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[Kennedy Ryan] ☆ Swipe [movies PDF] Read Online ¹ THIS BOOK WILL BE AVAILABLE IN AUDIOBOOK ON THE read ME ROMANCE PODCAST DURING THE WEEK OF DECEMBER For The Last Two Years Miko Riley Has Mourned Her Husband, A Famous, Bestselling Novelist While Grieving, She Put Her Heart And Libido On Ice, But She S Finally Thawing And Who Better To Bring The Heat Than Adam Stone, The Editor Who Secretly Harbored Feelings For Miko, But Missed His Shot Years Ago They Ve Always Been Careful To Ignore The Connection, The Attraction That Flared Between Them Now That They Re Both Hot, Hungry And Single, Careful Is The Last Thing They Want To BeThey D Rather Get Burned Okay, it s official Romance is my guilty pleasure This book shouldn t be something I like but I actually like it.
What s it about There s this woman who was the wife of a very famous and talented author until he died She s been having a hard time dealing with it especially since their marriage wasn t going so great when her husband died She decides she wants to get back into dating now after her husband s been gone for 2 years and she just so happens to run into a very attractive man that worked for her husband s publisher.
Pros The story is surprisingly pretty good Maybe it s partially because I have dreams of working in the book world so stories about authors and the book business kinda make me excited with thoughts of that but I actually did enjoy this story.
The characters are pretty interesting They re very well written and I ca 3.
5 starsI listened to this on the read Me Romance Podcast It was okay, but like many of these, there isn t really enough room time to build a foundation for the characters They knew each other previous to the beginning and that helped some There is a bit of a twist here that was nice in a painful for the heroine kind of way I did enjoy the hero Any time the hero is all about the heroin then I m gonna be all about him I would definitely recommend this for a quick read that s got a little meat than most novellas.
Dual POVSafe view spoiler no ow om drama h is a widow H has been attracted to her since meeting her although she was married to his client h never cheated on her husband and H never attempted to come on to her while she was mar I listened to this on read me Romance and I quite enjoyed it, although I wished it was a full length story, I feel like there were a lot of unanswered questions.
I love the idea of romance books through my spotify subscription but, I cannot lie, the prattling drove me completely nuts I only wanted to hear the book, not the chatter Sorry, I realise I m a miserable cow but there you go.
An overall good novella I felt the characters and plot were well developed There was a certain thing about the deceased husband that we learn that I didn t particularly care for so I m subtracting a star because of it I also liked how a reference to the TV show Martin was worked into the story.
Another week, another new to me author courtesy of the read Me Romance podcast I really enjoyed this little introduction to Kennedy Ryan While the story itself was just 5 short chapters, it was very much a slow burn I really loved how this story wasn t all about the sex and anticipation, but focused on the feelings Miko and Adam had buried and how a betrayal can bring everything to light.
This book was filled with plenty of drama and tension The chemistry between Miko and Adam is palpable but they have to navigate through their feelings to get to an HEA I loved listening to how everything played out Adam was the perfect balance of cocky alpha and vulnerable, I see the appeal Miko, I really do Their relationship is filled with trepidation at first and that made it all the endearing And when they finally come together, cue the s Sweet and Swoony in all the right places I typically don t read anything about widows and starting over, but this was so good The end was both a little shock and yet totally made sense Andrew is a marvelous leading man Another hit from RMR podcast Kennedy Ryan could write an instruction manual and I d still read it Really enjoyed this audiobook short on the read Me Romance podcast and it easily tops as one of my fave so far If you re a fan of Kennedy Ryan, take a listen, you ll definitely love it I listened to the complete audiobook book for FREE on the read Me Romance PodcastRead Me Romance FREE Audiobooks for FREE here iTunes Play www.
com 4.
5 Stars I listened to the professionally narrated audiobook on the read Me Romance Podcast for FREE

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