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[Raven Kennedy] Ü Reese (Pack of Misfits #2) [survival PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ I heart this series so hardAnother amazing book by Raven Kennedy I absolutely adore the world she s building and can t wait to devour of it I love RK s writing style and her stories are always so well put together She makes it so easy to not only fall in love with the main characters but also the secondary ones My only kind of issue with this story was it had A LOT of sex and I mean a lot I ve been staying towards the slow medium burn stories for a while now so it was a bit much for me, but honestly I didn t even skim through those pages like I do in most other stories Every scene is so well written that I didn t want to miss anything, so that s a huge plus in my book and why it didn t drop the rating at all Thank you so much Ms Kennedy for another amazing story Loved it Cheese and crackers this was ducking hilarious Overall Rating Kindle Unlimited YES Boy howdy, I thought that Addie s book was funny Raven Kennedy kicked the funny factor up a notch in this book Raven always makes me laugh and is always original, but this book had me crying from laughter Reese is an unusual shifter that has had a hard life She is skittish and is honestly scared of people and for good reason But once again the Pack Aberrant is there to welcome her into the fold with friendship and a misfit family Reese meets Luca and is instantly infatuated , but she sure does have a funny way of showing it This story was perfect I loved all the characters well except Sid and Rick Dick , I loved the storyline, I thought this book was hilarious, I got my HEA, and did I mention it was hilarious I am not going to sp Five Years Ago, I Saw Something I Shouldn T Have Ominous, Right But What Really Sucks Is I Got Caught I Ve Been Trapped As My Animal Ever Since, Hidden Away And Forced To Stay Shifted And Silent Until One Day, When I Get Brought To A Pet Shop Where A Shifter Recognizes Me For What I Am And Brings Me To Her Pack A Really Friggen Weird Pack I Need To Get Out Of Here But Then I See Him The Male Wearing The Chain Around His Neck Maybe It S His Scent Or His Shiny Stuff That Draws Me In Either Way, I M Going To Bite Him So Good Just As Soon As He Stops Fighting Me Off Surprisingly, This Pack Is Starting To Look A Lot Less Weird And A Lot Like Home Too Bad The Shadows Of My Past Are Hunting Me Down For Ratting Them Out Life Isn T Easy As A New Misfit, But It Is Worth The Fight Author S Note This Is Book In The Pack Of Misfits Series And Is Not A Reverse Harem Story Each Book Will Have A Different Mate Dynamic Every Story Is A Stand Alone, But It Is Best If You Start With Addie S Book Intended For Mature Audiences Years And Older I loved being back in the world of pack aberrant It was nice to see Addie and her mates again but I absolutely fell in love with Reese and Luca Their dynamic was just perfect and both of them were so genuine Can t wait to meet of the misfits from the pack.
Another amazing book If I could have given this infinity stars I would have, five stars are just not enough to truly justify how absolutely amazing and wonderful this book was I absolutely adored Reese s character, how she loved all things shiny in majestic pack rat mode and in human form And Luca aka Lug Nut, sigh, sooooo swoon worthy So many books out there are predictable in one way and thats that something happens that the main love interests are broken up for a little bit until their epic love brings them back to eachother but this was not one of those books Luca knew from the beginning Reese was his and there was no epic fight between the two of them and I loved that But thats Raven Kennedys books for you, always unpredictable and so amazing you cant help but become immersed in her books that may leave you with a book hangover I thought I couldn t love Raven I thought Raven outdid herself with her Cupidity series, I thought, Wow, I don t think she can top that masterpiece I was soooo wrong I freaking loved Addie and her men, because hello, how is a duck shifter not hilarious in the best and most endearing way I have been not so patiently waiting for misfits since I first read Addie s story and duck puns worthy of immortalized dad jokes My waiting has paid off ten fold I LOVE Reese and her little kleptomaniac animal Her viewpoints while in animal form are the best and feel like the internal musings of a real animal, not just a shifter She s strong in a quiet and unassuming way Something I can totally dig, since strength comes in many different form Cheese and mice There is just something about these misfits that I LOVE Book two in the series is about Luca and Reese Spoilers At first when I started reading these books I was like really It s about a duck I had the same feelings as I started reading book 2 Seriously, its about a Rat I swear I didn t get then 5 10 pages in before I was hooked on her story and couldn t wait to devour the rest of the book Reese and her sticky fingers and Luca and his big ummm wingspan Very sexy read This book was just as amazing as the first book and if you haven t read it yet I really recommend that you read it first even though they are both stand alone The mate bonds are what I love love love about these books The characters are amazing, The puns are fantastic, and I can t wait to read about of the misfit pack Here s to hoping we get to see a match for Hugo in Pack Aberrant for life Raven Kennedy has done it again The second book in Pack of Misfits was everything I expected and Reese is the majestic main character, trapped as her animal for 5 years, she gets saved by pure luck She s sassy and hilarious and oh so lovable as a character Her animal has an obsession with shiny things which is how she meets Lug Nut From here cuteness and hilarity ensues This was just a great read It s technically a stand alone so if you haven t read Addie s story, no worries, you can just dive right in That being said you should totally read Addie s story She and her guys make a cameo appearance and once you love them like I do then it will make your heart happy to see them again In short, pick this up for a laugh out loud, heart squeezing, cuteness overload read Trust me you ll thank me for it

I m so in love with Reese it s not even funny She may be my favourite mischief character Raven Kennedy sure has a way of making you laugh out loud multiple times with her storytelling and character interactions and she did not disappoint In fact, she once again surpassed expectations I love everything about the misfits and what they represent, but I think Reese has gained a special place in my heart Her strength, though not of the usual kind you see around, and how she s truly accepted who she is without apologies She s sweet, kind hearted and so in tune with her animal it s honestly inspiring.
And her relationship with Lug Nut is hilariously heated and just so darg adorable it ll give you a sweet tooth.
I can t wait to read about I waited so long for this book, and I am so glad that it turned out so good Raven Kennedy has a gift for creating feisty and quirky heroines that seem REAL I loved Reese and her adorable animal They ve been through so much but they are not broken or bitter They are fighters, survivors, and they fit right in among the misfits I actually teared up several times because their story is heartbreaking But I laughed much Reese s animal is as hilarious as she is cute I was so glad that they found an awesome mate and got their happy end I cannot leave without mentioning the rest of Misfits Most of them are quirky and funny, and each one of them is unique Hugo is my personal favorite he s a great man and an amazing alpha, and I really hope he ll find a loving mate I m SO looking forward to reading the third book This series is THE BEST

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