Á Showing Him the Ropes ↠´ Download by Á Christa Tomlinson

Á Showing Him the Ropes ↠´ Download by Á Christa Tomlinson 3.
5 stars It s obvious from the start of Showing Him the Ropes that its author, Christa Tomlinson, must be a big fan of professional wrestling and that she s not one of those deluded people who believe it s real grin For a subject that is often heavy with on screen dramatics, I was interested to get a peek behind the curtain, perhaps read things that fit a fantasy or two along the way, and get a story that translated some of the dramatics into the romance too The first two happened, and though the romance was worth the read, it was largely easy on the drama.
Devin Jacobs is excited to be the newest addition to the roster of Frontier Pro Wrestling And his excitement is not only because it s his chance to make a name for himself in the field but also because he ll get to meet and work with the man who was his favorite wrestler growing up, Chance The Chancellor You ve convinced yourself you ve got a crush on your teacher, when really you re using me as a crutch This is a really good book by author Christa Tomlinson which I have read and enjoyed in the past however this book isn t her normal BDSM despite a very fun spanking and a sassy bottom This story takes us deep into the world of professional wrestling, and if you have ever watched those sexy men bouncing around in the ring, with hardly any clothes onwell, it wasn t hard to imagine these characters in my head, let s just say that shall we The MC are Chance The Chancellor Gerhardt, veteran wrestler for Frontier Professional Wrestling he has seen it all and then some The only thing he had never experienced is the joy of love, but he doesn t see that changing with his hectic lifestyle Meet, Devin Jacobs rookie w When A Gruff Veteran Meets An Irrepressible Rookie, Who Will Come Out On Top Chance The Chancellor Gerhardt Multi Time Champion And Respected Veteran Of The Locker Room Worries He S Entering The Twilight Of His Professional Wrestling Career All He Wants Is One Shot At A Championship Title Run Instead, His Boss Saddles Him With Mentoring A Hot, Young Rookie, Devin JacobsDevin Has Admired The Chancellor For Years, And He S Thrilled To Work Up Close And Personal With The Steely Eyed Older Wrestler But While Devin Learns From His Mentor, He Can T Resist Admiring The Man S Deliciously Burly PhysiqueTrapped Together In The Intimacy Of Late Night Road Trips And Shared Hotel Rooms, Longing Glances Lead To Whispered Confessions Of Desire Devin Would Love To Bring A Little Warmth And Sexiness To His Hero S Cold And Solitary Life Unfortunately, Chance Refuses The Rookie S Flirting After Years In The Business, He Knows Their Careers Will Be Ruined If Their Relationship Is Discovered By The Fans But Devin Won T Let That Fear Stop Him From Going After Everything He Wants Championship Gold And The Man He DesiresCan Devin Find A Way To Prove To Chance That They Can Have It All Or Will Their Shot At Love Be Defeated Tags Contemporary, Sports Romance, Age Gap, Mentor Mentee, HFNChrista Tomlinson Is A Lifelong Fan Of Professional Wrestling When She S Not Writing, Christa Can Be Found Watching Her Favorite Classic Matches Or Traveling To Live Wrestling Events I really, really loved this book For full disclosure, I love professional wrestling I watched it when I was in high school my fav was Shawn Michaels and my 12 year old son is a huge fan now We went to a WWE Monday Night Raw a few months ago and I loved getting a little peek at the behind the scenes Another plus was that one of the MCs was from St Louis Who can resist a shout out to Imo s pizza This book was really well written and I enjoyed the development of The Chancellor and Devin s relationship I felt that their chemistry was there from day one and it was hot I even shed a few tears at the end view spoiler I think that will be how I feel when the Undertaker makes his retirement official hide spoiler Having never read an MM romance featuring wrestling, I was happy to jump on this It was different Good different Man, it was hot There was Chance, 38, who had been wrestling for at least a decade, and he was lonely And then there was Devin, 26, and new to the industry Excited and bratty Having been a fan of Chance since forever, Devin, was only too pleased to be mentored by Chance but the time they spent together, his hero worship developed into something Much But Chance remained distant initially Yet the he resisted, the Devin pushed and pushed and pushed He pushed and teased Chance until he finally wore him down.
Then the two of them come together and the chemistry is great, the slow burn Wow I loved it A beautiful love story As I think it is fair to say that professional wrestling romance is not going to be my new genre I m never big on sports romance, possibly because I just don t like the whole idea of these in groups with special social rules to which everyone must conform, particularly if they re full of hazing and Men doing Masculine Man Things This may be why I m not a fan of army romance either From a total know nothing perspective it seemed to me the book treated wrestling with a very good balance between love of and enjoyment of the sport, appreciation for the skills, and awareness of the potential for a toxic or abusive atmosphere to arise I am still entirely resistant to the appeal of this sport performance, but I think I understand slightly why other people like it, and the detail certainly came across as convincing and naturally worked in Romance wise, it was very sex heavy Showing Him the Ropes was sexy, sweaty, and freaking hilarious Initially, this book was on my maybe list, but oh am I so happy I decided to read it Chance The Chancellor Gerhardt has been in the pro wrestling game a long time His veteran status has earned him a lot of respect both in and out of the ring, but his tenure with Frontier Pro Wrestling certainly doesn t help him pull any strings when his boss attempts to use his knowledge of the field to his benefit Devin Jacobs is young talent in the wrestling world, and while he may not exactly be new to the game, he s new to FPW and pro wrestling Against his better interests, Chance gets roped into babysitting the undeniably attractive rookie and Showing Him the Ropes so to speak, until he s ready for his television debut I know I can trust you to keep him straight Chapter one and Christa s already throwing down

Free copy of book provided by author for honest review through MMRG s Don t Buy Me Love programThis turned out to be a really good love story The MCs, Chance and Devin, have great chemistry and the author does a fantastic job of drawing out their attraction no insta love here Obviously they re going to get together, but Devin s persistence gradually ropes Chance in and when they get together, yeah it s perfect.
There was way info on professional wrestling than I needed personally, but I certainly learned a whole lot about it from this book The author is very knowledgeable about this sport and weaves it into the story line in a very clever way.
There were a few twists and turns I didn t expect which made it fun, and I really enjoyed the author s writing style It was a pretty fast paced book and a good read.
5 slow down starsThis is quite a refreshing read because it centered on professional wrestling Put two males wrestler together and is going to be some really hot grappling Chance aka Chancellor, 38, had been in the industry for than a decade He was burnt out and feeling rather lonely, due to his unsupportive parent and lack of social life He had a serious and stoic no nonsense persona and was respected by his peers When he was task to look after a rookie, he was feeling less than welcoming because he rather be alone than have a travel buddy.
Devin, 26, is the rookie for the company who was excited for being in the big league He is ambitious and motivated to work hard for his family While Chance is all hard edges, Devin is sunshine and smiley faces Sometimes he is even a little bratty just to annoy Chance Devin is a big fan of Chan This was my first professional wrestling novel and, unfortunately, I don t think I ll be a repeat customer Devin is a rookie and assigned to be mentor by the Chancellor, a 38 year old wrestler with an impressive career They go on the road together from show to show and room together The attraction is immediate on both sides but Chancellor is reluctant to pursue it, mainly for professional reasons Don t mess with someone on your roster and all that.
Things I liked The wrestling I had no idea how it all works and I was quite interested to learn about the shows, the fact that there were storylines between wrestlers, and all that goes into it Like I said, I am a newbie to this so I appreciated getting to know without suffering from info dump The author managed to introduce the world of professional wrestling without preaching about it The slow burn Devin and Chance take

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