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↠´ Read ↠´ Robin by Dave Itzkoff ↠´ From New York Times Culture Reporter Dave Itzkoff, The Definitive Biography Of Robin Williams A Compelling Portrait Of One Of America S Most Beloved And Misunderstood EntertainersFrom His Rapid Fire Stand Up Comedy Riffs To His Breakout Role In Mork Mindy And His Academy Award Winning Performance In Good Will Hunting, Robin Williams Was A Singularly Innovative And Beloved Entertainer He Often Came Across As A Man Possessed, Holding Forth On Culture And Politics While Mixing In Personal Revelations All With Mercurial, Tongue Twisting Intensity As He Inhabited And Shed One Character After Another With Lightning SpeedBut As Dave Itzkoff Shows In This Revelatory Biography, Williams S Comic Brilliance Masked A Deep Well Of Conflicting Emotions And Self Doubt, Which He Drew Upon In His Comedy And In Celebrated Films Like Dead Poets Society Good Morning, Vietnam The Fisher King Aladdin And Mrs Doubtfire, Where He Showcased His Limitless Gift For Improvisation To Bring To Life A Wide Range Of Characters And In Good Will Hunting He Gave An Intense And Controlled Performance That Revealed The True Range Of His TalentItzkoff Also Shows How Williams Struggled Mightily With Addiction And Depression Topics He Discussed Openly While Performing And During Interviews And With A Debilitating Condition At The End Of His Life That Affected Him In Ways His Fans Never Knew Drawing On Than A Hundred original Interviews With Family, Friends, And Colleagues, As Well As Extensive Archival Research, Robin Is A Fresh And original Look At A Man Whose Work Touched So Many Lives I still remember how stunned I was when I heard that Robin Williams had died, and then even shocked when it came out that he had likely died by hanging himself with a belt It just seemed such a wretched ending for the beloved comedian who d brought such a wonderful humor into our lives It broke my heart and I cried for what he must have been going through I highly enjoyed this extremely well researched book on him I feel it did a great job of covering his life including his family and career He became famous for Mork and Mindy in 1978 when I was 18, so I was quite aware of him and his show and he became one of my favorites comics This book shares some of what was going on behind the scenes during many important times in his life and career versus what was coming out publicly After his death, I read about what authorities found and I watched a show that discussed what actually killed him PLEASE read my updated ABOUT ME profile.
This is the last review I m writing for the rest of 2018 This break has been brewing Its time Audiobook.
read by the Fred Berman who was perfect for the task Robin.
is as close to Robin Williams as we re going to get Author Dave Itzkoff gave us a thorough all encompassing Robin I can t imagine anyone doing I loved the meditative listening feeling I fell into at times while soaking in my pooland or hanging out in our yard Everything Robin was just really nice to listen to To think Robin s High School classmates voted him most likely not to succeed He wasn t just a well loved actor, he was also popular with the local residents in Paradise Cay in Marin County, California, here in the Bay Area, where he spent his final years We can now drive through the Robin Williams Tunnel.
which was fo 4 stars to Robin, a thorough and well written biography of the life of one of a kind Robin Williams This book came highly recommended by my friend, Toni I m so grateful I read it My earliest memory of Robin Williams includes my mom s hysterical laughter mixed with my own, while watching re runs of Mork and Mindy Robin s silly humor even translated to small children My favorite memory of him is when he came to my college s campus to film Patch Adams, and I walked right by him and managed not to faint Patch Adams remains my favorite Robin Williams movie Robin is a biographical compendium of Robin Williams life This book is long on pages, but it does not feel that way when reading Yes, there are tons of footnotes, but the author clearly did his job of interviewing and researching most every aspect of Williams full and varied life I did not know m Ever since the tragic death of the American entertainment legend Robin Williams, I have been waiting to read the story of his life I have always been fascinated by Williams because he was a man of incredible professional range He was both a riffing force of nature as a stand up comic, as well as a quiet and incredibly skilled dramatic actor I found those diverse talents to be extraordinarily intriguing, as I watched Robin evolve from MORK MINDY to COMIC RELIEF to DEAD POET S SOCIETY and even on to something like the film, ONE HOUR PHOTO I m not sure if we have witnessed any other entertainer with the skill set and range that Robin Williams possessed The only other comedian that comes close to his style would have been Jonathan Winters, who was an idol and later a friend of Robin s Robin s personality was something of an enigma He could be an extroverted wi This was an entertaining biography of an incredible and unforgettable performer I grew up watching Robin Williams movies and TV antics and found him endearing Recently I watched the documentary Robin Williams Come Inside My Mind, which was a nice complement to this book because it showed footage of numerous scenes discussed in the text I also recommend listening to the audiobook for Robin, which was wonderfully performed by Fred Berman.
Highly recommended for fans of the late great Robin Williams.
Genre BiographyPublisher Henry Holt CompanyPub Date May 15, 2018The author, Dave Itzkoff, is a culture reporter who writes about film, television, and comedy for The New York Times Itzkoff writes this book as a combination of straight reporting and insightful analysis This is a bittersweet biography the author portrays the artist, Robin Williams, not as a tormented soul who ends his own life, but as a tender man desperate for talent validation We all know that Robin was a comic genius But not many, including myself, know that he had a great memory some would say photographic He could show up on sets, late and hung over, often in the same clothes from the night before, to discover that the writers made major script changes while he was out partying While other actors struggled and Although his films saturated my early 2000 s childhood, his voice gracing the warped audio on numerous VHS tapes, I wasn t what anybody might consider a Robin Williams fan I never understood why Mork and Mindy was so goddamned popular, I never liked the crudeness of his comedy in films such as Patch Addams, and although I liked Aladdin as a kid, it wasn t one of my favourites by any stretch of the imagination I guess what really brought me to appreciate Robin Williams was when I was in high school, buying new VHS tapes and coming across some of his iconic and poignant films, such as Mrs Doubtfire, The Bicentennial Man and What Dreams May Come but what really showed me that his talent could extend to much than just While there will probably be other Robin Williams biographies published I can t imagine that any of them will be as comprehensive or well done as Robin by Dave Itzkoff Although the book is rather long 550 pages and uses footnotes extensively, it never lagged Itzkoff did extensive research and conducted many interviews with Robin s friends, family, and co stars in an attempt to understand this complex, driven, and extremely gifted man Combined with those interviews and research, Itzkoff provided his own insightful analysis, and the result is a fully fleshed out portrait of this comedic genius and troubled soul Williams first widely known role was as Mork in the television series Mork and Mindy In that role he was an actor like none I d seen before with his amazing improvisations, frenetic behavior, and incredible comedic talen When he was at the top of his form, Robin Williams was the craziest, most intense comedian He was a bright light among a lot of dull bulbs in Hollywood Itzkoff has presented us with a full complex biography of Williams that traces his path from childhood to his end when his flame blew out From Williams childhood among armies of toy soldiers to his adventures in the San Francisco comedy clubs, from his struggles with celebrity status and fears of the fleeting character of success, to his three marriages, and his final agonizing decline into dementia, it s all here By the time you read about how this towering giant of comedy ended, even though you know it s coming, it still hits you like a shock Itzkoff is absolutely thorough in this biography, detailing all the twists and turns of Williams career, including the various studio decisions about Mork and Mindy and eac

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