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✓ Read è The Blueprint by S.E. Harmon è I was a walking,talking cliche the gay man secretly pining for his straight best friend.
Friends to Lovers story with two highly likeable characters with great sexual chemistry.
Ever since I read P.
S I Spook You,I ve been a fan of this Author.
I love her writing and she always delivers on the witty banter.
Blue and Kelly have been best friends forever.
Inseparable in their youth and their strong friendship hasn t wavered over the years.
Sure,they love each other but what Blue didn t realize was that Kelly has been in love with him for as long as he can remember.
Blue is a successful NFL player.
It s his passion,his life.
He s never really been interested in anything serious and he s definitely not been attracted to 4 Confounding Stars I m scratching my head as to why I thoroughly enjoyed this because for me, there were many things in this book that shouldn t have worked despite this containing the well loved trope of the classic friends to lovers progression However, this features an adamantly heterosexual star athlete whose gay bestie is in love with him and is tossed liberally with female bits and in the closet overtones, understandably giving me plenty of reasons to furrow my brow.
So yes, I shook my head about 90% of time while listening to this, as Blue tries to reconcile these quasi new feelings towards his bff Once they cross the line, Blue s not sure about going all in, but he s not satisfied in going back to friendship only either However, Kelly isn t about to let him have his cake and eat it too and therein lies the rub Props to Harmon in giving both Kelly and Bl Normally I don t change my rating for a book, but I am gonna do it this time See, when I read and reviewed this book, I didn t know it was gonna be a series and that there was gonna be a second book This changes a few things for meat least the way I feel about the ending and how things felt a bit rushed So I am upping my rating with half a star The blurb of this one looked all kinds of promising to me I mean Sports , Friends to Lovers Opposites Attract and GFY all in one go There were definitely parts of this book that I was very pleased with.
but I am sad to say, that there were also parts I was not too happy with.
Blue and Kelly have been friends for a very long time Blue is a NFL player and Kelly is a physics professor Pretty awesome friend duo the nerd and the jock Blue is straight and Kelly is gay Kelly is not completely out, but he isn t really hiding

Warning Gushing, quotes that may be spoilers, Please proceed with caution.
I still can t believe how much I LOVED this book This book checked all boxes, sometimes it ain t that deep just go with the flow and you will enjoy this.
It was love at first chapter then I decided to get comfortable and enjoy the ride Best friends to lovers Childhood friends, I have loved you for years Butt Virgin Yaaaaasss Geek Nerd and Jock Banter, Humor , Snark, Dry Humor, every kind of humor Bi GFY MC1 Kelly the professor MC2 Blue the NFL playerBlue and Kelly are been friends and have been since they were 12 Kelly is gay and has been in love with Blue for yearsI was a little embarrassed to even voice the thought I was a walking, talking clich the gay man secretly pining for his straight best friend One night when they are drunk, Bl SE Harmon does OFY a little differently.
Blue is an NFL player on the field and a get himself some player after hours It s not as if it s difficult for a famous NFL star to line up some company for the night He takes advantage of the easy opportunities, there are no expectations, and no sleepovers Kelly is a college physics professor, tatted and pierced up, but a total nerd by his own admission Openly gay, he has zero fucks to give about what people think Except for Blue, of course his best friend since grade school.
Kelly and Blue have a really close relationship They talk multiple times a week, even with Blue travelling for football Oh, and Kelly has been in love with Blue since forever, too.
I want to point out that this book does not delicately handle the OFY arc Harmon has a knack for making her characters blunt with biting 4.
5 Stars Something amazing happens in your world when the person you think is crazy special thinks you re kind of special too.
I don t know if it was just good timing or what, but I really liked this one And I m kind of mad at myself for waiting so long to read it It pretty much ticked all of my boxes Friends to Lovers checkGFY OFY checkBanter check Sports checkSteam checkPlus relatively low angst I was worried a bit about Blue toying with Kelly But it felt pretty authentic to me the way it all played out, given who Blue was and his background and being in the NFL Yeah, Blue was an ass about it at times But I really believe his brain just hadn t caught up with his body when it came to Kelly Now, with that being said the ending was HFN at best I kind of wanted to thump Kelly for his reaction to Blue So in one way, I am glad there will be another book but I also don t want a bunch of Audio 2.
75 stars I can t believe it, but I was disappointed with the performances of two narrators that I normally enjoy Alexander Cendese 3.
5 stars and Sean Crisden 2 stars.
Story 3 stars I m not a fan of rom coms I have managed to enjoy a few, but that has everything to do with the author s style of delivery In the case of this story, it didn t work for me The tone was too comedic I did chuckle every now and then, but mostly, I was shaking my head and or rolling my eyes I found it hard to believe the MCs were 29 and 30 They acted like high school college aged boys.
Based on the ratings, it s me and not the book I will gladly wear a defective reader s pin D Kelly Cannon Is Satisfied With His Life He Has Friends, A Wonderful Family, And A Great Job But His Love Life Has Reached A New Level Of Pitiful Why Well, His Heart Decided To Break All The Rules Don T Fall In Love With A Straight Guy And Definitely Don T Fall In Love With Your Best FriendL Standout Britton Blue Montgomery Has Pressure Coming At Him From All Sides From His Father, Who S Only Interested In Blue S Football Career From His Coaches, Who Just Want Him To Play Without Getting Injured Again From The Fans From His Agent And From His Mother, Who Has Popped Up On The Radar After Leaving His Family Years Before And Now His Relationship With Kelly Is On Shaky Ground, And That Frightens Blue Than AnythingWhen Kelly Admits He S In Love With Blue, Bonds Are Tested, And Blue Has To Decide What S Really Important He Doesn T Want To Lose The Number One Person In His Life, But The Cost To Keep Kelly Close Might Be Than He S Willing To PayIt S A Good Thing His Nickname Is The Blueprint It S Time To Draft A New Set Of Plans I was piddling on noticed this is one 94 IDK how long but as of 12 4 18 it s 94 Get it while it s hot HeartsTag Team Review with The GingerSometimes the heart just wanted what the heart wanted, and to hell with the consequences.
There is SO MUCH to like love about this story the banter, the heehawlarious family dynamics, these characters, witty writing, great team dynamics and verisimilitude that spoke to me The Blueprint is the story of the evolution of platonic into romantic love and how uneasy that road can be It s not fluffy and possesses a genuine melange of emotions Maybe I would ve liked fluff, but throughout I respected where Harmon took the narrative She stayed true to them and I applaud her for that.
Part best friends to lovers, part sports romance and part jock nerd trope this is the story of Blue and Kelly who have been best frie 4.
25 you were made for me stars I don t know what it is that I love about gfy reads I guess is the fact that you think your this person your whole life and then you meet or realized this ONE person you fall for changes your whole existence That what happens to Blue his been best friends with Kelly since childhood than friends his family A football player for the NFL and straight he doesn t understand why the attraction he starts to feel for Kelly, who is gay And then we have Kelly who s is secretly in love with Blue In other words a big angsty mess but one that I enjoyed There s plenty of pull push from Blue but I don t know I didn t find myself frustrated, well, not much anyway I sympathize with Blue having the career he had all the pressure for appearance

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