to discuss Place Value in math There is nothing very exciting about it but it would be good to use if there is nothing else available on the subject Recommended for Grades 2 4.
This book is a GREAT way to bring reading and math together Its engaging explanation of place value, with an introduction to decimal points and understanding money, does an excellent job at teaching digits, numbers, and I would definitely recommend for classroom use.
OK, let s face it Place Value is not exactly a fascinating subject for a book Nevertheless, David Adler and his band of merry monkeys illustrated by Edward Miller give a good overview of the concept With the backdrop of a bakery readers learn about the places both to the left and right of the decimal point Emphasis is placed on the fact that it is not the number so much as its placement that really determines value Teachers will find this a valuable book to share with classes when discussing this vital math concept.
This book was okay This book would be good for fifth and fourth graders when they start learning Place Value it can also be very useful when younger kids are learning base ten numbers, but other than that there wasn t anything that stood out to me.

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