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✓ Played (Minnesota Caribou Book 2) Í Download by ☆ Colleen Charles Reed s daughter is very sick Due to circumstances beyond his control, he has lost all the money he earned playing pro hockey, and because of an injury, he can t play any, so he has to figure out how to make a whole lot of money to pay for the treatment his daughter needs to save her life His best friend jokes about Reed becoming a paid escort Reed quietly looks into the job Harper has a problem It s one she is willing to pay to take care of it, so she contacts the escort service, and completely vets the man who is supposed to take her out Unfortunately, the guy gets sick on the night of her date, so Reed is sent instead Harper and Reed have a past, but Reed doesn t recognize Harper at first Their first date doesn t go well What is going to happen if Reed realizes who Harper is Will Harper ever fix her problem How will Reed earn enough money t Reed was your typical smart mouth, show off, hot jock in high school He was all about the girls and the glory He had two good friends, Milo and Harper Until he let a girl and his big mouth get in the way of his friendship with Harper Now, years later, he has lost pretty much everything, thanks to his ex wife She took off with all his money and all of his possessions, except for one, his daughter Jess Now, Jess is sick and needs a very costly experimental treatment, and Reed will do anything it takes to get it for her.
Harper always saw herself as the fat girl in high school She was smart, and had her best friends Milo and Reed She loved them both, but Milo like a brother Reed, it was than that, but she never told him And then that day, Olivia happened, and after that Not fan of the H eye and talk fucking another woman in font of the h, plus he being a total asshole to the h.
4 starsI purchased a copy of the three novel collection the Minnesota Caribou Digital Boxed Set 1 3 by Colleen Charles and this review was given freely.
This is not your usual sports related steamy collection as each Hockey player is injured and towards the end of his Caribou playing career This steamy collection contains plain language and focuses on broken family relationships and becoming stronger and happier when finding their significant other 4 starsI purchased a copy of the novel Benched in the Minnesota Caribou Digital Boxed Set 1 3 by Colleen Charles and this review was given freely.
An emotioned packed complexed novel with a darker side comprised of slander, rape and cheating which features two self entitled and vindictive trust fund babies along with Adam s brother Mark who try to turn the town against Adam and Julia as well as ruin their careers Returning home to Harper has loved Reed for as long as she can remember Although they were friends he never saw her as anything other than a friend.
She was overweight and plain and he was a hotshot ice hockey player He gave her the nickname Bacon and when the object of his lust found out and used the name whilst being nasty to Harper it broke her heart and she run away and did not see him again until 10 years later, and boy how 10 years can make a differenceThis is a fantastically well written story It has plenty of drama and excitement, twists and turns to keep you hanging on to your seat all the way throughI love how Colleen has broken the mould with this story, not your normal billionaire Romance She has written a very stong heroine who is strong but also keeps her innocence and tender heart, Harpers chemistry with Reed is off the char

A fantastic second chance story with a clueless guy Played Colleen CharlesColleen s latest book is another winner This was a great second chance story for Harper and a first for Reed Friends in childhood that were torn apart in high school due to the unfeeling immaturity of an adolescent Reed Those wounds in the formative years can scar for a lifetimeBoth Reed and Harper became very successful adults But Reed s success was met with betrayal, heartbreak and fall from grace, while Harper s just got got bigger and better Harper was always a good person, and her outer beauty eventually caught up with the inner Reed had a lot of growing and maturing to do.
So their second meeting many years later, through a most unexpected situation was interesting to say the least Harper still has her insecurities and Reed has a very ill This story Reed has sunk to the ultimate low living in a crappy apartment with no money do to a gold digging ex wife and a daughter who has a rare form of leukemia Reed can afford the five figure payments for her treatment and his pride won t let Milo his best friend since high school pay the bills, he will just have to figure it out When he meets a woman who is an escort he doesn t take her on but she slips him a card hinting he could make some money so he goes on an interview.
When Harper who is calling herself Laurie because she just hired an escort service to take care of her virginity, imagine when she comes face to face with the man who broke her heart Reed Reed doesn t realize it s her but he feels something for her but that s against the rules so he really can t do anything about it After a run in with someone Laurie Harper knew in school she runs off and informs the PLAYED was okay, though it would have been nice to have a satisfying resolution to Reed s cheating ex and agent Reed s.
agent and ex wife stole ALL HIS MILLIONS, then had the temerity to leave his sick daughter, too, without any financial cushion to handle the exorbitant medical bills he would have to face That is one cold b h This writer provided no follow up or epilogue that allowed justice to reign, instead allowing Hayden s fortune to be Reed s insurance That sucks.
It s also disturbing that given Reed s major contributions to professional hockey, no one, no sports network, or marketing consultant gave him a pitch to take up a.
new career in advertising,.
broadcasting, or even coaching Nada After all his hard playing for h I have been on a hockey kick lately, so when I saw this book, I snatched it up It started out very hopeful Reed, a single father with a sick daughter, who would do anything literally ANYTHING to save her, Harper, a woman from his childhood who has the capability to help, and Milo, a mutual friend from high school While this book showed so much promise, it really kind of fell apart for me The writing was stagnant in the middle, to the point where I was going to stop reading it, but then it picked up a bit And I really did want to find out what happened The end was predictable which I m okay with but very sudden The plot was good, but the characters were two dimensional for me, and the writing was a bit too fra Popular Book, Played Minnesota Caribou Book 2 Author Colleen Charles This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Played Minnesota Caribou Book 2 , Essay By Colleen Charles Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You

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