¾ Prayer (9marks: Building Healthy Churches) ó Download by Ç John Onwuchekwa

¾ Prayer (9marks: Building Healthy Churches) ó Download by Ç John Onwuchekwa I really enjoyed this book, and cannot commend the Building Healthy Churches series enough I especially appreciated John s focus on corporate prayer in this book, and how corporate prayer is so integral to the flourishing of the believer and the church A very important nuance that he captures well here Pastors need to read and implement these wise words.
Onwuchekwa, John Prayer How Praying Together Shapes the Church Wheaton, IL Crossway books, 2018.
There are only two types of churches those that pray together and those that don t John Onwuchekwa s wonderful, little Prayer How Praying Together Shapes the Church, offers us a way forward, a way to bridge the gap between churches that pray and churches that don t His goal is to help us learn how to pray better and as churches This is a book about prayer that is intentionally about the corporate prayer life of local churches I ve read plenty of books on individual prayer There are some great books out there Paul Miller s Praying Life, being one of the best Yet most, if not all, only address the corporate nature of prayer to a degree If memory serves me, this is the first and Prayer Is As Necessary To The Christian As Breathing Is To The Human Body But It Often Doesn T Come Quite As Naturally In Fact, Prayer In The Church Often Gets Subtly Pushed To The Side In Favor Of Pragmatic Practices That Promise Tangible Results Rather Than Being A Hallmark Of Churches, Dependence On Prayer Is Usually Emphasized Only In Times Of Major Crisis If At All The Latest Book In The Marks Building Healthy Churches Series Focuses On The Necessity Of Regular Prayer As A Central Practice In The Local Church Examining What Jesus Taught About Prayer, How The First Christians Approached Prayer In The Early Church, And What Steps Can Be Taken To Prioritize Prayer In Churches, This Book Is Intended To Awaken Readers To The Need And Blessing Of Prayer In Their Personal Lives And In The Life Of Their Local Church John Onwuchekwa s book on prayer is a very helpful resource meant to get churches, pastors and members thinking about the subject of corporate prayer and how to apply it effectively While many books have been written about prayer, most of them focus on the individual aspects of prayer While we certainly should pray personally, prayer in the Bible is seen countless times as a corporate activity Onwuchekwa encourages churches to prioritize prayer and to think about how it shapes our worship and our community Some helpful advice includes what to focus on in making requests God s kingdom purposes , how and why to have regular church prayer meetings, and using the ACTS acronym Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication in corporate prayer I will certainly reread this book, and I can recommend it to any Christian who wishes to see his or her church shaped by cor This is a phenomenal little book, packed with wisdom, conviction, and encouragement I can t think another book in recent memory where my highlighter has gotten such a workout John O s analysis is biblically solid, and his analogies are perfect to spark remembrance long after putting the book down His focus on the essential elements of corporate prayer as well as their impact on the local church is spot on I pray many pastors and faithful church members are encouraged and spurred to their knees by these simple, straightforward words of truth.
There are only a few books on corporate prayer and this is one of them Really simple style and easy to read, and I was greatly helped by the last 3 chapters on really how to run a prayer meeting in your church and what kinds of things should be on the prayer list I love the focus on the corporate reality of prayer and how it shapes the church Thankful for this simple, little book Excited to help my own church start praying regularly together SO GOOD A must read

OVERVIEWRating 5 out of 5Length 4.
5 5 hrs to read 144 pages Short Summary This latest installment in the Building Healthy Churches series from 9Marks, gives a compact yet thorough overview of the topic of prayer and its essential role in the life of the local church.
Who Should read This Book As with all the books in this series, Prayer is written for the benefit of both church members and leaders Individual members wanting to learn how to pray or how to pray in a biblical way will find both theological foundations and practical guidance in this book Church leaders will be reminded of the importance of incorporating prayer and biblical praying in times of corporate worship.
SUMMARYThe How John Onwuchekwa begins the book by defining the problem of corporate prayerlessness, defining prayer itself, and then outlining a biblical solution The three ensuing chapters give Christians a template Amazingly insightful and practical I cannot recommend this little book highly enough.
This is a must read for any church leader The need for individual prayer is obvious, the need for corporate prayer is not always so obvious This book awakens us to its enormous importance.

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