Ä Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag ô Download by µ Rob Sanders

Ä Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag ô Download by µ Rob Sanders This accessible picture book introduces young readers to gay rights activist and the one of the first openly gay elected officials in the U.
S Harvey Milk, the Rainbow Flag s creation by artist Gilbert Baker, and the history of the gay rights movement in America Sanders captures the goals of the marchers on June 25, 1978, the first march that flew the Rainbow flag the original design, with 8 stripes instead of the current 6 in straightforward, moving language Harvey and the people asked for equality They asked to be treated like everyone else They asked to live and love as they pleased They hoped the march would make a difference Meant for readers K 3, Sanders keeps some details sparse and focuses on Harvey s dream of equality for al Pride was a well written nonfiction picture book that will make an excellent addition to any level classroom library The text and story are simple enough for even the youngest learners to follow and the story has opportunities for in depth discussions with older learners This would be a great book for ClassroomBookADay to facilitate discussions about strength, leadership, change, power, control, politics and differing opinions On a personal level, I knew very little of the story of Harvey Milk and nothing of the story of the creation of the pride flag I found this book informational and entertaining I enjoyed taking some time to learn about this piece of history Seeing the flag now will give me a new appreciation for what went into creating it and the movement behind it.
The Very First Picture Book About The Remarkable And Inspiring Story Of The Gay Pride Flag In This Deeply Moving And Empowering True Story, Young Readers Will Trace The Life Of The Gay Pride Flag, From Its Beginnings In With Social Activist Harvey Milk And Designer Gilbert Baker To Its Spanning Of The Globe And Its Role In Today S World Award Winning Author Rob Sanders S Stirring Text, And Acclaimed Illustrator Steven Salerno S Evocative Images, Combine To Tell This Remarkable And Undertold Story A Story Of Love, Hope, Equality, And Pride This is an introduction Harvey Milk and the Pride flag Harvey helped create hope for people who felt different in this country and who people thought it was ok to treat less than human He encouraged the creation of the Pride flag by Gilbert Baker as a symbol of pride and hope The movie Milk was a great movie and they did not really show the introduction of the flag, which is a little strange They showed the flags waving after his death Anyway.
I didn t know the beginnings of the flag It s a pretty and beautiful book People can stand up for themselves and help to change minds of fellow people It is a great introduction story for kids.
My niece thought the rainbows were pretty The nephew didn t have much reaction to this book Superficial both regarding Milk about whom a good picture book biography is desperately needed and the flag.
What a wonderful way to introduce tiny humans to the world of Pride Beautifully illustrated and of course a true story.
I see this being my new go to gift for tiny humans.
It s educational and real without being boring.
There are notes and time line charts at the back for quick reference, but the book does a great job of hitting all the important facts while keeping it fun.
Fabulous start to Pride month with this one What an amazing little book So proud that my library owns this and that it was recently checked out.

5 for this one As another reviewer noted, this picture book doesn t really do justice to Harvey Milk who deserves a substantial treatment in a future biography But it does provide the background to the creation of the rainbow hued Gay Pride Flag and the hope that it instills Older readers who remember those repressive times back in 1978 will smile to see how far we ve come in many respects while other, younger readers, may shake their heads in astonishment at how things were or perhaps wonder if there is a movement back to those times Nevertheless, whatever the reaction, this is an important addition to a collection devoted to LGBTQ and civil rights concerns After all, the flag simply represents what Harvey Milk and others dreamed of fair treatment In preparation for marches for equality, Milk had the brainstorm that the movement needed a flag, and I remember the dark day Harvey Milk was murdered This book took me back to that time but the message is very positive well written with beautiful art.
While a in depth biography of Harvey Milk is needed, this PB, focusing on the story behind the rainbow flag, which is representative of the LGBTQ community and movement for equal rights, is important to tell No doubt there will be adults who wonder if this topic is appropriate for children I say 1000% yes But this book talks about assassination And kids know all about Dr Martin Luther King, Jr s assassination as a hate crime They can know about this hate motivated crime, too But it talks about gay people Yup It sure does And how wonderful that kids can learn about people who are undoubtedly in their communities, neighborhoods, classrooms, circle of friends, and families This book acknowledges there are LGBTQ people in the world who just want to love the people they love, sharing equal rights with heter

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