Download Epub Format ☆ Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life PDF by ☆ Rachel Renée Russell

Download Epub Format ☆ Tales from a Not-So-Fabulous Life PDF by ☆ Rachel Renée Russell Tales from a Not So Fabulous Life is the first book in the Dork Diaries series by Rachel Ren e Russell Nikki J Maxwell is an eighth grader that recently changed schools and is now going Westchester Country Day, a private school, because her dad has an extermination contract with the school She wants to become a part of the CCP girls, Cute, Cool and Popular girls, and she believes a new cell phone will help her do just that She thought that her mom got her one but realizes is just a diary.
It s not going to well at her school She doesn t have any friends, and her locker is next to Mackenzie, the most popular girl at school and a CCP girl Nikki loves to draw and is going to sign up for the art competition Just as she is getting ready to get a form, she sees Mackenzie getting one Being intimidated by her, Nikki just ends up get DNF AT 11% If this is how the youth of America think and act, we are doomed.
It SDiary Of A Wimpy Kidfor Girls In This Hilarious Novel Meet Nikki Maxwell She S Starting Eighth Grade At A New School And Her Very First Diary Packed With Hilarious Stories And Art In Book One Of The New York Times Bestselling Dork Diaries Series New School New Mean Girl New Crush New Diary So I Can Spill About All Of It I Put A Lot Of Really Personal Stuff In This Diary Along With My Sketches And DoodlesBut, Mostly It S About How TRAUMATIC It Was Transferring To My New Private Middle School, Westchester Country DayAnd, How A Lot Of The CCP Cool, Cute Popular Kids Were Really SNOBBY And Made My Life TOTALLY Miserable People Like, Oh, I Don T Know, Maybe MACKENZIE HOLLISTER And, It Just So Happened That I Got Stuck With A Locker Right Next To Hers I Could NOT Believe I Had Such CRAPPY Luck I Knew Right Then And There It Was Going To Be A VERY, VERY Long School Year I m going hard on this one I m a huge proponent of quality children s literature, and this one just doesn t do it I know that most children like these stories and the consensus is, as long as they re reading something, that s a good thing, right Wrong There is enough quality contemporary literature out here that children shouldn t have to settle for this C S Lewis said, A children s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children s story in the slightest Those words are profound, and I think the reason for the success of series like Harry Potter They perform on many levels Unfortunately, this one, does not I ve been teaching middle school for 16 years and the language in Rachel Renee Russell s novel is in no way authentic Check this, The SNOBBY CHIC phenomenon is quite a mind boggling thin I read these books as a kid, and even then they filled me with a toxic feeling Rereading them now, I can actually formulate the issues they have.
This series is advertised as Diary of a Wimpy Kid for Girls and you can see how that sexism plays into it All that the female characters were interested in was clothes, boys, and drama It was stereotypical and sends such a bad message Young girls amount to than shallow things To talk down to them like that made me disgusted.
It had female friendships, but the girl hate was so rampant The way things were phrased was also quite annoying The constant shortening of simple phrases into acronyms What was the point of that To me, it felt like the author was a boomer trying to fit in with what she thinks teens act like.
This was a childhood boo Gr 5 7 The Dork Diaries details the life of 14 year old Nikki J Maxwell over a period of 6 weeks Nikki has been awarded a scholarship to the prestigious, private middle school, Westchester Country Day as a part of her father s bug extermination contract with said school Nikki s angst as she deals with the school s resident mean girl, her embarrassing parents, her crush on the hot boy and making new friends are all recorded alongside numerous sketches of her life Although occasionally amusing, Nikki is not a very likeable character She is shallow, self centered and fails to show any growth in the book, even as she one ups the popular and cruel MacKenzie in the end In fact, Nikki who steals her neighbor s hearing aide a I m a 4th grade teacher and have been longing for a book for the girls in my classroom that was comparable to Diary of a Wimpy Kid While Wimpy Kid is hilarious, the girls in the book are very minor, undeveloped characters at best After discovering Dork Diaries Tales From a Not So Fabulous Life, I finally got my wish for His and Her books I think this book will also be great for my reluctant readers Nikki Maxwell is just starting the year at a snobby, private middle school Not only does she not fit in with the fashion forward girls there, she lives in dread of someone finding out that she is attending the school on a scholarship Her so called, pity scholarship was arranged by her father as part of his contract as the school s new bug exterminator And, if all of that wasn t bad enough, her father s work van has a huge 5 foot long roach bolted to This is obviously a quick cash in on the Wimpy Kid craze, and it shows Oh, it SHOWS Though derivative, I honestly wouldn t have minded a Wimpy Kid from the female perspective, but then I remembered we already have that in the Amelia series by Marissa Moss, which is much better written and illustrated, and not to mention heartfelt.
The Dork Diaries is painfully vapid and shallow, and our protagonist Nikki is not particularly likable I m really not a fan of how she blames popular Mean Girl MacKenzie for a lot of her problems especially her fear to register for avant garde art contest and I m just tired of the Mean Girl trope anyway Nikki s new friends Chloe and Zoey seem interesting to me, but Nikki is oddly dismissive of some of their interests and is a wor

You will love Nikki Maxwell Cute, cool captivating The heroine of this YA story is eighth grader Nikki Maxwell, a cute, cool and captivating girl you will fall in love with Although the word cute is not a cool vocabulary choice for today s kids, I use it here because I love that word it means much than cool To me it encompasses looks, personality and sincerity, while cool iswell cool it can be a pose with some kids So our NIkki is not only cool to her friends, she s also cute to us parents the kind of girl every decent kid wants for a friend, every parent wants for a daughter And I predict she will captivate everyone who reads this book, young and old alike.
But Nikki thinks of herself as a dork because rich, snooty MacKenzie Hollister and her wannabe followers go out of their way to make her appear that way After one too many klutzy accidents caused by the despicable MacKenzie, of Dork Diaries is a great book I recommend it to all girls who like excitement and longer books Once you have read the first book you will want to read all the others

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