Trailer ↠´ Tamed (Dark Protectors, #6.5) PDF by ↠´ Rebecca Zanetti

Trailer ↠´ Tamed (Dark Protectors, #6.5) PDF by ↠´ Rebecca Zanetti Librarian Note This Is The original Cover Edition Of ASIN BHMG The Alternate Cover Edition Is HereCaleb Donovan Was Never Meant To Be A Prophet At Heart He S A Conqueror, His Appetites Far Carnal Than Spiritual He S Not Inclined To Repress His Passions And Surrender To Fate After All, That S What Cost Him Lily Three Centuries Ago She Married Another, Because It Was Ordained Now That He S In The Same Benighted Calling And Forced Into Proximity With Her All The Old Desires Are Roaring Back To LifeAfter Widowhood And Centuries Of Celibacy, Lily Is Eager To Explore The Wild Side Of Life, Except Now She S Vulnerable To Another Forced Relationship, With An Enemy But This Time She S Determined To Choose Her Own Path And If Hot, Furious Caleb Comes Charging To The Rescue, It Might Just Change Both Their DestiniesLove Is About To Start Conquering 3.
5 StarsTamed is a novella in the Dark Protectors series, centering on vampires, but you don t have to read the other books to enjoy this story Lily and Caleb are Prophets, which from what I gather are sort of vampire guides for the supernatural races Three centuries ago, they were young and in love and would ve mated had Lily s father not arranged another marriage for her Two weeks after marriage Lily s husband was murdered but being mated, she couldn t be with anyone else until a virus changes all of that and removes the mating bonds freeing her up to be with anyone she desires Caleb is a warrior first but also a Prophet He s only been in love with one woman, Lily but his chance at happiness with her was obliterated when she chose duty over love Now they re thrown together as part of peace talks between enemy MehIt was ok.
The second chance aspect did not bother me They dated briefly, she was told to marry another so she did Her mate died in 2 weeks He moved on but still loved her 3 CENTURIES later they get back together I can deal with that.
Anyway, Lily was just to buttoned up for me And I did not get Caleb.
I am glad I read it for the plot continuation, but I really have little feeling for the MCs.
5 So Rumor has it you want to get laid Stars.
Having just finished Tamed, after pretty much reading the entire dark protectors series in the last month I can unequivocally say that this is my number one favourite Series of all time 2014 has been the year of Rebecca Zanetti for me having discovered her writing, and now I am at that unenviable point where I am waiting for her future releases, as I have literally devoured everything she has ever written in the last couple of months.
My only gripe with Tamed and it is the same gripe I have had with all 3 of the Dark Protectors novellas is that there is enough going on with the story, and characters as a whole that Caleb and Lily could have had a full length book That said, I loved what I was given and will be waiting impatie You ve underestimated me bitch Tamed Dark Protectors Rebecca ZanettiOnce I started Tamed I literally could not put it down I was drawn into the story from the first page Janie and Hilde were on a mission to get Lily laid This was a girl s night out without vampires and guards which Janie also needed desperately The scene plays out humorously with Hilde letting Lily know how lucky she was to get a second chance at love or even sex for that matter You see once mated to a vampire it s for life Even if your mate dies Neither surviving mate can be intimate without inflicting a horrible reaction Lily even though mated to a vampire who died two weeks after their bonding centuries ago, had recently come in contact with the virus V 27 created by their enemies to unravel chromosomes but it also took away the physical repercussions of vampire mating s Basically unmating them and al I really liked Lilly a lot in the previous book Shadowed We saw just enough of her to tease and then we were given a full viewing in Tamed I loved every moment of it, I just wanted This book opens so many paths to the conclusion of the series It is preparing the setting for what appears to be the big showdown that centers around Janie, the vampire king s niece Caleb courted Lilly three hundred years ago before her parents forced her into an arranged mating Now, due to the virus the vampire s enemy has created, Lilly is no longer bound to her mate who died a short time after they came together I enjoyed watching Lilly come into her own as she struggled against her beliefs and what she could trust as truth or deception Caleb is a typical alpha vampire who is also a soldier of the Realm and just so happens to have recently been fated as a prophet It s a job he does not want nor ackn 4 starsPreparations are underway for peace talks between the supernatural races, and it s time for Caleb and Lily to finally face up to their destiny And it s a great ride 300 years ago, Lily chose duty over love when she agreed to an arranged mating with a prophet of the Realm It was only a few weeks later when her mate was killed, and his role as prophet was passed on to her Since that time she has embraced her role and has worked hard to provide guidance, counsel and help to those in need His death also left her supernaturally bound to a dead vampire and unable to so much as touch another male Luckily, she contracted Virus 27 which essentially dissolved her mating and she suddenly finds herself a free woman for the first time in three centuries I really like Lily She has always seemed so repressed like she is stuck in an earlier time, with her conserva Yes, a book by Ms Zanetti that s set in her Dark Protectors world These stories of vampires, witches and shifters are truly everything you want in a paranormal romance A world were vampires of the Realm constantly struggle in a war against the Kurjan and try to find a cure for a deadly virus It s a dangerous world but nothing is worth having if it s not worth fighting for Lily has been widowed for than three hundred years but has always put her duty before personal happiness She s one of three prophets who try to steer the Realm in the direction of peace and an end to the war they are fighting against the Kurjan She s always felt a connection to Caleb but has fought against it but things are about to come to ahead and maybe t You re the only woman I ve ever wanted badly enough to burn Let s take a close look at the world of prophets Not that they are too many really There are three Realm prophets left 1 Lily Sotheby who became a prophet when her husband died She is lonely for than 300 years And she still has feelings for CalebSo Rumor has it you want to get laid 2 Caleb Donovan who became a prophet when Prophet Milner died yes, there is a pattern here He hates being a prophet and he is truly a vampire and a soldier And he has wanted Lily for centuriesYou want to get to it right here or go outside 3 And the odd one out, the arrogant Prophet Guiles.
Now the war between species has reached a point where the leaders can talk about peace and the prophets will b As we race toward the possible culmination of this exhilarating series, it is only fitting that the 300 year old history between our two favourite prophets is finally resolved All the stories in this remarkable series, even the novellas, are awe inspiring and enthralling, and this short but captivating story loses nothing in its brevity.
While Lily Sotheby has continually maintained an air of ladylike reserve and professionalism, I have always believed that lies beneath her refined and cultured surface And who better to ruffle her resolve and unsettle her devotion to duty, than a sexy rebellious warrior in the form of Caleb Donovan Focused on her safety, but overwhelmed by his insatiable attraction, Caleb is determined bring Lily s f

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