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[ Read Online Rago ↠´ personal-finance PDF ] by Kasia Bacon ✓ Ms Bacon has once again left me overjoyed with another new story from her Order Universe series I have come to love and look forward to every moment she allows us another peek into this incredible world she has created This one is packed full of naughty and nice and as usual left me wanting a whole lot I just don t know how she does it I ve called her my Queen of the Fantasy Short Story before but I think I m just gonna start calling her My Queen full stop.
This is an absolute gem of a novella It manages to pack in a wealth of feeling, of setting, of world building, of character depth and detail in so few words that I am in awe of it.
Laahn and Rago are just delicious, it s funny, it s sweet, it s got a gloriously sexy love scene which brings all the feels and I want If you love fated mates, tipsy dragons, cautiously shy army officers and a festive bite of romance, then this is the one for youARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest and unbiased review Lieutenant Laahn Ortez Is About To Sit Down To His Well Deserved Supper When Destiny Hits Winged, Scaled And Than A Little TipsyRago Is A Fated Mates Forced Proximity Short Story, Featuring A Puffing Dragon Shifter And A Romp In The Fencing Hall He s recognised his mate,they saidWell,this was a bit good.
But damn I wanted.
More of them having breakfast.
More of the reactions from everyone else.
More of the the start of their story.
Just of them.
The day this Author writes a full length book will be a happy day because she can tell a story.
I mean,seriously tell a story.
How many Authors can write a short story and have you hanging on every word.
About 30 pages and just outstanding character development and one was a dragon for half the story Fated mates a tipsy dragon a perfect sexual encounter the promise of so much.
Another brilliant addition to The Order Universe Review copy.
4,5 starsThis short story was SO engaging The world building was awesome I mean, we get a dragon shifter The main characters are Lieutenant Laahn ortez and Rago the puffing dragon As in all the other books I ve read by Kasia Bacon, here I ve enjoyed not only the writing, but also the uniqueness and sweetness of the characters I m looking forward to reading from this wonderful author Rago IS NOW LIVE FATED MATES FORCED PROXIMITY DRAGON SHIFTER ROMP IN THE FENCING HALL oppossitesattract fatedmates Kasia Bacon had me at dragon shifter I have a HUGE dragon shifter fetish, so how could I pass this story up HOW That s right, it was a must read and, as usual, Kasia Bacon blows it out of the water park Fated Mates stories are so delicious, and Rago is like a favorite snackshagging twice a day keeps the healer at bayLieutenant ortez is sitting down to a long overdue meal, when a ruckus and a nervous Quartermaster prompts him to head to the fencing hall to calm down a dragon, of all things Finding out that dragon is none other than Sergeant Eerik, whom ortez had been regularly fantasizing about wasn t awkward in the least Sergeant Eerik got a little too tipsy while his dragon sensed his mate nearby andwelllet s just say his dragon decided he d waited long enough and wasn t about to wait one moment longer There are some things you just don t want to argue w Rago I love dragons I m a huge fan of this author and fated mates s just the icing on the cake So seriously this was always going to be a win for me.
And it was It s another fabulous read.
It always amazes me how with so few pages this author creates something special every time A story with depth Characters to really care about And humour Don t forget the humour.
I m left wondering what she could do with pages A full length book would be amazing and something to really get lost in.
This is my stand out line from this bookOnly not any, it appeared Because there I went, dreaming up a headful of filth and hosting a village fair in my trousers every time I d caught a glimpse of Sergeant Eerik bending down or flexing his arms

Happy birthday to me This little bad boy popped up in my email this morning Thanks Kasia This was a sweet little read with a sexy dragon discovering his mate and a man who wasn t looking but found what he needed.
It had some humorMy father warned me the first three months of mating can be taxing But he also said that shagging twice a day keeps the healer at bay Oh yeah Mine just taught me not to eat yellow snow,And some sweet and sexy momentsPerfect Beautiful Mine Rago Strip me I want to feel you I want to feel everything LaahanI ve said it with every book, Kasia Bacon has a way that draws you in and captivates you from the get go She says in the beginning she is a sucker for fated mate stories and so am I My only complaint I want as I always do.
Although this story was only around 28 pages, Kasia once again managed to hit all the right notes in this short fantasy tale.
What happened when a dragon shifter got tipsy, then sensed his fated mate nearby Well, said mate didn t get to finish his damn dinner, for one thing.
He also might have been called in to de escalate the situation before everyone ended up in the shit with the big bosses.
This was such a fun story and seeing the distraught dragon immediately calm when his mate finally showed up, that was pretty damned adorable.
I especially enjoyed how Rago drunkenly communicated with Laan while shifted through words made of puffs of smoke, which was too cute for words.
Then the morning after sleeping it off contained a bit of steam, in case

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