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[ Pdf Plague Zone ✓ historical-romance-clean PDF ] by David Wellington Þ I read this online, and it was a pretty good zombie story It helped that the chapter setup online really let you feel the fact that it had been written as a serial I can t pinpoint why that made a difference, but I think it did the chapter breaks were fairly significant Some elements of the driving force of the story seemed kind of contrived to me the main character s big objective is to kill the specific zombie that killed his wife, which doesn t quite make sense, but okay He s mourning But all these other characters seem to understand and even go out of their way to help him on this bizarre and not very sensible quest Aside from this premise issue, and the fact that one of the scenes near the end felt like a kick in the gut to me I don t think it was worse than other scenes, it just pressed my personal creep Wow, I am colossally disappointed I have read several other stories by David Wellington and have always come away from them satisfied The best quality in Wellington s other work is his ability to work within genres that have been beaten to death and somehow find something new and original to share with the reader Plague Zone had so much potential, but failed to deliver Also disappointing was the embarassingly terrible dialogue combined with a cast of both cliche and under developed characters Additionally, the pinnacle of failure is the lack of any coherent motive driving the hero of the story It was ridiculous and made no sense totally unbelievable even for someone who has nothing left to lose, has hit rock bottom and or who is batshit crazy none of which can truly be said for our hero This story needed a rew Welcome To The Plague ZonePlague Zone Is A Serial Novel By David Wellington It Was originally Published Online, Starting With Chapter One On April Rd Also Known As International Pixel Stained Techno Peasant Day And The Author S Birthday, For That Matter For Five Months Chapters Were Posted Every Monday, Wednesday And FridayThe Book Is Now Complete, And Can Be read In Its Entirety At This Site To Get Started, Please Go To Chapter One, And Meet Tim Kempfer, The Toughest Librarian In Post Apocalypse Seattle Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyI read this book so quickly, I could barely believe it The main character s drive consumed me the way the zombies in the book consume the living.
Tim Kempfer if not a warrior He s a librarian on a very simple mission kill the zombie that murdered his wife and son, and if needed, end them as well How does he know which zombie he needs to kill in a post apocalyptic, quarantined Seattle Easy his wife s death was on the news, and it was so graphic and iconic of the disaster that the broadcasts have been playing it on a loop Since the beginning of the outbreak, he has been watching his wife die over and over again The zombie they call them droolers who did it was Phil Nero, who did some yard work for them.
If he needed any I am a big fan of David Wellington Thoroughly enjoyed his Overwinter series and the Monster Island series as well as having on my TBR However, this was a disappointment.
The main character, Tim, is a librarian from Seattle He was in Chicago attending a conference and about to get it on with another librarian when he sees a news report of a plague outbreak in Seattle This plague turns the infected into zombie and one of the zombies a repairman named Phil that Tim knows is shown on the newscast attacking and killing Tim s family This starts Tim on his path for revenge with the intent of killing the zombie that killed his family.
The plot is absurd and the characters are over the top especially the gang Tim meets Adding to the misery is the bad editing of the ebook I read I didn t hate I really enjoy Wellington s writing and his books His earlier books MONSTER ISLAND and the other Monster books were delivered as part of a regular blog A chapter a week type of thing It kept the chapters pretty short and centered on one piece of action Plague Zone keeps that same pattern of short chapters focused on a small piece of the story For me, it made it hard to stop five chapters of Just one chapter For this story, Wellington goes back to zombies but a different zombie than the Monster books Tim Kempfer was on a business trip to Chicago when the outbreak of Russian Flu first hit the U.
, specifically Tim s hometown of Seattle The early news reports and videos that came out showed not just his hometown but his neighborhood In fact, it showed Tim s neighbor attacking Tim s wife and son With that, Tim started his mission to get bac Plague Zone, by David Wellington, begins with Tim, a librarian, at an American Library Association annual conference in Chicago During the conference an extraordinarily virulent plague that turns people into flesh eating zombies began spreading throughout the country Despite the efforts of the military and other authorities to evacuate people from infected areas, only a small portion of the people in infected areas can be saved Tim happens to see a TV news report about Seattle, his home town, which was ground zero for the plague Incredibly, in the report he sees a video of his wife and his young son being attacked by a zombie who Tim recognizes as a former person from his neighborhood Of course Tim is overwhelmed with grief, but he also becomes obsessed with vengeance and manages to make his way back to

I got Plague Zone free on because zombies are so in right now Seriously though, I do love a good zombie story and this one felt like it would be a great read While the premise of the book had an awesome hook, I thought it was, as a whole, not all that good Here are my thoughts The things that I liked The hook That s what drew me in I totally wanted to read about a guy that was willing to enter a zombie infested city so he could track down the exact zombie that killed his wife and boy That was, in my opinion, pure genius The lead character, Ted, had really good structure He was a well thought out character that had a really believable personality The other thing that I liked was his willingness to kill the zombies witho I wanted to like this book But the driving force of the main character is just so ridiculous, I ending up not caring if he lived or died Otherwise, I did like the apocalypse related part of the story and the action scenes But without a character to care about, it s just wasted.
A disease that causes people s brains to decay within their skulls has turned areas of the US into Plague Zones The infected remain alive only to feed, transmitting the infection onto those that get bit Seattle, WA is the site of patient zero, and the largest PZ in the nation Reference librarian, Tim Kempfer, watched the plague sweep through Seattle on CNN while attending the ALA Chicago conference He watched his wife get bitten, and assumed that his young son, strapped to a car seat in the backseat, was a goner as well Hw knows the name of the drooler who took his family from him Phil Nero Tim s mission is clear walk right into the massive Plague Zone, find Phil, and kill him And we all know it s not going to be that easy

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