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[ Read Online Tales from a Not-So-Perfect Pet Sitter ò albanian-literature PDF ] by Rachel Renée Russell Ó Nikki Maxwell Wow she found out that she has to hide 7 puppies and 1 dog from 2 parents 1 little sister and 1 mean girl Wow that was a challenge for Nikki She some how got her parents out of the house by buying them a 3 hour movie but her little sister finds out and has to give them a spa treatment SHE SMOTHERS THEM WITH PEANUT BUTTER So, she goes into the bathroom to find compost as a mud bath OMG HELLO BRIANA so she runs into Brandon and his friend Max so Briana and Nikki get the compost out of the bathtub, Brandon puts it in the dirt and Max washes the dogs Whoo that s over Nikki s mom and dad will be at the zoo for Briana s class chaperon Nikki can leave the dogs at home perfect WHAT MOM YOUR HOME says Nikki I can t go to the zoo with Briana because it s raining Her mom says NOOOOOOOO what will Nikki do She Awesome book , 7 , 8 don t try it at home I just loved this book This book is my favourite one out of the whole series.
The fact that Nikki has to hide 7 puppies and a dog named Holly from 2 parents, 1 bratty little sister, an entire school and 1 mean girl is so thrilling, that it keeps any reader hooked to the book My favourite part was when she had kept these dogs in her bedroom in secret since her mom didn t allow her to keep them Brianna her little sister found out everything and made a huuuuuuge mess with the dogs Since her parents had gone out for that night, Nikki still had time to clean up this mess She figured baby sitting was far worse than dog sitting LOL.
I also liked the part when she takes all 8 dogs to school and leaves them in Principal Winston s Room since he has gone to some meeting outside school When she goes to collect them after This book is really nice i get to see what a highschool girls life is through her eyes this story is like a true story because of the charecter i loved it

I really like this book One of my favorite parts was, in the beginning, where it talks about a girl Nikki who wants to help out her friend by babysitting dogs The girl s parents said no after she had already said yes to her friend Nikki struggles to hide the seven puppies and one dog behind her parent s backs without them finding out Nikki finds out she cannot hide the dogs at her house while she is at school, so she has to find a way to hide the dogs without anybody finding out I like this part because it starts the whole story.
OOOO I need to have another one and i love this book so much I want the seres to reed the ones I need to read.
its very funny and i think it is a good book for people that like dogs to.
let me read plz y cant we just download it Nikki And Her Friends Brandon, Chloe, And Zoey Are Teamed Up On An Important Mission In The Tenth Book In The New York Times Bestselling Dork Diaries SeriesNikki Has To Hide Seven ADORKABLE Puppies From Two Parents, One Nosy Little Sister, An Entire Middle School, And One Mean Girl Out For Revenge, MacKenzie Hollister If Anyone Can Do It, It S Nikki But Not Without Some Hilarious Challenges Along The Way

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