↠´ Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down: The Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion º Download by ï Gina McIntyre

↠´ Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down: The Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion º Download by ï Gina McIntyre Loved this It was a great book for any lover of Stranger Things like me Essential reading for fans of the popular Netflix TV series who want to take a peak behind the curtains to see how the show is produced and learn about the actors who make the characters so enjoyable to watch on the small screen Focusing on the first two seasons with a sneak of what s to come in season 3, Worlds Turned Upside Down is a great source of information It delves into the writing, production, and post production process to give the reader a well rounded look inside the hive mind that birthed the nostalgic horror supernatural 80 s throwback series Accompanying the facts are some interesting footnotes of the influences which contributed to the look and feel of the series, but one of the real strengths of this book is the art locale photos, action shots with detailed explanation about the filming process , costume design, and storyboards t Al Suo Debutto Su Netflix, Nell Estate Del , Stranger Things Ha Entusiasmato La Critica E Milioni Di Spettatori In Tutto Il Pianeta La Serie Vincitrice Di Cinque Emmy Deve Il Suo Successo Soprattutto Al Passaparola Che Ha Superato Ogni Divario Generazionale Ma Anche Ai Suoi Personaggi, Che Sono Entrati Nel Cuore Del Pubblico, Alle Sue Atmosfere, Alla Rievocazione Del Mondo Degli Anni Ottanta, Oltre Che A Una Trama Geniale E Accattivante Grazie A Questo Libro, I Fan Potranno Immergersi In Quel Passato Esplorando I Lati Segreti Di Hawkins E Della Serie Tv Che Gi Diventata Un Cult Arricchito Da Imperdibili Fotografie E Da Sbalorditive Illustrazioni originali, Con Contenuti Inediti Ed Esclusivi, Stranger Things Il Libro Ufficiale Una Guida Ai Dietro Le Quinte Delle Prime Due Stagioni E Oltre All Interno Troverete La Prefazione E I Commenti Dei Creatori Della Serie, Matt E Ross Duffer Interviste Esclusive Con Le Star Dello Show, Compresi Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard E David Harbour La Storia Della Serie Dalle Prime Versioni Della Sceneggiatura, Rifiutata Da Moltissimi Produttori, Alla Presentazione A Netflix, Ai Casting Rivelazioni Su Come I Fratelli Duffer Hanno Scelto Di Far Evolvere La Trama Le Testimonianze Di Tutti I Membri Della Troupe, Dai Costumisti Agli Scenografi, Dai Compositori Agli Specialisti Di Effetti Speciali Tutti I Riferimenti Culturali Che Hanno Ispirato Le Atmosfere Visive, Musicali Ed Emotive Della Serie, Dai Libri Di Stephen King Ai Film Di Spielberg Una Mappa Di Hawkins Con Indizi Sulla Rete Del Sottosopra Il Dischetto Con Il Codice Morse Utilizzato Da Undici Per Poter Decifrare I Messaggi Nascosti Nel Libro Uno Sguardo Al Futuro Della Serie, Con Anticipazioni Sulla Terza Stagione This behind the scenes look on the making of Stranger Things is a must read for any fan of the show It primarily covers season one, but also covers a good deal of season two with a little taste of the third season as well I just love how they put together the book as well It s very creative and it totally fits the series.
The first thing you notice about this book is that its creators have, like the TV show s creators, done their best to evoke that 80s feel It s been made to appear like a secondhand book, complete with tastefully tatty cover and price sticker from Melvald s General Store, of course , nicely covered in a clear plastic protective sleeve Inside, meanwhile, the photos have the slightly desaturated high contrast look of a book printed thirty plus years ago And to cap things off, there s a fold out map of Hawkins and a detachable Morse Code Pocket Signal Disk a duplicate of the one El uses in season 2 at the back So, if you re a fan of the show and are wondering which to get, ebook or hardback, you should know that the hardback is really worth having It s a thing of tatty, nostalgic beauty.
The text goes through the history of the show, from its developme BUY THE BOOKI love the show and I love this book My friends got me this book for my birthday and it didnt disappoint Its fantastic I really love the old, tattered and worn look of the book and all the extras it has with it Such as Will s drawing of the Shadow Monster as part of the inside cover There is also a map of Hawkins and a Morse code pocket guide and of course a plethora of behind the scenes and insight to the entire show and characters If you decide to buy this, I recommend buying the actual book It offers so much than you could get in the ebook BUY THE BOOK I spotted this hiding amongst the shelves whilst shopping, I pulled out the book and was greeted by a worn looking cover reminiscent of a book from the 80s It was the perfect cover for this book I had a quick flick through whilst standing amongst the books and thought it was a must buy I ve always loved behind the scenes of any show or film and this was great Some of the information I had seen before and was a partial recap, but there was a lot of new parts that I hadn t The book had a lot about the references and influences drawn upon for individual scenes, the characters, set design, etc These were paired with photos and footnotes some footnotes were maybe a little self explanatory but no harm in covering all bases Included were several behind the photos

Full review at Tenacious Reader is a book that just made me smile the minute I received it and any time I would pick it up after that The entire book is so incredibly retro, straight down to the worn look, complete with plastic protector to prevent further damage I mean, even the FAIR condition sticker from Melvad s General Store on the front brings me joy This is just one tiny example of the details they put in to this book that make it transport you to a different time and place And if I was this excited about just the outside of the book, I knew I would love what the inside had to offer as well.
Heh even just the inside of the dust jacket is awesome The book contains much of what you would expect, including a foreword by Matt and Ross Duffer, interviews with the cast, explanations about the decisions and thoug This is an absolute must read for ANY and every Stranger Things fan out there I m obsessed with this show and getting an inside look at how it all came together was such a treat And seeing all the work and sweat that went into it makes me love the show even , it truly is a labour of love I really enjoyed getting to know about the actors and how the characters were shaped around what the actors brought to the table I think that s a big part of what makes this show so great, you can just feel that they put so much of themselves into their roles I also really enjoyed the bits that showed the inspiration behind the show, you can really see how it influences the show I could go on and on but honestly, go buy it and read it yourself, it s absolutely 100% worth it First of all if you have not watched season 1 on Netflix do not waste your money on this book.
Second is the odd cover as it says Don t Freak this supported to look worn torn that is why it has special plastic cover I sorry I think it s silly.
Thirdly part of the book pages 130 144 are upside down.
This really good TV companion to a dark Ghotic creep show Lots of missing information facts on background like Nancy Wheeler, HNL, Max Mayfield, Billy Hargrove of all little missing extras that ended up on the cutting floor.
So if you like me are Big fan of the show this book is a must for you but be warned it is not a cheap book at 25 but it is good one.
Best of all like Easter eggs they are three hidden extras unfold the cover on the back for the black white illustration which you could miss if don t take off the cover, next a map at the bac

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