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[Instaread Summaries] ☆ Summary of Homegoing [linguistics PDF] Ebook Epub Download î Summary of Homegoing By Yaa Gyasi Includes AnalysisPreview Homegoing By Yaa Gyasi Is A Novel In Stories About The Atlantic Slave Trade And Its Aftermath The Novel Begins With The Stories Of Two African Half Sisters Of The Fante And Asante Tribes Effia And Esi Effia Is Born In The Late Eighteenth Century In Fanteland On Africa S Gold Coast, On The Night Of A Devastating Fire Near Her Father S Compound Her Adoptive Mother, Baaba, Immediately Resents Her, Because Effia Is The Daughter Of Her Father Cobbe S House GirlIn , When Effia Is Young, British Soldiers From The Cape Coast Castle Come To The Village Effia Wants To Marry Abeeku Badu, Who Is In Line To Be Chief But To Prevent Effia From Marrying Him, Baaba Tells Effia That She Must Hide The Blood From Her First Period She Knows That As Long As People Think Effia Is Premenstrual, She Won T Be Permitted To Marry A Fante Man, Per Tribal CustomsPLEASE NOTE This Is Summary And Analysis Of The Book And NOT The original BookInside This Instaread Summary of Homegoing Summary Of The Book Important People Character Analysis Analysis Of The Themes And Author S StyleAbout The AuthorWith Instaread, You Can Get The Key Takeaways, Summary And Analysis Of A Book In Minutes We read Every Chapter, Identify The Key Takeaways And Analyze Them For Your Convenience Short and sweet.
The institution of the slave trade from Africa to the Americas is both simple and extremely complex It is simple because it was based solely on economics As the Europeans colonized North America, there was a chronic labor shortage and the cheapest way to do this was to import enslaved Africans In Africa, a tribe could engage in a raid on another tribe and capture people to be sold to the British as slaves This was very profitable for the tribe that engaged in the raid, but it destroyed the social structure Slavery and its aftermath is also very complex because it pitted African tribe against tribe, with the British colonial administration controlling it Free black persons lived within the structure of the slave trade, no doubt witnessing the plight of people in chains being loaded on ships for transport The aftermath of slavery led to explicit and implicit segregation that exists a ce Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi is a generational novel about two families, from 1775 to the beginning of the 21st century, and how their lives were were impacted by the Atlantic slave trade The author s belief is that history is storytelling, and storytelling is always a political act Her aim with this novel was to tell the story of African Americans from a different viewpoint than is usually found in our history books.
Summary of Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi by Instaread offers an in depth analysis of this novel, with a breakdown of main themes and characters and a discussion of the author s writing style This summary can be read in about 15 minutes and is an excellent way to get a good sense of a book.
I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review.
WHOA A multi generation story of one family split into two than restored to one again I listened to this book and the man can t remember the name who performed it was excellent I listened to all 12 hours in 2 days.
Excellent writing Eye opening and all at once, heart wrenching.
I loved this book It was a challenge to keep the characters straight and which generation was which but it was well worth the effort I look forward to the next book by Yaa Gyasi.
Wonderful first novel by a recent african immigrant to the US Very interesting history contrasting narratives of two lines of descendants of an african family on both sides of the Atlantic.
best book read so far this year this is a captivating intergenerational intercontinental story with a rich narrative from pre colonial slavery to the modern day It is a rich tapestry of the history of African decedent through a fictional lens with great prose and syntax A must read

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