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Download Epub Format Î Review PDF by É Brainy Book Reviews Normally I don t enjoy non fiction books, but i found Quiet by Susan Cain to have quite an interesting perspective on our society It explores the way the our world is filled with two main personalities, introverts and extroverts Its analysis on how the population seems attracted to extroverted personalities than introverted ones and then showed examples of how being introverted can help to become successful in life I thought the author seemed a little angry towards extroverts because of their outgoing personalities which made me not be fully invested in the book though, since she had a bad attitude about them I would give this book a rating of a seven.
Reading this book I came to know my true character of being an introvert as a child Being anxious, stimulating through solitude, being a day dreamer, talking to self, being a highly self monitoring person are all those traits of me which I discovered while reading it Though in many circumstances I act as an extrovert too like I don t hesitate at all upon meeting new people I don t face any difficulty in interacting with them So this is what this book offers you i.
e to find your colours in both the introvert and extrovert spectrum at the same time The author has done a great job in illustrating the power of introverts by giving examples of various successful leaders and pioneers in politics, business, science and art who were too shy to come out What a fascinating book, being an introvert myself, Susan Cain confirmed many of the myths I was thinking are actually true I think all my fellow introverts should get together and take over the world we may actually get things done.
Then again I suppose we need to have one or two extroverts just to keep their egos happy.
Worth a read.
Really enjoyed this and there was a lot that I could apply to my relationships Like why my extroverted husband enjoys watching TV to relax de stress, whereas I would rather retreat to a quiet space sleep it off It s a good source of conversation starters too.
Enjoyed reading about a minority group in our culture that is not often portrayed in a positive light Susan Cain, the author is a cheerleader for introverts For me, she raised questions than answers I didn t consider all of her anecdotes and evidence to be rigorously supported by research possibly because she seemed in several cases to be on the leading edge so studies need to be done for those she reported in order for them to be convincing to me But overall, I found the book very worthwhile reading Strongly recommend.
This book explains being an introvert to an extroverted world Medical research is used to support the author s point of view as well as psychological research I liked that each chapter was focused on a particular aspect, i.
e politics, relationships, work I highly recommend this book to help with parenting introverts, working with introverts, all teachers, for that matter having any type of relationship with introverts If the reader is an introvert, it may help him her to realize there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with them As the old adage goes, The world would be a very boring place if we were all the same.
This Is NOT Susan Cain S Book The Power Of Introverts It Is A Cliff Notes Type Book Review Of That Book Reviewers BewareIn Reviewing The Best New books Of , One Commonly Recognized Title Was The Self Help Book Quiet, By Susan Cain Ms Cain S Work Graced A Variety Of National Top Lists Including Those By The Magazines People, Inc, And O Oprah Among OthersShe Summarizes Five Years Of Research And Argues That Our Society Has Ignored A Veritable Powder Keg Of Untapped Talent Susan Cain Studied At Princeton And Harvard Law School, And She Practiced Corporate Law For Seven Years Representing A Variety Of Large, Multi National Corporations Including Goldman Sachs, And General Electric In Her Profession She Learned That Solitude Can Be A Catalyst For Innovation And That Quiet Leadership Is Not An Oxymoron Her Primary Message Is That Society Has Greatly Overlooked The Intellectual Gifts Of The Introverted, And This Claim Is Strongly Supported Throughout Her Book As a thought to be extrovert but not ever really feeling like I was an extravert this book helped me understand the ambiavert I am and even a better understanding of the introverts in my life and how what I get my energy from is completely mentally and physically draining on them I understand better how I can be supportive and know when it s them needing to recharge and not something else going on in their life I never understood how draining socializing can be to introverts I also hope this helps introverts understand the ambiaverts extraverts in their lives Great read.
Started out great with lots of unique insights learned a new word ambivert for people like me who defy being classified neatly as introvert or extrovert The book seemed to devolve quickly into a revenge of the introverts and sounded stereotypical all the research was great, but the conclusions seemed black and white Good discussion book and provided lots of new perspectives on leadership, teamwork and progression of research in this area But, altogether 200 pages too long This book explains so much, and introverts will breathe sighs of relief that there is nothing wrong with us It s simply the way we are wired It gives good insight into how to balance work and leisure as well as gaining understanding of fellow introverts and extroverts alike I highly recommend employers read this in order to increase productivity and hold onto good employees with a few simple changes.

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