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Ñ Read ↠´ TFF-X by Djibril al-Ayad ☆ No anthology is perfect, but anthologies from The Future Fire come awfully close This collection is no exception and has some real SF F gems.
This Anthology Is A Mix Of Reprints From The First Decade Of The Future Fire Magazine, And New, Experimental, Unusual Or Aspirational Pieces That Push Boundaries Or Play Games That Might Tickle Borges, Calvino And Kafka With Both Old And New Stories, The Editors Hope To Give A Taste Of What They D Like To See Of In The Next Decade, And In The Process Supply Voracious Readers With Short Stories And Other Pieces Of Writing Full Of Progressive Ideas, Underrepresented Voices, Socially Important Tales, And Of Course Entertaining, Quality Fiction This Paper Book Gives The Stories, Half Of Them Previously Published But In Digital Form Only, Another Time And Space To Be Enjoyed In A solid collection of stories and not stories that leave you with questions than answers.

I admit that I knew nothing about FUTURE FIRE magazine, but happily got a chance to read the ten year anniversary anthology and color me surprised with real happiness This is an excellent anthology of stories from the magazine and I can happily state that these stories were completely different, wonderful, and well written It was curated by Djibril al Ayad and C cile Matthey with, what I believe to be love of speculative fiction and their magazine I enjoyed this collection and hope that FUTURE FIRE has another ten years and another anthology to come.
I m biased, because my work is in this collection But I really enjoyed the other stories, so I m giving it 5 stars Caveat emptor

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