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Download Epub Format Ä Sealed (Travesty, #2.5) PDF by Ä Piper Lawson I loved this novella, I loved reading about Dylan Lex and getting another insight into their world It s got Pipers trademark humour and so much story packed into the small amount of pages I wish it were longer I highly recommend for fans of Piper s and for people like me who wanted to read about Dylan and Lex definitely pick up Schooled before reading this one, a great read you won t regret Full disclosure I am not often a fan of novellas I find them sort of cloying most of the time Like, you have this book with characters you love and that the author spent all this time developing and presumably everything gets tied up at the end of the book or at least the end of the series, right So, why do you need to go back and give them a Christmas special So that you can revisit their happily ever after with some lukewarm sex and fabricated angst No thanks Well, Piper Lawson might have just changed my mind because I LOVED Sealed I really enjoyed Dylan and Lex s story in Schooled and it definitely felt complete but the author left the future open ended enough for them that I didn t mind a revisit Not at all Especially when she m Well Crap Now I m going to have to find an extra short book so this one doesn t appear as a big picture on my end of the year book review that Goodreads does in the, shortest book, section I don t hide that I sometimes read these but I also don t need it all in bold.
Loved It I loved Dylan and Lex s story I m so glad to have been invited to their love story and what a story it was Filled with the most romantic, heartfelt love I ve ever known Characters that jump into real life with you I recommend this series to anyone that loves a good romance, cause you will definitely find it here Sealed Travisty book 2.
5Piper Lawson 4 I WANT MORE starsArc received in exchange for an honest review Truly amazing That s my 1st thought This book is a follow on from book 1 in the Travesty series, but prequel to book 3, due out soon Lex was taken by her best friend s brother Dylan, but him being younger than her and Ava s brother made him off limits But feelings whether they liked it or not wanted them to be together, and now in Sealed they get it, but like everything in real life it s never going to be easy.
Now as Travesty is taking off and Ava, Jordan and Lex are busier than ever, Dylan showing up out of the blue, is a dream come true but as business booms and opportunities arise, life for these two lovebirds is about to come crashing down On a search for a job close to his woman Dylan, has everything planned He is going to marry Lex, the girl whom stole his heart as a 9yr old, and

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review Eek Piper has decided to give us another up close and personal glimpse into Dylan and Alexis world This was the first couple that Piper had her readers tumbling head over heels for in the Travesty series Dylan and Lex are my absolute favorite couple that Piper Lawson has created and I was ecstatic to walk in their shoes once again Piper brings us to New York along with Dylan to visit Alexis for some fashion, fun, and oh so hot times If you haven t met Dylan and Alexis yet, now is your chance to jump in to their world and get down and dirty with this couple who may be separated by miles but not by heart Dylan Cameron may have started out as just the little brother to Alexis best friend Ava, but now it has been two years and Alexis couldn t imagine her life without him If only the distance didn t separate them with him stil I voluntarily read a Review Copy of this book All opinion stated are solely my own and no one else s I love Piper s books and this one was no exception I adored Dylan he s mature, down to earth and not to mention yummy Lex took his breath away and with one kiss so he s never letting go Lex was a little difficult to read because she was quite reserved Dylan was very expressive of his feelings towards Lex emotionally and physically In my opinion, Lex held back too much, to the point, I actually started thinking whether she did want to be with him She definitely got her act together in the end because her feelings finally reached the surface I couldn t stop laughing when Nate lost the ring and they thought the cat ingested it lol Im surprised the poor cat survived Dylan s killer glares lol Nate made me laugh he hides in his office from his assistant because, I think she cou This didn t really work for me I hadn t read any of the preceding books and I felt thrown into a world and a situation where I wasn t invested in the characters Despite other people s comments otherwise, I think this is really only for those that know the characters and their back history.
Lex and Dylan are trying to make a long distance relationship work and Dylan wants to make a bigger commitment, but events conspire against him.
I received a free copy of this novella from the author in return for an honest review.
4 starsAn ARC has been kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review It s now the fourth book I ve read by Piper Lawson and the third of her Travesty series.
For fans of the series Sealed is about Dylan and Lex trying to make their long distance relationship work He is studying in California and she s working her butt of in New York growing their fashion business with Ava and Jordan.
Well let me tell you being miles apart s cks They re trying to follow a schedule to see each other once a month but it s still frustrating Dylan is still madly in love with Lex and he wants to build his future with her You ll even get a very cute moment when he ll recall what he felt for her when he was a kid Now he s in New York for some days to chase future employers and he s some great plans he wants to follo Coming Soon Make Sure You Re On My Insider S List To Get It First One Girl In The World I Could Never Get Now She S MineSort Of Sure, We Live , Miles Apart And I See Her Once A Month She Runs A Company And I M Surrounded By Guys Whose Idea Of A Hard Day S Work Is Showing Up Sober For Class I Have Zero Job Prospects In New York, And She Has No Intention Of Coming Back To CaliforniaBut When We Re Together, None Of That Matters I Can Make Her Laugh And Smile And Moan That Breathy OhmyGodDylan That S A Million Times Hotter When I M Stroking Her Skin Than It Is Over The PhoneWhich Is Why I M Going To Fix It This Time I M Making Her Mine For Good No Excuses, No Escapes, No Take Backs She Should Ve Been My FirstI M Making Sure She S My LastSealed Is A POV K Novella And Book In The Travesty Series The Reading Order Is Schooled, Stripped, Sealed, Styled Coming In March

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