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Download Epub Format Í Rebel PDF by ↠´ Rhys Ford Tag Team Review with Lost in a Book FOUR HEARTS This review is from a person who hasn t read many Rhys Ford romances whispers This is actually my second Rhys Ford book gasp Don t tell anyone, okay Rhys Ford s back list is mystery heavy and that ain t my gig Rebel s premise however, contemporary romance that stars ex lovers who try to connect once again while dealing with baggage My gig, wholeheartedly Rebel is told from dual POV but it s mainly tattoo artist s Gus Scott s story Gus is approaching thirty, had a hard childhood that ruined him in some ways He s run away from his band of brothers some blood relations some chosen and his ex, firefighter Rey Montenegro Both men met when teens, tried having a relationship and didn t get it right at the time It s been three years and Gus returns back to San Francisco with a bombshell he has a son he Parece mentira que sea el primer libro que leo de esta autora porque es muy popular Afortunada soy, me ha gustado y no solo estoy deseando seguir con esta serie, tambi n buscar en su cat logo para leer m s de ella.
Rebel es el primer libro de una serie sobre unos hermanos, unos de sangre y otros no, y como el primero que es, mucho del plot se centra en la presentaci n de los protagonistas, su relaci n y algo de su background La historia de segundas oportunidades entre un bombero y un tatuador est llena de qu mica, los momentos hot necesarios para mi, la autora no nos inserta una escena con sexo oral cada 10 p ginas y muchos sentimientos Pero, a pesar de que ellos me han encantado, lo que m s me ha gustado es Not for me I didn t like this one I didn t like the story, I didn t like the characters and I didn t like the writing The book centers around tattoo artist August Gus Goose Scott 29 and firefighter Rey Montenegro 32 Along with Gus brothers, Barrett Bear Jackson, Mason Mace , Luke Mu oz and Ivo Scott Gus comes home after being on the road for 6 month he found out he have a son, Chris soon 3 Coming home also means seeing the man who broke his heart, Rey Can Rey get Gus to give him a chance Overall, the book was confusing in the first 20% and extremely boring throughout the book The writing just didn t do it for me, and I couldn t connect at all to any of the stories Hell, I wasn t even interested I even skimmed the sex scenes and that is saying a lotI love you, you know I m sorry I took so long to see it too long to understand 4.
5 Stars I wasn t sure what to expect with this one I found it to be a bit of a cross between a Garrett Leigh and a Satino Hassell read The whole book was sort of heavy and angsty like a Garrett or Santino read This one definitely wasn t a fluffy romance And the two main characters, one especially, really took a lot of hits in life much like the characters in Santino s Five Boroughs series I thought the writing was good and engaging And I loved all of the secondary characters, even though it took me some time to figure out who everyone was and how they all became brothers A bit lower on the steam But I enjoyed the slow burn re connection of the two main characters who were former lovers I am definitely looking forward to Mace and Rob s book Great start to the series.
I loved it 5 wonky nautical stars Second chance romance and slow burn The first two or three chapters were a bit difficult because there are a lot of characters being introduced, also, they were kind of setting the stage for the story Don t get me wrong, they were very interesting and I consumed them like I did the rest of the book It s just that they were a bit confusing because I didn t know the characters or their past and they kept talking in half sentences.
Of course, as the book progressed it became apparent that this was in order to build some angst and curiosity to the reader and keep him engaged and interested How perfectly that worked I read and read and read and didn t want to stop until I reached the end and even then I wouldn t say no to some pages.
So, it s a good thing that this is the first in a series It means we re going to see Rey a This is a second chance story, in every sense of the word, and I myself am a huge fan of second chances Gus and Rey used to be a couple 3 years ago.
until miscommunication causes them to break up This in turn causes Gus to go out and get drunk off his ass, and changing his future forever He doesn t know about this big change until 2,5 years later though.
when he is told about his son Chris.
Gus wants a chance to be a father to his son, so he goes home, after being away for some time Which means he will come face to face with Rey again as well Both men never got over one another and the chemistry is still there Rey has always regretted breaking things off with Gus But getting back together is not that easy These two had a lot to overcome, especially Gus His past was horrible and he really needed to heal The Hardest Thing A Rebel Can Do Isn T Standing Up For Something It S Standing Up For HimselfLife Takes Delight In Stabbing Gus Scott In The Back When He Least Expects It After Years Of Running From His Past, Present And The Dismal Future Every Social Worker Predicted For Him, Karma Delivers The One Thing Gus Could Never Would Never Turn His Back On A Son From A One Night Stand He D Had After A Devastating Break Up Three Years AgoReturning To San Francisco And To Ink, His Family S Tattoo Shop, Gave Him The Perfect Shelter To Battle His Personal Demons And Get Himself Together Until The Firefighter Who D Broken Him Walked Back Into Gus S LifeFor Rey Montenegro, Tattoo Artist Gus Scott Was An Elusive Brass Ring, A Glittering Prize He Hadn T The Strength Or Flexibility To Hold Onto Severing His Relationship With The Mercurial Tattoo Artist Hurt But Gus Hadn T Wanted The Kind Of Domestic Life Rey Craved, Leaving Rey With An Aching Chasm In His SoulWhen Gus S Life And World Starts To Unravel, Rey Helps Him Pick Up The Pieces, And Gus Wonders If That Forever Rey Wants Is Than Just A Dream Tag Team Review with SRAL 4.
5 StarsMy oh My this was an angsty read.
On face value it has many of my favorite elements Rough upbringing Check Tattoos Mmmhmm, Yep Tortured and broody MC s Oh yes Then, when I actually started reading it, so many of my hot spots were being hit Slow burn, patch work family, overcoming crippling obstacles, etc All were a big yes, please Hell, I was even all about the second chance aspects of this romance when it isn t something I actively seek.
Three years have gone by since Rey walked away from Gus Both men have scars from their childhood but Gus are much deeper than Rey s When he walked away, it reminded Gus of every social worker, judge, foster family, parent, and random person who decided he wasn t good enough In the beginning I just thought Gus had a gypsy soul and kept on moving It isn t until the surfacing I can t believe this opening story in a new series from Rhys Ford there isn t a murder in sight It is a touching, second chance, hurt comfort romance, with a slow rekindling of love Family is front and center, loving, bossy, irritating, never afraid to speak uncomfortable truths, even as they offer unquestioning support Gus s past is one of the worst and it s influenced him in a lot of negative ways, but with a son coming into his life, he has to stand and face it at last He and Rey were together for quite a while but never managed to share important thoughts or expectations with each other, made too many assumptions, and ultimately Rey ended things After three years of avoidance and denial, both realize the love never ended but Gus has too much change in his life to deal with those feelings at first It s up to Rey to fix what he broke, if Gus 3.
5 starsAs always, Tristan James delivered an excellent narration He just has a way of sucking readers listeners into the story I had no trouble at all visualizing the various characters and the story This narrator knows how to bring a book to life In Rebel , we re introduced to two flawed men Gus and Rey Life hasn t been kind to either man, and the two haven t made the smartest decisions over the years But despite their past, there s no denying that Rey and Gus are connected at the heart.
We learn Gus and Rey s stories in bits and pieces as the book progresses This is one of Rhys Ford s angstier books The MCs, especially Gus, are torn down and built back up before they can get their happily ever after.
Gus stole my heart from the begin

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