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Trailer Á Sweet Cheeks PDF by Ä K. Bromberg 5 Stars ARC provided by author Sometimes things happen in life and love s put on hold But if someone s your soul mate, nothing is going to stop you from being together in the end Saylor Rodgers is a 27 yr old beautiful, newly single woman living in Santa Barbara, California She owns Sweet Cheeks CupCakery spends the majority of her time baking trying to keep her business afloat After about seven years together she called off her engagement with her fianc around seven months ago She s stunned when she receives a wedding invitation from him to his new wedding Saylor can t believe he s moved on so fast When her assistant mails back her reply with a plus one by accident, Saylor is suddenly in a bind Does she attend the wedding find a date, or cancel Wanting to prove to her ex she s confident happy she considers attending This coul It s always scary when an author you love branches off into something new For K Bromberg, everyone knows her DRIVEN series is phenomenal, so when the announcement came out that she was doing a standalone, unrelated to her ever so popular series, I m sure there was trepidation on both sides author and reader I m here to tell you that you can feel worried all you want, but there is absolutely NO NEED Ms Bromberg not only knocked it out of the park with this one, but this could easily be one of my all time favorites of hers Saylor and Hayes were just PURE MAGIC together I fell in love with these characters almost instantly The plot, the characters, the undeniable romance weaved all throughout the storynobody takes me right to my happy place, quite like K Bromberg doesM 5.
0 Yummy Sweet Cheeks Ships Ahoy StarsGrudgeCupcakes ActionsRLouder MadA Game But we all know books are fiction The romance in novels is a crock of shit Sometimes the hero still leaves in the end And the heroine is once again left to pick up the pieces It s been hours since I finished this book because just any other K Bromberg fan you know the drill When the book is in your hands, you cannot wait until you finished it, you cannot wait until you have devoured it from start to finish and you cannot wait until your eyes got sore because you realize it s already in the wee hours and you still have work the next day And boy did I devour it not minding I have other responsibilities I just wanted to get lost in the moment and escape reality with K Bromberg s book with me.
In short, I just can t contain my e

People who are meant to be together find their way back They may take a few detours, but they re never lost.
There is something special about second chance love that speaks to the soul Soulmates whose love has never died are granted a do over another chance Their hearts, cut in half from being apart, find their way back to each other and become whole again Second chance love stories are my obsession my heart my soul K Bromberg s latest sensation, a second chance romance called Sweet Cheeks, was my heartmy soulmy kryptonite Sweet Cheeks is a hypnotic and heartfelt second chance love story anchored in angst and submerged in soul and swoon Oh how excited I was to meet this fresh start, this chance for K Bromberg to wow devoted Driven series fans like me with something new and so incredibly different With bated breath Just one kiss Sometimes that s all it takes for a heart to lose its balance And sometimes we want nothing than the chance to fall JmStormIf you love a good second chance romance where the guy fights for the girl rather than running away, then Sweet Cheeks is for you.
If you enjoy a book with a little mix of everything playful, sweet, sexy, angsty, swoon worthy, smile so hard your cheeks hurt, happiness that leaves you all warm and fuzzy inside, then Sweet Cheeks is for you.
If you like your heroes to be an alpha but not an asshole and your heroine to be likable, feisty, and relatable, the Sweet Cheeks is for you.
If you ve been in a reading slump and can t find anything to pique your interest, then Sweet Cheeks is for you.
If you want to know what flour, sugar, I am definitely a sucker for the famous celebrity falling for a regular girl trope This book, however, was just because it also had the childhood friends to lovers which I even a bigger sucker for Saylor is struggling to keep her bakery afloat It has been her dream and she is trying really hard to bring business in but a lot of people in town aren t friendly Why Well, because Saylor has broken off an engagement to one of the rich douchebags in town and his momma ain t happy Biotch be talkin smack to her country club minions Soooo To make matters worse her ex sends her an invite to his wedding S cuse me, I am just gonna dig up that award I have handy just for these occasions ok, here it is ta da Thankfully Saylor s brother is a resourceful dude with some connections Actually, just ONE connection His best childhood friend is no other than Ha I ve been reading this author s work since The Driven Series and she is consistently amazing Yet, I keep wondering if someday the other shoe will fall If she will have that one story that is just mediocre, normal and does not send readers into frenzies Well I m here to tell you for Kristy Bromberg that is impossible There is NOTHING and I mean NOTHING this woman can t write There is NO story she can t tell and there is NO WAY you can t love her talent.
When Kristy writes, her words flow like the calming, tranquil waters of The Maldives You are mesmerized by the beauty of her prose and caught up in the flow of her stories She takes you outside of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and you find yourself wherever she chooses to go It s a journey you ll never forget and you ll never want to end I ve been t An All New Second Chance Love Story By The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Driven SeriesIt All Started With The Invitation To My Ex Fiance S New Wedding I Should Have Ignored ItThrown It Away Set It Afire But I Didn T I Replied With A Plus One And Then My Assistant Accidentally Mailed ItEnter Hayes Whitley Mega Movie Star The Man Who Has Captured The Hearts Of Millions But I Gave Him Mine Years Ago He Was My First Love He Was My Everything Right Until He Up And Left To Chase His Dreams Without So Much As A Simple GoodbyeWhen He Showed Up Out Of The Blue Ten Years Later, I Should Have Known To Steer Clear I Should Have Rejected His Offer To Take Me To My Ex S Wedding I Should Have Never Let Him Kiss MeBut I Didn T And Now We Re Left Wondering If The Pieces Of The Life We Once Shared Still Fit Together Somehow First Loves Are Hard To Forget The Question Is, Do We Want To Forget Or Do We Risk The Chance And See What Happens Next There s only one love that matters than your first love Your last love Sweet Cheeks is a delectable second chance romance that makes you believe in fate That no matter what happens, or how much time has passed, soul mates are real and true love does conquer all This book is full of wit and charm, sprinkled with provocative chemistry and unspoken secrets, and with a dash of drama.
The relationship between Hayes and Saylor is riddled with unresolved issues You re given bits and pieces of their past together throughout the story, and it doesn t paint Hayes in a very good light He s hiding something, but you just don t know what You begin to completely understand how Saylor must have felt when he just up and left, without so much as a goodbye But as the story continues, you begin to 4 STARS Hayes Whitley twists me up like a Rubik s cube He did way back when and still does now He s changed me Turned that na ve, solid color blocked puzzle I once was and left me scattered all over the place I m a mix of emotions when it comes to him And no matter how hard I ve tried to get back to that solid state I was before him, I know I never will He s left his fingerprint on me, marking me with invisible ink.
Oh the swoons of it all What a delicious little treat this book was, sure to satisfy every romance sweet tooth out there Sweet Cheeks was the ultimate second chance romance fantasy It had the swoons, the steam, the banter, the angst, the emotion, and absolutely everything else I ve come to love and expect from this author All with a sassy heroine and one of the swooniest heroes that sweet talks just as well as he dirty t

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