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ç Read ä शाळा by Milind Bokil î Ever been to school YES Then this book is definitely going to set your heart racing at points and leave you wanting for.
You would actually start wishing for the protagonist s love story to meet a successful ending The setup unfolds in a small town with Mukund Joshi as the central character.
Not only then you fall in love with the naive imagination of the kid but start remembering your own school days Probably those who had done their schooling Marathi medium can relate to it.
Mukund,Ambabai,Surya,Chitrya and Shirodkarthere are enough number of colorful characters in this voyage.
Every character shapes up and end up contributing to Mukund and Shirodkar Love story which subtly matches with the central theme of the book SHALA About the Author,Milind Bokil,has done a great job depicting the 1975 76,Mid Emergency era and amalgamating a common man s life.
So swiftly one feels like going along th really.
its amazing book I really felt like again going back to school and have that life again That day I realised the real fun of school There are classrooms, benches, students and teachers There are subjects maths, geography and even civics But I am not into any of these I am free like that white bird, sitting gaily on the back of a cow I am sitting in school, but I have a separate school of my own That school does not have classrooms, walls, black boards and teachers but the lessons it teaches me are really beautiful Review Shala is a beautiful novel that took me on a nostalgic journey back to my school days It is about a group of friends and the story spans one year of their life 9th standard, the best year of our school life Set in the 70s during the emergency period in India, the story is narrated by the protagonist Joshi It is a story of a bunch of friends around 14 years of age, just on the threshold of adolescence a story

This heavy dosage of nostalgia by Milind Bokil is set in Sukhdev Namdev Warhadkar Madhyamik Vidyalaya a school in a small town near Mumbai The story of this novel focus on the students of ninth standard who are living the best days of their lives, the golden days of school It is told through the perspective of Mukund Joshi who is newly in love with his classmate Shirodkar The way the story is narrated is one of the plus points of the novel the writing style, language and setting are true according to the phase the lead characters are going through But the biggest triumph of this book, I think is that the author successfully envokes the feeling of nostalgia of the school days and all the incidences in the novel seem like they ar Just one word Truely Nostalgic This book took me to my school days All mischief, feelings, amateur crush in school, tension of exam, books, classes, Middle class family, friendship, values, teenager things etc etc Must must read for everybody as everyone has gone to school and undoubtedly, is missing all the fun we had in school Kudos to the author who through his writing makes the school live in your imagination It keeps you entertained all the time Its enjoyed a lot as it connects to your heart wherein you have so many nostalgic moments, you embrace them from time to time.
Looking forward to watch national award winning movie based on this book.
yes, I experience my Shaala again through this.
Awesome book Takes you back to school days Although the end is tragic and a big disappointment.
I wish I could give Shala six stars because this is easily the best novel I will read this year, and of that I am bloody certain Where generally books take me 2 3 days to read, this one took the better part of a month to enjoy and finish, but what a ride it was Joshi, Surya, Phawdya, Chitre and Shirodkar these aren t just names They are heartfelt characters whose memories and antics will be hard to forget.
I have never agreed with a blurb Set in the suburbs of Mumbai during the Emergency in 1975, this book is a heartwarming novel about adolescent struggles that are as torturous in real time as they are amusing in retrospect.
Mukund Joshi Is Fourteen And Newly In Love He Attends The Same Private Tuitions As His Classmate, Shirodkar, Just For A Glimpse Of Her, And Follows Her Back Home Every Day Sadly, She Has Not A Clue That He Is Pining Away For Her, Because In Their Society, Boys And Girls Don T Interact Freely, Much Less Talk About Love When He S Not Negotiating The Tricky Alleys Of Love, Mukund Sits Around The School Field Or Loafs About Town With His Close Friends, Surya, Chitre And Phawdya, Railing Against The Education System, And Debating Ideas Such As Discipline And Bohemianism Set In A Small Maharashtrian Town During The Emergency Of , Shala Is A Heart Warming, Nuanced Novel About The Adolescent Struggles That Are As Tortuous In Real Time As They Are Amusing In Retrospect I read this book back in my 10th when they were not even remotely near planning a movie about it This book was referred to me by a very precious and interesting friend Nikhil Moholkar.
The Book has rightly put emotions of a Boy in Maharashtra s Small towns.
A delicate love story which goes smooth and steady along the entire book.
The story is from the times of emergency and gives appropriate focus on the situation regarding the emergency as well as has sound touch of typical dialogues and happenings of school life.
In a nutshell,A must Read.
A good different story, Milindji has painted a nice picture of a boy in ix standard of the school which is his world, he has friends from the school, his teachers, his parents his first love, somewhere each one of us has been through this memorable experience so we stick to the book like a gum, Mukund Joshi narrates the story from his point of view, you can easily relate almost all characters in your actual school life Fantabulous novel a must read

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