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✓ Read Á Search by Diane Kennedy Pike ☆ Introducing New Reprints By And About Bishop James Pike The Other Side Search Search Is The Complete Story Of How Bishop James A Pike Disappeared In The Judean Wilderness In While Pursuing His Interest In The Historical Jesus His Was A Lifelong Search For Truth, And His Interest In The New Light Cast By The Dead Sea Scrolls Had Caused Him To Reexamine Who Jesus Was In The Context Of The Times In Which He Lived Bishop Pike And His Wife Of Eight Months, The Author Of This Account, Wanted A Direct Experience Of The Judean Wilderness In Which Jesus Had Fasted And Meditated For Forty Days And Nights They Drove Their Rented Car On A Little Used Road And, After Getting Stuck, Tried To Walk To The Caves At Qumran Emotion Radiates From Every Page Of This Swiftly Paced, Unsparingly Honest And Revealing Account A Narrative That Will Make You Not Only Identify And Understand How It All Could Have Happened, But Also Feel As If You Were There Yourself And Probably Would Have Acted As The Pikes Did The Story Of Search Is Tragic, But The Author Has A Faith In God And In An Afterlife That Makes It Possible For Her To Conclude Her Narrative By Stating That She Knows That Jim Is Alive And So Am I Diane Kennedy Pike Is A Teacher, Group Facilitator And Consciousness Coach She Is The Author Of Many books, Most Recently The House Of Self, Awakening To Wisdom And Four Paths To Union All By Teleos Imprint Diane Pike Is A Graduate Of Stanford University With A Masters From Columbia She Is Co Director Of Teleos Institute In Scottsdale, Arizona, And Is The Widow Of Bishop James A Pike

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