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 Stephen ✓ Download by Ñ Amy Cross Amy Cross is amazingShe can cross genres so easily Different types of horror stories flow like water from her fingertips I often wonder if she hasn t set a goal to see how many styles that she can successfully write And thus far I don t think there is one she cannot hold her own on This was written like a Gothic Horror There were some quite shocking scenes, no doubt about that But a deep tale lies beneath Hmm People didn t seem to like this book and I see why Maybe I ve just read messed up things that it doesn t bother me as much Idk I like reading macabre things so ch28 was prob the best if most interesting chapter in the book and maybe the ending was pretty satisfying Everything in between kind of dragged on for me I think the book would have been better if it left some of the fluff and filler out, but overall, not a bad book I d be interested in reading some of her other stuff Any suggestions welcome as she seems to have a large catalogue.
Um, while I get why other might ppl like this sort of and I see how dynamic it is, No No it s not for me It was way too gross out yuck to me.
Edit This will offend sensitivities, morals, values, it will set off triggers Some ppl like this type of horror but for those that want a creepy gothic tale and stumble into this, listen to the warning This is gonna mess with your head in several areas big time in several areas having to do with infanticide, grief, mental issues, religious disciplines, incest, desecration, something so gross I don t have a word for it, not to mention suicide, death, violence, sm, and almost rape The something so gross just it I was gagging It was worse than maggots Digging out maggots Way worse Though I do feel the author does a good job to try to warn you things ar Unfortunately this is going to be my first DNF for this year and it is too bad also that it is an Amy Cross book, but I was warned from a friend that this book was messed up, so it is not like I wasn t warned I now see why there are up and down reviews for this book as well as it deals with some very disturbing material Boundaries are crossed in this book and I feel that for myself I don t even want to cross over into that taboo state of mind Now don t get me wrong, I do read extreme books which do sometimes cross into some twisted realm, but this is different compared to what I normally read in that type of horror and this book deals with some crazy psychological material that will not only twist your mind, but make you want to go chec Gruesome and revolting, but also strangely gripping.
Beryl Seaton has grown up at a convent, and is setting out to create a life outside for the first time When she gets hired as a governess to an infant at a strange house, what happens next What is so wrong with little Stephen What are the horrifying secrets that her employers harbour This book starts with a hint of unease and an atmosphere of intrigue that only gets progressively worse An old Beryl is writing out the events of Grangehurst some 40 years later, and recounting the horrors faced by her as a naive, young girl.
The story is gripping and the much vaunted Chapter 28 is absolutely revolting The author spends almost all of Chapter 27 nudging you towards Chapter 28, by exhorting you to NOT read it.
The issues with this book are that the end is a b

This didn t work for me, unfortunately I couldn t get to grips with the main character and the timeline seemed to leap about too much It wasn t particularly horrific as revolting This is one scary novel I had to read it all but I really didn t want to it ll take a while for these images to be forgotten read at your own peril.
Don t read chapter twenty eight This book was a free download, recommended to me by a friend I was warned about the typing errors, and I was also warned about chapter twenty eight I decided to give this book a go, mainly out of curiosity about chapter twenty eight I enjoyed this book a lot than I expected to, in fact, I really liked it, despite it not being something I would normally read Yes, there are some typing errors, but I found they didn t really bother me.
Before you even start the book, the author herself even warns you about chapter twenty eight, I found I couldn t put this book down, partly because it was so good but partly because I wanted to get to chapter twenty eight Beryl Seaton is a young, naive twenty year old, straight out of being raised in a convent First time experiencing the real world She gets a job as Take Rebecca, mix in a healthy dose of The Turn of the Screw and The Fall of the House of Usher, add a dash of WTFery and a splash of extreme horror and you ll have Stephen by Amy Cross This is Cross in full neogothic novel mode, and she succeeds beautifully Let me start by saying that I absolutely loved this book Let me also say that it is absolutely not for everyone Many of the reviews contain warnings about some of the themes presented here, and they are all completely correct I have never felt the need to warn people about reading a novel before, but really do in this case Potential Spoiler Ahead, although this is revealed in the first chapter, so not really If you are considering reading Stephen, you should ask yourself one question Am I comfortable with the thought of reading a novel that has four main characters, one of whom is the rotting corpse of a months old baby that Fresh From The Convent, Beryl Seaton Accepts A Position As Governess For The Brooks Family When She Arrives At The Family S Remote House, However, She Discovers That A Terrible Secret Is Waiting For Her In The Nursery From The Author Of Asylum And The Farm, Stephen Is A Horror Novel About A Young Woman Who Finds Herself Torn Between Two Worlds Desperate To Help Her Employers In Their Hour Of Need, She Nevertheless Struggles To Look After Their Son What Happened To Stephen, To Leave Him The Way He Is What Happened To The Previous Governess At Grangehurst And What Causes The Sobbing Sound That Seem To Drift Through An Empty Room By The Time She Uncovers The Awful Truth About The Family, And About Little Stephen, It Might Be Too Late For Beryl To Ever Leave

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